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  • Ajax Systems Corporation

    Ajax Systems sells rackmount computers from 1U up to 8U as well as a rackmount monitor keyboard, and an LCD workstation. Their 4U models measure from 15 to 27" in depth and can hold up to 14PCI expansion slots or ISA slots.

  • BSi

    BSi Computer makes 1U to 6U rack-mount computers, including backplane models, milspec models, models of varying depth and a variety of processor types and various numbers of drive bays.

  • offers several rackmount computers, including 1U, 2U, and 3U models. Their 1U model is only 13" deep and comes with one PCI expansion slot, 1GB DDR RAM, an 80GB hard drive, four USB ports, LAN port, and serial port.

  • CCS

    CCS offers industrial rackmount PCs in 1U, 2U, and 4U models such as their ICR4000M model, a 19" deep computer available with Intel Core 2 Duo 3.00GHz Dual Core or Quad 2.66 GHz quad core processors, 1, 2, or 4GB of RAM, and an 80 or 250GB SATA hard drive.

  • Amplicon

    Amplicon supplies rackmount computer systems from 1U to 6U 19" models, with models based on PICMG single board computers and backplanes, long lifecycle industrial motherboards, Intel desktop and server motherboards, and models with a 7" TFT LCD screen and sliding keyboard.

  • Computer Dynamics, Inc.

    Computer Dynamics makes industrial rack-mount computers such as their Nd61400 with 1.2GHz Pentium III or 2.4GHz P4 processor in a 14-slot backplane, with four PCI, two PICMG, and eight ISA slots.

  • Chassis Plans

    Chassis Plans sells 1U to 6U rackmount computer enclosures designed for dual and quad core systems, are made of steel or aluminum, and offer multiple power supply options. They also sell rackmount LCD screens and keyboards.

  • Core Systems

    Core Systems makes rackmount industrial computer chassis, displays, and keyboards as well as motherboards. Their chassis come in 1U to 6U models.

  • Corvalent Corp.

    Corvalent makes industrial rackmount systems that use Intel processors and are available in models from 1U to 6U, usable in various applications such as defense, telecom, security & surveillance, medical, and more.


    Duro PC sells 2U and 4U rackmount systems as well as 4U motherboards. Their industrial computer systems use Intel processors and come with PCI, PCI-E, PICMG, and ISA slots.

  • Evoc Group

    Evoc Group makes several industrial rackmount chassis from 1U to 4U systems, 19" in depth.

  • Greco Systems

    Greco Systems offers three mil-spec industrial rack mount computers, with various processor, RAM, speed, and hard drive options.

  • I-Bus Corporation

    I-Bus offers 1U, 2U, 4U, and 6U industrial computer rackmount chassis, with varying slot types and numbers and drive bays.

  • CompAmerica

    Comp America has industrial rackmount chassis, keyboards, and displays from 1U to 6U such as their 19" 4265 model with five drive bays, four front USB ports, and two cooling fans.

  • Option Industrial Computers

    Option Industrial Computers provides rackmount industrial PCs using Pentium 4 processors up to 3.8GHz with models for SCSI RAID and SATA RAID capabilities.

  • Orbit Micro

    Orbit Micro sells industrial rackmount / benchtop computers with PCI-X, ISA, PCI-Express, AGP, and PCI slots as well as Intel Core 2 Quad, P4, 486, Xeon, P-III, MMx, and AMD Athlon 64 X2 processor capabilities.

  • PCW Microsystems

    PCW Microsystems sells 1U, 2U, and 4U rackmount industrial computers as well as RAID and NAS rackmount storage systems.

  • Sealevel Systems

    Sealevel Industrial Computing offers industrial rackmount computers and servers for communications, monitoring, and infrastructure management applications.

  • Super Logics

    SuperLogics offers several sized models of rackmount industrial PCs from 1U to 6U, 14" depth, running on various Intel and AMD processors.

  • Systel

    Systel sells 1U, 2U, and 4U industrial rackmount servers.