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Computer products including data acquisition products, motion controls, industrial computers, control panels and I/O devices.

As with any automated process, a number of computers and controls are utilized for industrial manufacturing including control panels, data acquisition devices, Ethernet controllers, I/O devices, motion controls, programmable controllers, HMI software. A number of industrial computer types are found within factory automation applications including: embedded and single board, mobile and portable, rackmount, and ruggedized.

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  • Galil Motion Control

    Galil makes ethernet motion controllers in one to eight axis versions with a 10/100 base-T ethernet port, and is user configuratble for servo or stepper motors, using a 22MHz encoder for servos/outputting up to 6MHz for stepper motors and offers sample times down to 31ms per axis.

  • Interscan Corp.

    Interscan Corp. manufacturers data acquisition systems including the TruTrack Data Logger and the Arc-Max Data Acquisition System. Arc-Max software provides quality data acquisition, archiving and reporting and data can be easily transfered to Microsoft Office software.

  • Honeywell Process Solutions

    Honeywell offers a variety of controllers, indicators and programmers. Selection of microprocessor-based controllers include DC1000, UDC100, UDC1200, UDC1700, UDC2500, UDC3200 and UDC3500. Selection of microprocessor-based programmers/controllers include DCP50, DCP100, DCP200, DCP300, DCP550, and IPC5000. The UDC700 and UDI1700 are indicators available by Honeywell.

  • Absolute Automation Systems, Inc.

    Absolute Automation Systems, Inc. offers automated manufacturing system solutions such as control panels, high - volume control panels, process and machine control panels, plc programming, turnkey manufacturing and process control systems.

  • Honeywell Process Solutions

    Honeywell's line of Experion I/O modules and field level gateways provide the physical connection between the automation system and the process. Experion offers flexible, robust, deterministic, and highly available solutions and hardware to satisfy the most demanding I/O related needs. Products include five fully integrated I/O families in a wide range of form factors, mounting styles, and with a comprehensive set of functions, features, environmental ratings, certifications and module types.

  • Schneider Electric

    Scneider Electric manufactures a variety of Ethernet controllers and motion control systems including the Lexium controller models LMC10 and LMC20. These units feature integrated software solutions with an ergonomic interface for axis configuration. Lexium Controllers can perform on up to 8 synchronized axes using CANopen, Modbus, Ethernet, Profibus DP and DeviceNet.

  • National Instruments Corp.

    National Instruments develops and manufactures programmable data loggers for data acquisition applications such as logging temperatures, pressure, force/strain, sound, vibration, and other measurements.Data recorded with these products can be viewed with the included data-logging software or program with NI LabVIEW or Visiual Basic.

  • Allen-Bradley, a Rockwell Automation Brand

    Allen-Bradley makes programmable controllers such as PLCs, for I/O control, report generation, arithmetic, communication, and more; automation controllers which merge PC-based and PLC architecture as well as offering scalability and application portability in an open modular architecture; and safety controllers for the safety parts of your machine control system.

  • ACS Design Inc.

    ACS Design Inc. designs and builds control panels with specifications tailored to customer demands. ACS provides UL Listed control panels with design modifications.

  • Sage Designs, Inc.

    Sage Designs manufactures I/O expansion modules and communications modules with a wide range of connectivity options including modem, interface and wireless. Sage Designs' SCADAPack communication modules are designed for local installations where direct serial communication is problematic using Bluetooth technology for high speed wireless connectivity.

  • Baldor

    Baldor's NextMove e100 motion controller provides realtime mgmt of Ethernet networks for the automation industry. I/O devices, drives, absolute encoders & sensors can be placed on the Powerlink network and controlled using the Mint programming language.

  • ACR Systems, Inc.

    Data loggers from ACR Systems are available for a wide range of applications such as recording temparatures, relative humidity, electric current, pressure, process signals, pulse frequencey, power quality and more. These data acquisition products serve a variety of industries including HVAC, electrical, refrigeration, regulatory, transportation, manufacturing and OEM.

  • ABB

    ABB provides programmable logic controllers including scalable models, and uses protocols including devicenet, can open, Profibus, Modbus RTU, and more.

  • Automation & Control, Inc.

    Automation & Control Inc. designs control panels of single panels, or multiple consoles. THey offer consoles, operator inerface cabinets, MCCs and power panels.

  • Allen-Bradley, a Rockwell Automation Brand

    Allen-Bradley I/O modules from Rockwell Automation include a full line of in-cabinet I/), on-machine I/O and chassis-based I/O modules for a broad range of applications. These products are designed to connect sensors, actuators and field bus communication systems, reduce installation and maintenance costs and save space.

  • PMC Corporation

    PMC Corp manufactures the MultiFlex ETH 1000 Series ethernet controllers. These models employ he use of PMC's Motion Integrator, a suite of visual and intuitive Windows application programs  help users easily connect, troubleshoot, tune, and configure PMC's motion controllers. Includes PMC's Servo Tuning and motion plotting program (also listed separately below.) Compatible with all controllers.

  • Advantech

    Adcantech manufactures a broad range of data acquisition products including USB modules, PC/104 modules, PCI cards, singal conditioing modules and terminal boards. Advantech’s DAQ products can be bundled with industrial PCs, backplanes, CPU modules, flat panel monitors and embedded automation computers.

  • B & B Electronics Manufacturing Co.

    B&B Electronics sells programmable logic controllers designed for speed, while paying mind to your space concerns, featuring 32-bit data processing, use with up to 512 inputs and outputs, and embedded 100kHz HSC & Pulse outputs as well as a maximum of seven communication ports.

  • Belcan Corp.

    Belcan Corporation specializes in electrical control panels for turn-key automation system or stand alone projects. UL 580A or CE certification is available with these electric control panels.

  • Acromag, Inc.

    Acromag's line of industrial I/O products includins a variety of embedded I/O and FPGA computing boards available on VME, PCI, CompacPCI, Industry Pack, and PMC I/O modules. Process instruments include 4-20mA isolators, signal conditioners, splitters, transmitters and limit alarms. Their fieldbus solutions support Ethernet, Modbus, Profibus and HART network I/O.