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  • Infor

    Infor offers its Infor PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) for profit maximization of each stage of a product's lifecycle. The Infor PLM will improve innovation, improve revenue growth, increase product profitability up to 10%, reduce market time by 50%, and improve on-time product lauches by up to 98%. Infor PLM includes Integrated PLM, Product Data Management (PDM) and collaboration of customer, suppliers and partners for efficiency.

  • SAP

    SAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) application brings innovative products, optimizes product development processes, and reacts quickly to competitive opportunities. SAP PLM offers portfolio planning, development and manufacturing and service.

  • IBM

    IBM provides Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) to drive profitability and innovative growth with appliacation software, middleware, hardware and services. Through IBM PLM, IBM offers PLM business processes, industrry specific PLM solution, software and services, application software, service oriented approach, and services from consultants.

  • Siemens

    Siemens offers PLM software for small to medium businesses including business owners, design engineers, CAE engineers, manufacturing engineers and project managers as well as medium to large enterprises including product and project management, engineering management, mechanical engineering and design, engineering analysis and simulation, part manufacturing engineering, assembly manufacturing planning, manufacturing production, and PLM IT management.

  • Sopheon

    Sopheon offers PLM software and services. They provide strategic roadmapping, idea reinforcement and process operation for manufacturers and service providers.

  • Omnify

    Omnify Software provides product lifecylce management software for industries such as electronics, mechanics, medical, and defense. The profuct lifecycle management system entails concept, development, production, support and end-of-life and manages all product content information.

  • PDXpert

    PDXpert offers its product lifecycle management software. The PDXpert PLM software draws upon product data management systems, CAD data file managers, configuration management tools and engineering drawing management systems (EDMS).

  • Rally Software

    Rally Software Development Corp offers a series of Agile lifecycle management solutions. Rally Community Edition provides smaller teams with Agile's management in projects, requirements, test and defects. Rally Enterprise Edition provides development lifecycle solutions for multiple teams in on-demand and on-premise applications.

  • SofTech

    SofTech offers its ProductCenter PLM solution. The PLM system is composed of document management, configuration control, enterprise integration, process management, design integrations and product collaboration.

  • Aras Corp.

    Aras Corp provides product lifecycle management solutions. They solve any issues related to complexity, innovation, market time, globalization, compliance and outsourcing.

  • Enovia

    Enovia offers collaborative product lifecycle management for small markets, mid-markets and enterprises. Their PLM solution ties together the enterprise and the engineering users.

  • Business Management Systems Inc.

    Business Management Systems offers the VerTex product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions for apparel, textiles, and footwear industries as well as other sewn products markets.