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  • Honeywell Process Solutions

    Honeywell provides three MES solutions for industrial facilities: Business Flex, POMSnet, and OptiVision. POMSnet is crafted for pharmaceutical and biologics manufacturing, while OptiVision manages the order-to-cash cycle of a pulp and paper company. All the company's MES solutions manage the status of production runs, unit operations, inventory quantities and conversion factors.

  • Ahearn & Soper Inc

    Ahearn & Soper Inc. designs manufacturing execution systems (MES) that feature six different modules: work order, purchase order, receiving, work-in-process, shipping and report.

  • Apriso

    Apriso designs FlexNet Production, a MES that can integrate with ERP, PLM and other business systems. FlexNet Production coordinates all inventory, enforces best practices, manages/tracks production tasks, and identifies the cause of quality issues.

  • Atos Origin

    Atos Origin integrates MES systems that focus on four business strategy domains: IT, business practices, structure and people. The company's "Manufacturing Opportunity Scan" identifies how each of the four domains contribute to a business' stock reduction, quality improvment and process capability improvement goals. The scan defines a manufacturing improvement plan based on the maturity of the four domains.

  • ASECO Integrated Systems

    ASECO Integrated Systems distributes MES solutions from software providers such as Wonderware and GE Fanuc, while providing custom developed MES for specialized industries. ASECO-delivered MES focus on product trackings, quality management, product genealogy, performance analysis, regulatory compliance and ERP integration.

  • ATS International BV

    ATS International BV is an integrator of MES solutions for various industries including: automotive, aerospace, defense, metals, energy, electronics, food and beverage, oil, semiconductors and transportation.  The company's MES solutions are divided into seven modular work packages, which allow a customer to fit the MES to their requirements. The seven work packages focus on MES introduction, discovery assessment, business case, product selection, implementation and integration, support packages, and benefits realization consulting.

  • Brock Solutions

    Brock Solutions integrates MES solutions whose fuctions include: performance monitoring, quality and defect tracking, detailed production scheduling, document management, and paperless work instructions. Brock Solutions also offers MES master planning for organizations. The company's master planning approach involves taking inventory of a company's current processes/systems, and planning an MES solution based on that information.

  • Camstar

    Camstar is a provider of a MES model whose capabilities include: product/WIP traceability; process, operator, equipment and material enforcement; quality data collection and process limits; global change enforcement; forward and backward traceability; and paperless manufacturing.


  • Eyelit Inc

    Eyelit Inc. is a supplier of MES that allow users to monitor inventory, production units and people; record complete transactional history; enable paperless manufacturing; focus on execution strategies; and capture and control defects.

  • Fusion Systems

    Fusion Systems implements MES solutions for automotive manufacturers such as Shanghai Volkswagen and Shanghai General Motors.

  • Highjump Software

    Highjump Software's MES is built for discrete manufacturers and their multi-step operations. The company's MES features warehouse management capabilities, and offers supply chain products including labor management and supplier enablement.

  • iBASEt

    iBASEt offers operations process managment software, dubbed Solumina, that includes a MES as one of its' functional modules. The company's software provides MES solutions for the aerospace, nuclear product, industrial equipment, medical device and defense industries.

  • Industrial Technology Systems Ltd

    Industrial Technology Systems Ltd. is a systems integrator for MES suppliers such as AspenTech,Rockwell, Siemens, GE Fanuc, Werum Software & Systems, Honeywell, and Wonderware.

  • Infosys Technologies Ltd

    Infosys Technologies Ltd. offers consulting, implementation and maintenance services associated with MES products from Siemens, Honeywell, Rockwell, Invensys and Camstar. The company's services also cover MES migration and integration of MES with ERP, PLM, SCM and other applications.

  • ITC Infotech India Ltd

    ITC Infotech India Ltd. is an IT services company that implements and integrates MES solutions, and aids in the custom design of MES-related software.

  • Logica

    Logica provides IT systems and business consulting services related to the implementation of MES solutions, which are based on various software vendor platforms. The company also publishes an annual product survey focused on MES solutions.

  • Maverick Technologies

    Maverick Technologies provides MES services including the development and implementation of MES solutions. The company specializes in production planning, production execution, product genealogy, performance analysis, quality management, inventory management, asset management and product lifecycle management.

  • Microsoft Dynamics Live

    Microsoft works with a network of 10 MES partners to create MES solutions. Microsoft and its partners' MES solutions enable companies to capture data history, create accurate scheduling, trace functionality, comply with regulations, and track and trace products.




  • Patni

    Patni provides IT services for MES solutions used in the CPG, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, automotive, paper and pulp, and metal industries. The company's key services include MES assessment, MES implementation and configuration, MES-ERP integration, and MES-support and maintenance.

  • Rovisys Company

    Rovisys Company provides "layerless" MES integration that establishes an interface between a company's ERP and plant systems.