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  • Rockwell Automation

    Rockwell Automation offers assess management services to optimize MRO process spare parts inventory for improved downtime, equipment life and costs. Rockwell offers RAAMP to provide methods of repair via an on-site Assest Management Professional (AMP) which optimizes spare parts inventory and simplifies repair transactions. AMP provide warranty tracking, asset tracking, and consolidated asset reports. Additionaly, Rockwell offers a Parts Management Agreement for optimized access to spare parts, reduction of operating costs and inventory management.

  • MASS Group

    MASS Group provides a line of products for automated system asset management systems including hardware, software and services. FactoryServer CMMS EAM improves maintenance programs; features include asset awareness, asset performance data, reporting tools, maintenance, personnel management, notifications, web-based system, data collection, electronic CMMS and document manamgement. FactoryServer CMMS EAM Enterprise brings about full systems integration. It services facilities management, SCADA/HMI and MES production management systems by implementing MES and SCADA/HMI.

  • Siemens

    Siemens offers asset management services for network maintenance, configuration and development of asset management. Services include equipment acquisition, installations, and optimization of resource deployment.

  • Emerson Process Management

    Emerson's division of Asset Optimization provides PlantWeb Technologies and Services and Asset Reliability Services for any mechanical, electrical, process equipment, instruments and valve assets.

  • Intech

    Intech Process Automation provides CMMS / Real Time Management. This system solution provides services which include work group identification, real and historical data collection and analysis, system screening, failure analysis, cause and consequence analysis, maintenance strategies selection, maintenance tasks assignment, maintenance group establishment and result implementation.

  • Infor

    Infor provides Infor EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) for organizations looking to optimize resources, productivity and efficiency of their maintenance, equipment, staff and inventory. Infor EAM software reduces costs and energy usage while improving the management and profits of future asset.

  • LANDesk

    LANDesk offers solutions and services to manage all systems. The Asset Lifecycle Management offers accurate asset knowledge, accoutability and control with the management of the organization's hardware and software assets. The LANDEsk Asset Lifecycle Manager extends the management of assets before its existence and after its retirement.

  • Itron Corp.

    Itron provides the Process Management Module that works together with its Distribution Design Studio. Integration of these tools offers simple automation of the distribution design process. Benefits of the Process Management Module includes an automation of utility designs from its initial to final steps, routed assignments, electronic reminders, configurable web interface, individual homepages, and web based tracking and reporting. These features allow the utilities to reduce time, increase efficiency, and bring visibility to stakeholders.

  • Invensys Operations Management

    Wonderware (a division of Invensys Operations Management) provides its IntelaTrac Adaptive Process Management which includes software and hardware. APM solutions works hand in hand with existing systems to improve operations, administrative processess and costs. IntelaTrac APM manages visibility, provides mobile data collection and archives all activities for a better workflow.

  • Honeywell

    Honeywell offers Asset Management products for improved process uptime, asset availability and user productivity. Asset management products enable data to be translated into action with application that properly organize data for analysis and identification. These benefits reduce time and improve user performance. Ultimately, asset management configuration is reduced up to 90%, increases reliability and reduces time by 30-60%.

  • IDS Water

    IDS Water offers Waste Water Treatment by Endree+Hauser. Endree+Hauser supports communication tecnologies such as HART, PROFIBUS and FOUNDATION Fieldbus as well as th enew FDT integration technology for Plant Asset Management.