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  • Ross Enterprise

    Ross Enterprise offers supply chain software including: distributed order management, warehouse managements, RFID-to-go, transportation management, reverse logistics, and collaborative services applications.

  • IBS America Inc.

    IBS providse supply chain software to distributors and demand-driven manufacturers. The company's software covers collaborative sales, customer service, order management, inventory management, business performance measurement and financial control.


  • Kinaxis

    Kinaxis provides software for supply chain visibility, supply chain risk management, sales and operations planning, and demand management. Software features include personal alerts, active spreadsheets, a resolution engine, and live scoreboard.

  • Epicor

    Epicor offers supply chain management software that includes customer and supplier relationship management, and supply chain execution capabilities. The company's software is designed to handle make-to-order, make-to-stock, and engineer-to-order processing simultaneously.

  • Infor

    Infor's supply chain software contains various components including: demand planning, strategic network design, distribution and manufacturing production scheduling, planning, warehouse management, transportation and logistics, RFID, and event management. The copmany has more than 1,600 customers in 40 countries.

  • Logility

    Logility provides three supply chain planning modules whose focus is on supply planning, replenishment planning and manufacturing planning. The modules support multi-tiered distribution, simultaneous sourcing, and multi-sourcing.

  • i2

    JDA Software Group, Inc. provides supply chain software and services to the transportation, retail and manufacturing sectors, which includes the aerospace and defense, automotive, high technology, consumer goods, metals, and retail industries.


  • Epiq

    Epiq is a vendor of supply management services including supplier management, enablement and assessment services for enterprise and mid-size companies.

  • Logistics Planning Associates LLC

    Logistics Planning Associates LLC provides supply chain planning software to small and mid-sized manufacturers, retailers and distributors. The software is designed for use with Windows operating systems and features sales forecasting, distribution requirements planning, material requirements planning, and master production scheduling modules.


  • JDA

    JDA has provided supply chain services to more than 5,800 retailers, manufacturers, wholesale-distributors and service industry companies.

  • IBM

    IBM provides supply chain applications focused on planning and scheduling. The applications address global supply chain design, sourcing strategies, transportation planning, and flow/placement of inventory.

  • Supply Chain Consultants

    Supply Chain Consultants provides software that focuses on supply chain planning, forecasting, scheduling and inventory management. The software has been used by companies in the chemical, glass, fertilizer, industrial fabrics, food processing and semiconductor industries

  • OM Partners

    OM Partners provides supply chain planning software to the paper and packaging, metals, floor covering, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage industries. The software aids companies in solving problems associated with network design, order booking, production scheduling, product portfolio, demand planning and forecasting, and sales and operations planning.

  • Manhattan Associates

    Manhattan Associates provides supply chain optimization software that focuses on distribution management, transportation lifecycle management, order lifecycle management, inventory optimization, planning and forecasting, flow management, extended enterprise management, and supply chain intelligence, visibility, and event management.

  • Cadre Technologies

    Cadre Technologies provides software to the third-party logistics and distribution industries. The company's supply chain execution system manages warehouse operations, activity billing, and inventory and shipments.

  • SmartOps

    SmartOps provides supply chain planning solutions for manufacturing, distribution and retail companies who deal with multistage supply chains.

  • Microsoft Dynamics Live

    Microsoft Dynamics offers supply chain management software with features such as automatic notification.

  • Radix

    Radix delivers supply chain management software for a number of industries including: insurance, printing, finance, hospitality and travel, healthcare, retail, distribution, govenment and manufacturing.

  • RedPrairie

    RedPrairie provides workforce management and supply chain solutions that focus on change management, enabling technology, strategic project managment, and business transformation through workforce management.

  • QAD

    QAD provides supply chain software focused on purchasing, supplier performance and quality management.