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Embedded and Single Board

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  • Advantech

    Advantech makes embedded single board computers including PC/104 modules, 3.5" single board computers, embedded platform industrial computers (EPIC), EBX and 5.25" single board computers, and LPX form factor POS control boards.

  • Apex Embedded Systems

    Apex Embedded Systems offers rugged PC/104 embedded computer boards including digital I/O modules, a six channel analog output module, a data acquisition module, and are all specifically designed for aerospace applications and feature polarized I/O connectors.

  • Kontron

    Kontron makes embedded Box PCs for machine and cabinet building factory automation in fanless and regular models for applications such as fieldbus environments, process control, and visualization.

  • Ajax Systems Corporation

    Ajax Systems makes embedded and single board industrial computers, with their single board computers featuring open-standard form factors, operating systems, I/O options, and processors and can be used in applications such as telecommunications, defense, image processing, aerospace, and more.

  • Parker Hannifin Corp.

    Parker CTC offers embedded HMI stations measuring from 5" up to 15", available with PC/104 and parallel port support as well as larger models when ISA/PCI cards, function keys, or hard drives are required.

  • Amplicon

    Amplicon makes embedded computers including low power models for low power applications, media players for digital signage, mini-ITX models for low cost applications, and rugged models for space-critical applications.

  • Beckhoff - New Automation Technology

    Beckhoff makes embedded PCs in the form of modular DIN rail IPCs and industrial motherboards with Intel x86 and ARM architecture, auxiliary on-board interfaces, and is available in standard and specialized form factors.

  • Computer Dynamics, Inc.

    Computer Dynamics offers two embedded computer systems, including one with a 12.1" display and a smaller scale model with a 5.7" display for space critical applications.

  • Chassis Plans

    Chassis Plans offers single board computers and backplanes from ISA to PCI Express models, different processor configurations including single & dual Quad-Core Xeon models up to 2.83GHz as well as single & dual Xeon models up to 3.6GHz, and even runs on Celeron & Pentium III chips.

  • Corvalent Corp.

    Corvalent makes several rugged embedded computer systems including those that run on an Intel 855GME chipset, a Celeron M 600MHz processor, a Pentium III model, and an Intel Q965 Express model. These systems are for use in defense, security & surveillance, factory automation applications, and more.


    Duro PC makes standard and fanless embedded computer systems that run on various Pentium and Eden processor configurations from 1GHz to 2.16 GHz.

  • Eden Rugged Tablet PC

    EDEN Rugged Tablet PC offers vehicle mounted embedded computers for police, commercial, public service & logistical applications with rugged design, solid state hard drive, and a sunlight readable touchscreen LCD, compatible with Windows XP.

  • Electronic Keyboards, Inc.

    Eletronic Keyboards makes keyboards for embedded computer systems.

  • Embedded Planet

    Embedded planet offers embedded systems and single board computers in different form factors including PrPMC cards for CompactPCI systems, PC104/PCI104, and computer-on-module (COMs) as well as Advanced Mezzanine cards for use in AdvancedTCA (ATCA) systems.

  • Micro/Sys

    Micro/Sys makes embedded single board computers for industrial, OEM, and military systems for PC/104, PC/104 Plus, EPIC, EBX, and Epic Express, designed to work with WinCE, Linux, VxWorks, DOS, and other operating systems.

  • Evoc Group

    Evoc Group makes several types of embedded computers including fanless models, motherboards, modules, box computers, and more available with various sized screens.

  • GE Intelligent Platforms

    GE Intelligent Platforms offers various single board computers for various levels of ruggedness, memory configurations, processor speeds and form factors as well as I/O options.

  • I-Bus Corporation

    I-Bus offers several singleboard computers using Intel chipsets and use up to 8GB of RAM and are available as standalone boards or in integrated systems.

  • ICP America, Inc.

    ICP America makes single board computers including full and half size models as well as 5.25" and 3.5" biscuit models in addition to their embedded computers division which makes mobile embedded computers and more.

  • CompAmerica

    CompAmerica has single board computers for PICMG, Compact/PCI, ATCA, or PCIe/x slots running on single or dual core Xeons, Pentium Ds, P4s, Pentium and Celeron Ms as well as older processors.