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This section includes industrial motnitoring and inspection systems for quality assurance in factory applications.

Inspection and monitoring equipment within factory automation applications ensures safety and quality production. There is a number of inspection and monitoring equipment types available for industrial environments including: alarms and alarm management systems, condition and vibration monitoring, corrosion monitoring and control, digital panel meters, inspection systems, machine vision, stroboscopes, and tachometers. Machine vision tools include cameras, filters, frame grabbers, lenses, lighting, robotic, sensors, software, and systems.

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  • Honeywell Process Solutions

    Honeywell Process Solutions offers three alarm management products aimed at protecting plant uptime and safety. The company's alarm and event analysis tool, along with the alarm scout, provides stats on alarm system performance and configuration, and creates user reports based on those stats. The alarm configuration manager allows users to create an alarm system with the assurance that the configuration will remain in effect over the life cycle of the plant.

  • Aegis Solutions

    Aegis develops and makes engineered inspection systems for repair/build, manufacturing, and design & development applications including semi-autmoated and fully automated systems using embedded controllers, PACs, and PLCs as well as fully manual test systems.

  • Apprion

    Apprion is the designer and maker of the ION Wireless Condition Monitoring Application; a system that allows plant operatiors to gather and integrate more operational data easily in order to make critical decisions and operate efficiently. The Ion System includes industrial network appliances that manage the data services, work flow and security and Apprion IONizers for multi-protocol, multi-vendor wireless sensor network and device-based systems.

  • Acculex HR Components

    Acculex manufactures a variety of digital panel meters with many options such as size, input range, display type, etc. The panel meters feature current loop & input voltage scaling for direct calibration of sensor readout & signal.

  • Cole-Parmer

    Cole-Parmer is a supplier of stroboscopes, including digital, phase-shifting, LED, portable, portable digital and portable LED stroboscopes. Manufacturers include Shimpo, PalmStrobe, Nova-Strobe and Imada.

  • Alluris

    Alluris manufactures, develops and distributes digital contact tachometers, digital laser tachometers with contact adaptors, digital precision tachometers, and PLaser tachometers with contact adaptors. The company's tachometers have a contact measurement of 1 to 25,000 RPM; and feature selectable measuring units for length, rotational, and surface speed measurements in metres, yards, feet and inches.

  • Pepperl + Fuchs, Inc.

    Pepperl+Fuchs Inc. offers the CorrTran MV corrosion monitoring probe. Probes are configured with three electrodes, process connections and certifications. This probe is used for real time monitoring and predictions of required maintenance with data analysis techniques that test corrosion rates. The CorrTran MV probe utilizes a two-wire 4-20mA signal with HART protocol. ofr localized corrosion or pitting.

  • Yaskawa America, Inc.- Drives & Motion Division

    Yokogawa provides consolidated alarm management systems (CAMS) including its new CAMS for HIS. The system intergrates all alarm and event data, normalizes the data, removes redundant alarms, and enables an operator to focus on important alarms through filtering, sorting and load shedding.

  • Alpetor Systems, Inc.

    Alpetor Systems makes X-ray inspection systems for use in open environments with no lead enclosures for realtime industrial xray applications and produces high resolution, high definition images as well as real-time motion studies that can be saved to .avi or .cine files.

  • Azima DLI

    Azima DLI manufactures advanced vibration data collection technology and machine condition assessment software. The Azima DLI vibration data collecotrs are ideal for accurate machine conditio monitoring. It features triaxial acceleromter based systems and keyed mounting pad for fast and quality data collection. The ExpertALERT automated machine condition analysis software  assesses machine condition and vibration analysis. It features a simple graphical user interface, setup wizards, automated diagnostics, automated bearing fault idenitification, multi level fault severity, integration of PdM technologies and online monitoring. The SpriteMAX Expert Online Monioring Systems is an independent system for data acquisition and diagnostics without an EA database to monitor machine health on its own.

  • Electro-Numerics, Inc.

    Electro-Numerics offers three modern panel meter series for industrial digital readouts. Click on the links below for digital panel meters, digital counters, digital timers, and large-digit displays. Products offer exceptional accuracy at read rates up to 60/second, a wide choice of I/O options for data communications and control, plus advanced programmable features. Available in three digit heights: 0.56", 1.0" and 5.0".

  • Check-Line

    Check-Line offers a complete line of portable stroboscopes, AC powered stroboscopes and battery powered stroboscopes. Low cost digital models, as well as splashproof, linear, machine vision, LED, and chasis mount versions are available.

  • Camtek Ltd

    Camtek offers intelligent optical inspection systems for High-Density Interconnect Substrates, PCB, and semi-conductor manufacturing & packaging applications, with their semiconductors useful for post-dicing inspection, bumped wafer metrology, and more.

  • Balmac Inc.

    Balmac Inc is a manufacturer of vibration measurement instrumentation. Balmac's product line includes digital vibration meters, analog vibration meters, transmitters & monitors, vibration switches, and analyzers/balancers.

  • Fox Meter, Inc.

    Fox Meter manufactures a broad line of standard panel instrumentation from 1/8 DIN simple display panel meters to large displays & bargraph meters. Offers custom solution service of providing custom products or modifications for any instrumentation problem.

  • Bamberg & Bormann (BBE)

    BBE manufactures 10 different series' of stroboscopes, including special stroboscopes. From robust models to compact, portable, light weight models, BBE can fulfill your company's needs. High effeciency stroboscopes with analog dials, and quartz controlled high-power stroboscopes with digital displays are available.

  • Bayer Technology Services

    Bayer Technology offers Corrosion Monitoring in Chemical Processes or baycorroxxion that integrates leading distributed control and process information management systems. baycorroxxion is an online corrosion monitoring system with advanced Analyzer Result Transfer Software (ARTS) and process analyzer technology PAT solution.


  • CDS Manufacturing

    CDS Manufacturing designs ang builds laser inspection machines as well as LED inspection, vision inspection, inner diameter inspection, and braze ring inspections.

  • TPL Technology

    TPL Technology Pte Ltd offers its Condition Monitoring System to help prevent machinery failure and damages. Condition monitoring equipment includes lines fo portable instruments, module type (MG4 system), on-line system wiht more than 2 chs monitoring, and an on line system with analysis function. The selection of portable instruments include machine condition tester T30-1, T30-2, T30-3, machine condition analyzer A30-1, A30-2, A30-3, V1B10B, bearing checker and Lenova Infinity. The module type includes four combinations of 1 and 2 channel vibrations with and without 2 channel bearing. BMS and VMS systems are two on line systems with more thant 2 chs monitoring. THe BMU and VCM system are two on line system with analysis function.

  • Carlo GAVAZZI Automation Components

    Carlo Gavazzi offers a range of digital displays & panel meters including  ammeters, temperature meters & temperature controllers, current meters, voltmeters, tachometers, frequency meters, and rate meters for the instrumentation, panel builder, OEM and MRO customer. Covering most input types such as current/voltage/temperature/resistance/RPM.