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  • Compliancy Software

    Compliancy Software offers standard operating procedures (SOP) automation with the Compliancy Internal Control Management (ICM) as a single platform solution. SOP automation integrates people, procedures and documentation for efficiency. Benefits include improved compliance, easy implementation, access and electrical security, andenterprise integration.

  • IBM

    IBM offers pharmaceutical track and trace solutions to reduce risk and improve safety. It protects and automates the supply chain iwth sensor based technologies. The platform is equipped with reporting, analytic alerts and notifications and asset tracking features. Components include IBM WebSphere Sensor Events to capture sensor data, IBM InfoSphere Traceability Server, IBM integration and IT services, IBM System x platform servers and a thermal RFID printer, third party tags, transceivers, and readers.

  • IBS America Inc.

    IBS provides pharmaceutical distribution software that tracks and distributes products and materials of pharmaceutical distribution. IBS PHARMA increases ROI, efficiency, profits and productivity as well as customer service and growth. The solution is equipped with enhanced procurement, warehouse management, logistics and distribution, and sales features.

  • Invistics

    Invistics offers pharmaceutical manufacturers with Invictis MachSix software for maximum throughput and service levels. Benefits include a 99% increase on-time deliveries, 50% reduction in inventory and cycle times and maximized customer service levels.

  • Master Control

    MasterControl offers pharmaceutical labeling and promotion process automation for pharmaceutical products. MasterControl automates the collaborations and document redlining. The process includes lead refinement, submissions, corporate and supplier compliance, and labeling and promotion.

  • Orbis

    Orbis provides software solutions as a global provider of marketing management software. Pharmaceutical industry solution includes marekting planning and budget management, marketing production management, promotional review and approval, marketing asset storage and distribution, education event planning, approval and reporting and market research briefing and approvals.

  • TGI

    TGI offers its Enterprise 21 ERP software for pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors. Enterprise 21 plans and manages complete ECN tracking, batch controls, multi-level yields, and lot controls.

  • Vormittag Assoicates Inc.

    Vormittag Associates Inc. offers the pharmaceutical industry enterprise management software solutions to better their supply chain management, customer relations and vendor agreements, and inventory data. VAI provides enterprise pharmaceutical ERP software with features such as direct shipments, quotes, orders, bar codes order verification, pedigree tracking, manufacturing, customer retail pricing and labels, and etc.

  • MASS Group

    MASS Group offers software and hardware solutions for industrial automation. The complete production management system includes Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), FactoryServer Maintenance Management  & Equipment Utilization Systems and SCADA/HMI. For pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers, MASS Group offers solutions to track and mark materials. The tracking system utilizes the MES system, 2D marking laser, inkjet marking/labeling and 2D parts scanners & vision systems.

  • Information Builders

    Information Builders provides business intelligence and integration solutions for sales and marketing management, manufacturing and operations management, contracts management and compliance, research and development, financial reporting and mergers and acquisitions.

  • The MathWorks

    The MathWorks provides pharmaceutical manufacturing solutions with proprietary process control strategies and analytics. MathWorks software develops processing monitoring, and statistical process control. Software is capable of generating C code and .NET applications, creating process monitoring applications, and accessing databases with OPC or from instruments.

  • Taylor

    Taylor offers the pharmaceutical industry with their product suite that is designed to handle scheduling complexities, guarantees a synchronizes and smooth production, sequences packaging presentations and handling batch production.

  • DMC Inc

    DMC Inc. provides manufacturers with software and manufacturing expertise as well as pharmaceutical process control and medical manufacturing. Solutions include inventory control and warehous automation, manufacturing execution systems and green technologies. DMC's automation identification and data collection (AIDC) tracks inventory while improving productivity. DMC builds a custome warehouse management system (WMS) for efficiency.

  • MetricStream

    MetricStream delivers software solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. They assist manufacturers in the pre-market stage, drug manufacturing, post market surveillance, and risk management. Benefits include faster production cycles with real-time visibility, lower costs, improved process and a reduced noncompliance risk.

  • LabVantage Solutions

    LabVantage Solutionsoffers its SQL*LIMS software to control costs and improve productivity. SQL*LIMS automates and manages the laboratory data and workflow processes. The software integrates lot management, quality assurance, stability studies, laboratory management, environmental monitoring and connectivity to laboratory instrumentation.

  • ProcessPro

    ProcessPro delivers its ProcessPro software for pharmaceutical manufacturers in production operations related to batch manufacturing, packaging, distribution and accounting processes. Robust ProcessPro Premier applications include manufacturing, quality control, material resource planniing, material safety data sheets, order entry, inventory control, purchase orders, accounts payable and receivable, general ledger and system manager. Add on options, services and training are also available.


    IHS offers quality control and documentation solutions with a fully svalable system. The ESp's opsEnvironmental software maximizes operational efficiency, web-based task management and reporting, and automated time-driven and data-driven email notifications.

  • Enviance

    Enviance offers its Enviance System as a soluition for the compliance management program. This pharmaceutical software maximizes investments and savings time with its internet platform. It is able to handle tasks, calculations and reports.

  • Traverse

    Traverse delivers Traverse Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Distribution software as its manufacturing, distribution and accounting software solution. Core applications include general ledger, accounts payable/receivable, sales/purchase order, inventory, warehouse management, manufacturing, mobile warehouse and landed cost.

  • OpStat

    OpStat offers its clinical trial supply software solution. The software is a simulation module that manages the work flow of the supply chain phases.