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  • Honeywell Process Solutions

    Honeywell's line of Experion I/O modules and field level gateways provide the physical connection between the automation system and the process. Experion offers flexible, robust, deterministic, and highly available solutions and hardware to satisfy the most demanding I/O related needs. Products include five fully integrated I/O families in a wide range of form factors, mounting styles, and with a comprehensive set of functions, features, environmental ratings, certifications and module types.

  • Sage Designs, Inc.

    Sage Designs manufactures I/O expansion modules and communications modules with a wide range of connectivity options including modem, interface and wireless. Sage Designs' SCADAPack communication modules are designed for local installations where direct serial communication is problematic using Bluetooth technology for high speed wireless connectivity.

  • Allen-Bradley, a Rockwell Automation Brand

    Allen-Bradley I/O modules from Rockwell Automation include a full line of in-cabinet I/), on-machine I/O and chassis-based I/O modules for a broad range of applications. These products are designed to connect sensors, actuators and field bus communication systems, reduce installation and maintenance costs and save space.

  • Acromag, Inc.

    Acromag's line of industrial I/O products includins a variety of embedded I/O and FPGA computing boards available on VME, PCI, CompacPCI, Industry Pack, and PMC I/O modules. Process instruments include 4-20mA isolators, signal conditioners, splitters, transmitters and limit alarms. Their fieldbus solutions support Ethernet, Modbus, Profibus and HART network I/O.

  • Advantech

    Advantech manufactures a full line of programmable automation controllers and I/O modules. Advantech’s ADAM-5550KW PAC is designed with continuous, discrete and motion control. Optional HMI/SCADA software and integrated programming tools provide flexibility for versatile applications.

  • Crouzet Motors

    Crouzet manufactures a variety of digital I/O modules in a broad range of configurations including I/O mounting boards, universal I/O modules, DIN-Mount I/O modules, quad series I/O modules and standard input I/O modules for a wide variety of applications.

  • Dajac

    Dajac Inc manufactures a variety of PC based automation products and services including a line of I/O modules like the Expert I/0 1000, a USB based module that allows users to automate research experiments, industrial electronics and machinery and more. Other features include 16 digital inputs, 16 digital outputs, programmable, I/O voltage (3.3V to 27V), programmable pulls, push/pull outputs, 2 analog Outputs, 6 analog inputs (0 to +5V), 2 DC brush motor controllers with integrated amplifiers, compact size, USB interface and 2KB nonvolatile memory.

  • Intelligent Instrumentation

    Intelligent Instrumentation manufactures modular ethernet I/O monitoring and control systems for development and deployment into existing and future systems. Features include isolated digital & analog I/O,  Windows CE development tools, and 100BaseT Ethernet. Applications include a wide range of control & monitoring applications.

  • Embedded Automation

    Embedde Automation manufactures severla embedded controlelrs and I/0 module solutions. These controllers are designed for dedicated service in industrial or other embedded environments. These products run on Windows based software and are available in two processor speeds.

  • Festo

    Festo I/O devices are manufactured for outside mounting applications and feature a compact design. Other features include high modularity with up to 9 input modules per terminal, trouble-free connection of binary analog signals and HART devices and optional bulkhead partitions between the modules in a terminal.

  • Fanuc GE

    GE Fanuc manufactures a wide range of distributed I/O products for various applications. Products include the Genius line of I/O equipment, VersaPoint models, Transphere Wireless products and the 8000 process I/O. TranSphere Wireless is a family of scalable,  integrated, wireless communication products for industrial applications. These are utilized for mission-critical data from fixed assets such as compressor stations, oil & gas wells, fluid storage tanks, pipelines and utility meters.

  • Gefran

    Gefran manufactures a variety of PLC and remote I/O automation systems including analog I/O modules, bus modules, diditial I/Os, ethernet switch models and CPU equipment. the GILOGIK II is a distributed I/O system arranged into modules that plug in to a dedicated back-plane. The system is made up of modular nodes or gateways, which are designed to control the installed I/O modules through the back-plane as well as to communicate with the command & control center.

  • Mosaic Industries, Inc

    Mosaic industries manufactures a variety of custom I/O modules for instruments and automation including embedded instrument controllers and on-board models featuring ethernet and USB connectivity options as well as 20 channel digital I/O, 24-bit 7 channel data acquisition, solid state AC & DC relays, signal conditioning, compact flash, 56KB UART with two additional full-duplex serial ports and I/O filter.

  • National Instruments Corp.

    National Instruments manufactures a variety of digital I/O devices including form factor I/Os, analog input channel models, digital I/O logic level models, I/O modules that support a broad range of operating system software and models with up to 8 counters. Other features include analog or digital triggering options, bank isolation, ch-ch isolation and ch-earth ground isolation options.

  • Opto 22

    Opto 22 manufactures a variety of I/O products including analog I/O modules that handle devices that have a range of possible values, digital I/O modules with push buttons and LEDs and SNAP serial communication modules that connect to serial devices via RS-232 or RS-485/422 or using the Profibus or Wigand protocol. Motion control modules are also available.

  • Phoenix Contact

    Phoenix Contact manufactures a variety of I/O systems for connection of inputs and outputs to control network systems. Models include control panel mount models, machine mount models and wireless extension models for easy integration with industrial Bluetooth wireless capabilities.

  • Schneider Electric

    Schneider Electric manufactures a full line of automation and control interfaces and I/O products including plug-in relays, analog converters, discrete interfaces, AS-interface monitors and interfaces, IP20 distributed I/Os and a variety of modular distribute I/Os.

  • Sys Tec Electronic

    SYS TEC offers a range of cost-effective CANopen I/O extension modules compliant to CANopen standard CiA 301 and device profiles CiA 401 as well as CiA 404 including the sysWORXX I/O device which supports standard industrial and analog I/O signals as well as RTD and thermo-couple (TC) inputs.

  • VersaLogic Corp.

    VersaLogic Cop. manufactures a variety of general purpose I/O products including the Cobra single board I/O PC, the EPIC line of AMD powered single board I/O PCs and a full line of various PC/104 and PC/104-Plus products. VersaLogic Corp. also supplies a full line of I/O product accessories.

  • WAGO Corp

    WAGO Innovative Connections manufactures a broad line of I/O components for the automation industry including modular systems, AS-interface in fieldbus nodes, bus terminals and modules for aggravated conditions as well as power supplies, software and other I/O product accessories.