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  • CTC

    CTC USA offers Human-Machine Interface solutions designed to increase the value of manufacturing equipment. Products include embedded HMI systems, Windows base HMI systems, industrial computers and HMI software.

  • Kontron

    Kontron's line of HMIs & displays includes a variety of processor capacities with display dimensions up to 19". The panel PCs & displays meet industrial requirements concerning vibration, shock, and temperature resistance. Models can be built to meet the most specific requirements with semi & full customized Panel PCs & displays for control and visualization applications.

  • Autonics USA

    Autonics is a supplier of automation products such as sensors and controls. Products available include graphic panels and display units. Graphic panel are offered in 145 mm x 75 mm x 34 mm size and 24 VDC power supply. Display units are available in either red or green, 7 or 16 segment models.

  • Actel Corp.

    Actel offers HMI sollutions that provide a variety of benefits including ultra-low-power FPGAs used to implement customized HMI controllers, integration of several control functions in a single small form factor FPGA, reprogrammability for rapid development, ultra-low-power IGLOO devices with flash freeze technology and a network of solution partners to meet any design needs.

  • Advantech

    Advantech's line of HMI products includes a variety of touch panel computers and industrial panel PCs equiped with powerful Pentium M and Celeron M processors in a full range of sizes including 6", 12", 15", 17", and 19" for a wide array of applications.

  • Altia Inc.

    Altia offers HMI products for the automobile, aerospace and handheld industries and also offers prototype building services as well as HMI products utilizing DeepScreen technology for efficient, tuned coding to help target the product's operating system.

  • Parker Hannifin Corp.

    Parker manufactures HMI operator panels that feature easily programmable operating systems with multiple language options. Models are available with either mono or color screens in a 5.6" screen size. Other features include LED indicator lights, recipe memory up to 32kB, numeric keypad, real time clock, even list and printer port.

  • ASAP Automation

    ASAP Automation offers HMI products that provide real time statistics to monitor the vital stats of automation equipment systems. These HMIs can be used to start or stop the system, diagnose any problems and display system statuses. HMIs are designed using an open, non-proprietary system with simple to understand navigation that helps speed HMI development and training time.  The Human Machine Interface screens contain statistical and diagnostic graphics and reports.  The data can be exported as a CSV file for off line evaluation or record keeping.

  • ASEM

    ASEM manufactures HMI solutions including embedded and industrial PCs designed and produced to work in extremely harsh environments and to guarantee high standards of reliability and continuity. Products include domotics, operator panels, embedded panel PCs, panel PCs, embedded box PCs, box PCs, rack mount PCs, industrial monitors, peripherals and accessories.

  • Axiomtek

    AXIOMTEK designs and manufactures HMIs for industrial automation applications. Products include Windows based HMI solutions, panel PCs, and industrial flat panel monitors in a wide range of sizes up to 19".

  • Bastian Material Handling

    Bastian Material Handling manufactures HMI solutions that provide the main interface between the warehouse and the manufacturing equipment. Bastian HMI products feature custom graphical layouts, Windows operating system, non-proprietary software, real-time operation and statistics including counters, rates, run-times and jams.

  • B & B Electronics Manufacturing Co.

    B&B Electronics manufactures a variety of HMI equipment including touch panels, text panels, graphic panels and touch panel PCs featuring Windows XP operating systems.

  • Beijer Electronics Inc.

    Beijer Electronics buildes HMI operator panels in a bariety of models including the Exter series, H-series and Cimrex series. Each of these products offers award-winning design and cutting edge technology. Panel sizes range from 3.5" to 15" with keypads and touch panels.

  • BrainChild Electronic

    Brian Child Electronic Co designs and builds a variety of HMI products including operator panels in various sizes such as 4.1" text display, 5.7" color displays and 12.1" color displays. Models include the HMI 401, 201, 601, 605 and 1205.

  • Eaton Corp.

    Eaton's line of HMI operator products are available in 4, 6, 8 & 10 inch models, featuring  touchscreen operator interface (true analog) with function buttons that are programmable. They also have the ability to store recipes, historical and alarm data, or transfer data to a USB memory stick.

  • Genesis Engineering

    Genesis Engineering develops and manufactures custom HMI systems for discrete system components as well as supervisory-level information. These systems are designed to provide essential information needed to allow for increased production and effectiveness of individual process. Applications include product tracking, accounting data, material handling system status, fault annunciation, machine diagnostics and real-time equipment modeling and monitoring.

  • Arista

    Arista Corp. manufactures a variety of HMI solutions including the ARP 3600 series fanless Windows CE based HMI touch panel computers. These models range in screen size from 6.4" up to 15" and feature an AMD 500MHz LX800 Processor, 2X USB ports, dual 10/100 Ethernet ports and Active Matrix TFT LCD.

  • Hitachi Europe GmbH

    Hitachi offers a wide range of HMIs which allows users to choose the best technical and economical solution for a given application. Hitachi offers eleven models with text and graphic displays as well as touch panels. Each model is programmable with the same software. Other features include multi-language programming, 3.7"-15" screen sizes, alarm processing, recipe capability and fieldbus interfaces.

  • Maple Systems

    Maple Systems offers a wide range of HMI products including panel PCs, industrial panel PCs, Microsoft based panel PCs and graphic OITs featuring customizable keypads, vacuum florescent and LED displays as well as screen sizes ranging from 6" up to 15"/

  • Mitsubishi Electric Automation

    Mitsubishi's line of HMI equipment includes the GOT1000 Series, F900 Series and E1000 Series. The GOT1000 platform combines performance, graphics and functionality in a unique, ultra compact and robust package. Basic models offer a long list of features and functions commonly found in many small standalone systems and applications. The E1000 Series are highly functional, flexible panel-mount HMI terminals. The E1000 Series is available in sizes ranging from 6.5” to 15” and various formats to suit a variety of application requirements.