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  • DataNet

    DataNet Quality Systems develops lean manufacturing software with Real-time SPC to reduce waste with a simple non-technical approach to waste removal with a simple interface, able to reduce waste material up to 50% and increasing your manufacturing yield by up to 30 percent.

  • Factivity

    Factivity is a real time data collection system featuring lean manufacturing software to improve accessibility, a just-in-time approach to production, asset tracking, process improvement, and quality checks.

  • Invistics

    Invistics makes MachSix softare to improve and balance cycle times, throughput, and inventory for better efficiency including establishing key metrics for measuring performance, defining product flows for maximum throughput, and more.

  • Manufactus

    Manufactus offers a Lean Assessment Tool to help new companies define cornerstones of their production system, set up criteria to ensure proper throughput, and allows worldwide access to information, free definition of company structure, and aggregation of results.

  • Microsoft Dynamics Live

    Microsoft Certified Partners build custom lean manufacturing software for lean execution, lean measurement, value stream mapping and analysis, value stream modeling & simulation, lean Six Sigma project management, lean manufacturing consultants, and more.

  • Moog, Inc.

    MJC2 makes lean manufacturing software for efficiency including line scheduling and production planning, capacity scheduling, process control optimization, plant planning & factory simulation, and labor planning & employee scheduling.

  • Plex Systems

    Plex offers lean manufacturing software in their Scanban system, which features Kanban scheduling as well as a pull scheduler to analyze inventory levels, daily pulls, lead times, and minimum restock levels.

  • QAD

    QAD offers lean manufacturing software to increase on-time delivery with compressed manufacturing cycle times, increase working capital utilitzation to reduce floor space requirements, and more.

  • Seradex

    Seradex makes ERP & Lean Manufacturing software, supporting demand flow with a product configurator, with automated signals and warning as well as supply chain and inventory management, and a technology platform with low cost for easy data processing.

  • Shop Floor Reporting

    Shop Floor Reporting offers lean manufacturing software including Tuppas software as well as ERP, MRP, MES, job costing, SCM, CRM, and APS software and more.

  • Synchrono

    Synchrono offers software and services including lean manufacturing consulting to help make dynamic and adjustable schedules, to manage supply replenishment, shipping documents, and more.

  • Systems2Win

    Systems2Win offers lean templates for excel including a spaghetti map layout diagram, standard work combo sheet, machine load balancing, work load balancing, and more.

  • Tuppas Software Corp.

    Tuppas makes lean manufacturing software to help with pricing, software as a service, and is browser based and wireless for use in production scheduling, advanaced planning, inventory, raw materials management, and more.

  • IQMS

    Manufacturing ERP software from IQMS features a single development vision for all ERP, manufacturing, MES, and supply chain requirements; consistent user interface; single point of contact for all technical support; one set of tables in an embedded Oracle database; and more.