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  • Absolute Automation Systems, Inc.

    Absolute Automation Systems, Inc. offers automated manufacturing system solutions such as control panels, high - volume control panels, process and machine control panels, plc programming, turnkey manufacturing and process control systems.

  • ACS Design Inc.

    ACS Design Inc. designs and builds control panels with specifications tailored to customer demands. ACS provides UL Listed control panels with design modifications.

  • Automation & Control, Inc.

    Automation & Control Inc. designs control panels of single panels, or multiple consoles. THey offer consoles, operator inerface cabinets, MCCs and power panels.

  • Belcan Corp.

    Belcan Corporation specializes in electrical control panels for turn-key automation system or stand alone projects. UL 580A or CE certification is available with these electric control panels.

  • Control Assemblies Co

    Control Assemblies, Inc. develops control panels and systems and offer engineering installation services. With performance specifications or customers' design, they fabricates panels and tests al panels under a documented Panel Checkout Procedure.

  • CRF Control

    CRF Control develops timber machine control panels for timber suppliers, compressor control panels with 5.5kW compressor and food processing control panel for food depositing duties as well as 5.5kW pump controllers and hygiene duty/stand-by pump panels for wash down duties.

  • ELCON Technologies Inc

    ELCON Technologies Inc provides system control solutions. In their Control Panel Shop with UL508 listing, manufacturing services include design, manufacturing, upgrading and retrofit of control panels as well as power control pumps and pulpits, manufacturing and testing of pneumatic panels and hydraulic panels, manufacturing engineering services, cable assemblies, wire harnesses, prototypes, light machining and light fabrication.

  • Electrical Systems Ltd.

    Electrical Systems Ltd. builds custom industrial control panels and electrical equipment tailored to meet the needs of clients' specifications. ESL ofers UL580A, UL698, UL231, UL1682 and UL1008 listings. ESL serves various industries including power generation/transmission/distribution, pharmaceutical, food processing, contract manufacturing, water or wastewater, petrochemical refineries & pipelines, PV (solar) control and environmentally-friendly alternative power solutions.

  • Excellent Associates

    Excellent Associates is certified government licensed in control panel manufacturing and contral panel engraving panels. They also handle material handling and electrical divisions, AC/DC motor rewinding, board wiring factory and equipment maintenance.

  • Hoffmann + Krippner

    Hoffmann+Krippner offers OPAL industrial control panels in display sizes of 5.7", 10.4" and 12.1" with the options of an integrated touch screens, emergency button, key lock system and controllers. OPALs are standard operation panels with a modular industrial interface panel. With EasyLabel software each key can be labeled individually with a guarantee of one million operations per key. Available models include OPAL S with 5.7" display and 43 keys, OPAL M with 10.4" display and 49 keys, and OPAL L with 12.1" display and 55 keys.

  • JS Automation Corp. (JAC)

    JS Automation Inc. provides AutoCAD drawing for PLCs, relay logic drive electrical control panels and automation goods based on AutoCAD drawings. They also manufacture control enclosures as well as  other control solutions to meet NEC, UL/CUL standards.

  • KIM Automation

    KIM Automation is a registered UL control panel pabricator. They customize industrial control panels. They build control panels such as PLC & PC-based control panels, purged panels, custom stainless steel panels, intrinsically safe panels, explosion-proof panels, and graphic panels.

  • OEM Panels

    OEM Panels provides pre design coordination and post production quality control of control panels. They build simple alarm and control panels for chemical equipments, relay based motor control panels for filtration equipment, PLC based pump control panell for process air equipment, PLC based DC drive panel for chemical equipment, PLC based duplex pump control panel for process air equipment and diesel generator or grid powered control panel for process air equipment.

  • A. Sapounas

    A. Sapounas offers factory automation control panels. They provide electrical switchboards for industrial automation and control with PLC and SCADA.

  • The Panel Shop Inc

    The Panel Shop manufactures custom motor and process control panels for industries such as paper, mining, food processing, power generation, HVAC, oil, water and etc. Product line includes motor controls and starters, PLC panels, operator consoles, GUI panels, protective relay panels, softstart controllers, variable speed drivers, power factor correction systems, custom products and SCADA systems. The Panel Shop carries CSA C22.1 #14, UL 508 A, ISO 9001:2000 certifications.

  • Tri-Tech Research Inc.

    Tri Tech Research Inc. manufactures wired products. They modify and paint enclosures with their electrostatic paint system for baked finishes. Control packages undergo quality assurance test and are given nameplates for identification.

  • Automated Drive Systems

    Automated Drive Systems offers industrial & process control products including control panels. Control panel services include design, layout & installation. All systems undergo extensive testing before installation.

  • Watlow

    Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company provides control panels that implement temperature controllers, power controllers, safety limit controllers and NEMA-related enclosures. They offer power controllers in three-phase/two leg configurations, control boxes with ratings up to 50A, standard control panels with ratings up to 240A & UL 508 panel listings.

  • Wattco

    Wattco develops customized control panels with temperature, power, multi-loop, process and safety limit controllers. Control panels have voltages up to 4000 amps and 600V. Basic models are offered in CPP and TBD with the availability of remote mounted controls. Features include  stage contactor, contactor power switching, proportioning, solid stat switching, remote set point, remote annunciation, process variable retransmission, alarms, dual energy & peak load controls, voltage/current/wattage metering, and interfacing PLCs. NEMA 4 moisture proof panels are also available.

  • Xpect Solutions Inc

    Xpect Solutions Inc builds and fabricates mechanical and robotic systems. With their machine design capabilities, they have partnered with Process Control Engineering to offer a complete mechanical package and complete controls package.