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  • Cloud 9 Analytics

    Cloud 9 Analytics offers a suite of business intelligence software that features report automation and pipeline management best practices. The company's sofware also delivers views on historical trends, future projections, and "what's changed" calculations.

  • Cyberscience

    Cyberscience provides business intelligence software and related consulting services for organizations in the finance, manufacturing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and distribution industries. Public utilities and government departments also utilize the company's software.

  • Decision Technology, Inc.

    Decision Technology's business intelligence software is designed for small and midsize enterprises, and claims to have quicker start-up and deployment times than larger business intelligence software.

  • GoodData

    GoodData offers business intelligence software that features on-demand visualization and analytics, and is free to start.

  • IBM

    IBM's Cognos business intelligence software features reporting, analysis, dashboarding and scorecards capibilities. The software has been used by more than 23,000 companies and organizations in a variety of industries.

  • IBS America Inc.

    IBS provides business intelligence software that allows for online analysis, financial accounting and asset control. The company has more than 5,000 customers in more than 44 countries.

  • InetSoft

    InetSoft provides business intelligence software that utilizes a visuualization-driven approach, which addresses dashboard needs, reporting and analysis.

  • Information Builders

    Information Builders offers a business intelligent software platform that features: self-optimizing autonomic servers, super-linear scalability, a unifying integration infrastructure, service-oriented architecture, and simplified developer and end-user interaction.

  • IQ4ibs

    IQ4ibs provides business intelligence solutions for medium-sized companies in the U.S., Europe, New Zealand, Austrailia and Asia.

  • Jaspersoft

    Jaspersoft is a provider of web-based, open, and modular business intelligence software used for reporting, data analysis and data integration. The company has more than 10,000 commercial customers in 96 countries.

  • Kronos

    Kronos provides business intelligence software, dubbed Workforce Analytics. The software allows companies to control labor costs, minimize risk of unguided decisions, and improve workforce productivity.

  • LogiXML

    LogiXML is a web-based business intelligence software company that provides dashboards, reporting and analysis for developers; ad-hoc reporting for end-users; web-based data integration; and unificed business intelligence platforms.

  • MicroStrategy

    MicroStrategy provides business intelligence software capable of delivering scorecards and dashboards, analysis, alerts and notifications, and enterprise reporting within a single architecture.

  • Omniture

    Omniture has provided business optimization solutions to eBay, Wal-Mart, Gannett, Microsoft, General Motors, Sony and other large organizations. The company has more than 5,100 customers spanning 91 countries.

  • Panorama

    Panorama delivers business intelligence software as a traditional, on premise offering or through a software-as-service solution. The company serves the retail, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications, and life sciences industries.

  • QAD

    A data transformer, business models and cognos analytics are the three major components of QAD's business intelligence software for manufacturing companies.

  • Reality Software

    Reality Software is a Tronto-based company that specializes in customized and secured business intelligence software.

  • SAP

    SAP offers business intelligence software for large enterprise, and small and mid-sized companies. SAP's software allows for advanced analytics, dashboards, information infrastructure, reporting, and search and exploration.

  • SAS

    SAS claims to offer business intelligence solutions that go beyond typical vendor's offerings, as SAS' solutions enable a company to understand the past, monitor the present and predict outcomes.

  • Invensys Operations Management

    Invensys Operations Management develops and distributes real-time business intelligence software. These software products can define and implement real-time Dynamic Performance Measures (DPMs) and other operational and financial measures. These products can improve a bottom line between 5-10% and are proven to work with a full range of asset and production performance solutions.