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  • Galil Motion Control

    Galil makes ethernet motion controllers in one to eight axis versions with a 10/100 base-T ethernet port, and is user configuratble for servo or stepper motors, using a 22MHz encoder for servos/outputting up to 6MHz for stepper motors and offers sample times down to 31ms per axis.

  • Schneider Electric

    Scneider Electric manufactures a variety of Ethernet controllers and motion control systems including the Lexium controller models LMC10 and LMC20. These units feature integrated software solutions with an ergonomic interface for axis configuration. Lexium Controllers can perform on up to 8 synchronized axes using CANopen, Modbus, Ethernet, Profibus DP and DeviceNet.

  • Baldor

    Baldor's NextMove e100 motion controller provides realtime mgmt of Ethernet networks for the automation industry. I/O devices, drives, absolute encoders & sensors can be placed on the Powerlink network and controlled using the Mint programming language.

  • PMC Corporation

    PMC Corp manufactures the MultiFlex ETH 1000 Series ethernet controllers. These models employ he use of PMC's Motion Integrator, a suite of visual and intuitive Windows application programs  help users easily connect, troubleshoot, tune, and configure PMC's motion controllers. Includes PMC's Servo Tuning and motion plotting program (also listed separately below.) Compatible with all controllers.

  • offers the DMC-2200 Ethernet/RS232 Stand-Alone Motion Controllers from Gallil Motion Control Inc. The DMC-2200 stand-alone motion controller is part of the Optima Series of multi axis motion controllers. The DMC-2200 has 10Base-T or 100Base-T Ethernet connectivity. The controller is packaged in a rugged, compact enclosure with an internal power supply for direct connection to 90-250VAC.

  • EtherCAT Technology Group

    EtherCAT Technology Group offers a variety of ethernet PLC motion controllers like the CX9000 embedded PC with integrated EtherCAT terminal interface. The CX9000 is a DIN rail-mountable, compact, Ethernet controller with Intel IXP420 with XScale technology & 266 MHz clock frequency. EtherCAT also offers their platform on a variety of additional models from various manufacturers.

  • National Instruments Corp.

    National Instruments offers a full line of ethernet motion control products  including the Flexmotion brand of ethernet stepper/servo motion controllers, low cost stepper only controllers, NI PXI series stepper/servo motion controllers and the NI PXI-8145 RT 266 MHz Controller with Real-Time, 64 MB installed.

  • Active Robots

    Active Robots is a robotics and electronics technology developer that offers a variety of RoHS ethernet interfaces and motor motion control products. The FMod -TCP is an ethernet interfaced motion controller with up to 19 input/output, integrated plug and play firm war, one 12C bus, one UART bus and ARP, IP, TCP & UDP, HTTP capabilities. Active Robots also offers starter kits and replacement parts.

  • Parker Hannifin Corp.

    Parker manufactures the Ethernet Powerlink MotionBus systems for high-speed, digital motion-bus solutions for connecting a motion controller to multiple drives and I/O points using standard Ethernet networking hardware. This creates a centralized, real time communications for motion control & automation.

  • Vital Systems Inc

    Vital Systems manufactures ethernet based data acquisition & motion control systems including the DSPMC/IP. This systems utilizes DSP technology, features PLC Ladder Logic Programmable I/O. Vital Systems also offers the MOTENC-Lite PCI Board for implementing data acquisition & motion control systems.

  • Performance Motion Devices (PMD)

    PMD manufactures a full line of motion control cards that provide multi-axis motion control for  brushless DC & DC brush motors as well as step & microstepping motors. Products include the Prodigy/CME Stand-ALone Motion Card for downloading and running motion programs directly on Prodigy cards. PMD’s PC/104 Motion Control Cards communicate via a PC/104 bus, CANbus, or serial port.