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  • Interscan Corp.

    Interscan Corp. manufacturers data acquisition systems including the TruTrack Data Logger and the Arc-Max Data Acquisition System. Arc-Max software provides quality data acquisition, archiving and reporting and data can be easily transfered to Microsoft Office software.

  • National Instruments Corp.

    National Instruments develops and manufactures programmable data loggers for data acquisition applications such as logging temperatures, pressure, force/strain, sound, vibration, and other measurements.Data recorded with these products can be viewed with the included data-logging software or program with NI LabVIEW or Visiual Basic.

  • ACR Systems, Inc.

    Data loggers from ACR Systems are available for a wide range of applications such as recording temparatures, relative humidity, electric current, pressure, process signals, pulse frequencey, power quality and more. These data acquisition products serve a variety of industries including HVAC, electrical, refrigeration, regulatory, transportation, manufacturing and OEM.

  • Advantech

    Adcantech manufactures a broad range of data acquisition products including USB modules, PC/104 modules, PCI cards, singal conditioing modules and terminal boards. Advantech’s DAQ products can be bundled with industrial PCs, backplanes, CPU modules, flat panel monitors and embedded automation computers.

  • Cameron Instruments

    Cameron Industries manufactures data acquisition products including industrial data loggers for humidity and temperature measuring applications. Other products include entry level data loggers such as the EBI 20-TE temperature logger with external prove and measuring instruments for the medical industry.

  • Campbell Scientific, Inc.

    Campbell Scientific manufactures a full line of data acquisition systems including data loggers and measurement systems capable of reates up to 100,000 smaples per second. A wide variety of models are avialable to suit a broad range of measurement applications.

  • Capgo

    Capgo manufactures data acquisition products for a variety of industries such as aerospace, automotive, building, conservation, environment, geothecnical, trasporation, medical and vibration. Products include the CapLog series of mobile data loggers and sensor software for OEM applications.

  • Cascade Group Inc.

    The Cascade Group is a distributor of data acquisition products inccluding wireless data loggers, standalone data loggers and data acquisition software from a variety of manufacturers such as ACR Systems, Hanwell, Grayhill DasyLab.

  • Commerce Controls

    Commerce Controls develops integrated supervisory controls and data acquistion systems for a broad range of applications including Database design and Administration, Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), Energy Management Systems (EMS), and SCADA. Our engineering team is fully versed in the development of C/C++®, Visual Basic®, SQL®, Microsoft Office® and Oracle®.

  • Comptek

    Comptek is the designer of the COMETS test cell data acquisition and control system. This system is based on Microsoft's operating system and runs on standard PC hardware and comonly procured interface and singla conditioning equipment.

  • CyberResearch, Inc.

    Cyber Research offers a variety of data acquistion and control systems including analog input interfaces, counter/timer products, analog ouput interfaces, USB and serial products, terminal panels, temperature scquisition and singal coniditioning devices and modular/remote data acquisition products for a broad range of applications.

  • Dataforth

    Dataforth is a devleoper of a line of data acquisition products that includes the isoLynx family of data acquisition systems, ReDAQ SCADA software and minisature data loggers for applications such as isolated signal conditioning, temperature monitoring and other measurements and monitoring over integrated intranet systems.

  • CAS DataLoggers, Inc.

    CAS Data Loggers manufactures data logging systems to over 100 channelsThey can measure a wide variety of input signals from force, temperature, pressure, humidity, or other sensors as well as current, voltage, digital signals, RS-232/RS-485 sensors or SDI-12 devices. There are models that can be PC connected via a USB, traditional RS-232 interface, Ethernet, Wireless, Bluetooth, or GSM cellular.

  • DATAQ Instruments Inc

    Dataq Instruments manufactures a variety of data logger products for stand-alone and PC-connected applications. Products include the Easy Log series entry level data logger, data loggers without displays, GL Series data loggers with displays, common DI-71X data loggers and data loggers with ethernet and USB connectivity features.

  • Data Taker

    Datataker manufactures data loggers and data recording equipment for scientific, industrial, and public utilities applications. Products include geotechnical data loggers and smart data loggers as well as modem based data loggers and portable data logger products.

  • Data Translation

    Data Translation manufactures USB data acquisition modules, ethernet & USB measurement instrumentation and software for the test & measurement market. Products include over 100 modules from low cost to high performance.

  • Intelligent Instrumentation

    Intelligent Instrumentation manufactures a variety of data acquisition products including data collection terminals, time and attendance terminals, industrial ethernet I/O components and data loggers for a variety of applications.

  • ICP DAS USA, Inc.

    ICP DAS USA manufactures data acquisition hardware and software systems including a complete line of specialty I/O modules as well as proprietary cartridge based I/O products for use with rac mount backplanes. Other products include control & HMI software, industrial enclosures and industrial PCs.

  • Logic Beach Inc.

    Logic Beach Inc designs and manufactures a full line of stand-alone, rugged, data logging instruments. These products include data loggers that sample connected signals & sensors and process data before storing it to local memory for later download & analysis.

  • MadgeTech

    MadgeTech designs and manufactures high quality data loggers for a wide variety of industries. Products include 8 channel temperature loggers with LCD display, as well as 5-channel monitors and oven temperature profilers.