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  • ACME Portable Machines

    Acme Portable makes plastic portable, aluminum portable, battery portable, forensic portable and three screen portable industrial computers.

  • Advantech

    Advantech makes portable computers and vehicle mounted computers, including rugged handheld terminals and industrial tablet PCs as well as vehicle computers for trucks, trailers, taxis, cranes, and forklifts.

  • Amrel Systems, Inc.

    Amrel makes industrial and military rugged notebooks, tablets, PDAs, and in-vehicle computers featuring protective chambers for the motherboard, I/O ports, harddrives, and swappable modules.

  • BSi

    BSi makes rugged portables PC as well as rugged and semi-rugged laptops with various monitor sizes and operate on a variety of processors.

  • Corvalent Corp.

    Corvalent makes the CoreBook15, a 15.4" rugged notebook that uses a Intel Centrino Duo processor, has a maximum resolution of 1280x800, anti-shock mounted hard disk drive, and a spill resistant keyboard and touchpad.

  • Citadel Computer Corporation

    Citadel Computer COrp makes NetFORCE 12.1" flat panel industrial PCs for fixed and mobile applications and can be installed on hostlers, tuggers, forklifts, emergency vehicles, and more.


    Duro PC makes two rugged laptops which both come with a 1.66GHz Core 2 Duo processor, one with a 12.1" monitor, 80GB hard drive, and 512MB RAM as well as a 13.3" model with 120GB hard disk and two gigs of RAM.

  • Chassis Plans

    Chassis Plans makes portable PC computer systems including one with three 17 inch 1280x1024 LCD monitors using an ATX mobo with seven card slots, as well as single and dual screen models.

  • Eden Rugged Tablet PC

    Eden Rugged Tablet PC makes their name sake in two models, a 10.4" model and an 8.4" model, with sunlight readable displays, 1 GB of RAM, 80GB shock mounted hard disk, and WinXP embedded operating system.

  • Ajax Systems Corporation

    Ajax Systems makes lightweight portable computers with a 17" monitor and two button touch pad with the ability to hold up to seven slots and has two 5.25" drive bays and two 3.5" drive bays.

  • Evoc Group

    EVOC Group offers rugged notebooks using Core Duo processors and anti-vibration design and available with 14.1" or 15" screen.

  • General Dynamics Itronix

    General Dynamics Itronix makes several rugged mobile PCs and notebooks an ultra-mobile PC with wireless capabilities, 40GB or 80GB hard drive, shock mounted or 32/64GB solid state drive, Intel Core Solo ULV 1.2 GHz processor, and 5.6" WSVGA outdoor viewable DynaVue monitor.

  • Getac Technology Corporation

    Getac makes several types of mobile and portable PCs including rugged and durable notebooks, rugged PDAs, and rugged tablets. Their rugged PDA uses a Samsung 2450 533MHz processor, 128MB of SDRAM, and 2GB NAND Flash storage space.

  • Glacier Computer, LLC

    Glacier Computer designs, manufactures, and supports rugged tablets and notebooks such as their Ridgeline tablet which can withstand 3-feet drops to concrete, most any temperature, and is water resistant.

  • ICP America, Inc.

    ICP America makes rugged Tablet PCs with various features such as barcode readers, wifi, bluetooth capabilities, touch screens, and more.

  • Inducomp

    Inducomp offers portable vehicle mounted computers with 12.1" rugged resistive touch screen, AMD LX800 or Intel Atom 1.6GHz processor, wifi, rugged cast aluminum case, and wide range internal DC/DC power supply.

  • Industrial Computing

    Industrial Computing has rugged tablet PCs and handheld data terminals. Their tablets feature wifi capabilities, a 10.4SVGA/XGA LCD sunlight readable screen, magnesium alloy structure and case, and is tested up to a four foot free drop.

  • Invensys Operations Management

    Wonderware (a division of Invensys Operations Management) makes rugged mobile tablet computers using dual-core processors, wireless technology and solid state drives as well as offering a sunlight-readable display and fast charging Li-Ion battery for 2-6 hour use.

  • noax Technologies

    noax Technologies makes several mobile PCs including an 8-inch, a 12-inch, and a 15-inch model, which have high-contrast TFT displays and are excellent for use in PDA, MDA, logistics, and personnel attendance acquisition applications.

  • Contemporary MicroSystems

    CMS sells rugged multi-processor portable workstations with 17 to 20 inch LCD monitors, PCI-express and PCI-X slots, support for multiple disk drives, and come in a rugged aluminum construction.