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  • Dematic

    Dematic warehouse control systems provide: optimized routing to improve throughput of goods, controlling sortation systems of various sizes/velocities, and controlling storage/retrieval machines and Dematic multishuttles. These systems reduce cost, promote the optimization of storage locations, encourage work organization/pacing, and significantly reduce stock.

  • ASAP Automation

    ASAP Automation offers Exacta warehouse control systems for both traditional automation control and several modules of functionality. These warehouse control systems are capable of remote monitoring (providing visibility across the organization), built-in diagnostic tools, graphics, and reports. Systems are intuitive (color-coded), user-friendly, and they provide continuous feedback/monitoring with real-time data/statistics.

  • Bastian Material Handling

    Bastian Material Handling provides a wide range of warehouse control systems, including: small PLC controlled, integrated web video, conveyor/sortation systems, robotic technologies, inline scales, label applicators, automatic feeders, etc. Inline scales allow for seamless integration of static or inline weighing equipment. These scales are used in the following applications: weigh counting, quality control, weigh checking, dynamic manifesting, etc.

  • Conveyor Handling Company

    Conveyor Handling Company, Inc. offers industrial warehouse controls and software for the following applications: energy management, modernization/upgrading of existing equipment, programmable logic controllers, PC based automation, process controls, plant monitoring, data acquisition, conveyor system controls, etc.

  • TriFactor

    TriFactor's offers warehouse control and management systems. TriFactor's warehouse control system is a software program that works as a PC-based cell controller for the material handling equipment in a warehouse or for working as a real-time interface between the PLC and WMS. TriFactor's warehouse management system is a software used for collecting large amounts of information, e.g., historical data, custom orders, inventory data, etc. This software then processes in a non-real time mode, mapping out a workload plan for day-to-day warehouse floor operations.

  • Brock Solutions

    Brock Solutions offers warehouse control systems that provide integration for picking, sorting, and shipping operations. These systems provide the following benefits: graphical operator displays, reporting/historical data logging, put-to-light, picking, ASRS, shipping management, order fulfillment, and high speed sortation.

  • IQMS

    IQMS offers warehouse management system (WMS) software that can handle: all inventory transactions; offers real-time integration with sales, scheduling and manufacturing management; inventory tracking, staging, storage, or cross-dock placement; printing serialized labels; and more.