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  • Apprion

    Apprion is the designer and maker of the ION Wireless Condition Monitoring Application; a system that allows plant operatiors to gather and integrate more operational data easily in order to make critical decisions and operate efficiently. The Ion System includes industrial network appliances that manage the data services, work flow and security and Apprion IONizers for multi-protocol, multi-vendor wireless sensor network and device-based systems.

  • Azima DLI

    Azima DLI manufactures advanced vibration data collection technology and machine condition assessment software. The Azima DLI vibration data collecotrs are ideal for accurate machine conditio monitoring. It features triaxial acceleromter based systems and keyed mounting pad for fast and quality data collection. The ExpertALERT automated machine condition analysis software  assesses machine condition and vibration analysis. It features a simple graphical user interface, setup wizards, automated diagnostics, automated bearing fault idenitification, multi level fault severity, integration of PdM technologies and online monitoring. The SpriteMAX Expert Online Monioring Systems is an independent system for data acquisition and diagnostics without an EA database to monitor machine health on its own.

  • Balmac Inc.

    Balmac Inc is a manufacturer of vibration measurement instrumentation. Balmac's product line includes digital vibration meters, analog vibration meters, transmitters & monitors, vibration switches, and analyzers/balancers.

  • TPL Technology

    TPL Technology Pte Ltd offers its Condition Monitoring System to help prevent machinery failure and damages. Condition monitoring equipment includes lines fo portable instruments, module type (MG4 system), on-line system wiht more than 2 chs monitoring, and an on line system with analysis function. The selection of portable instruments include machine condition tester T30-1, T30-2, T30-3, machine condition analyzer A30-1, A30-2, A30-3, V1B10B, bearing checker and Lenova Infinity. The module type includes four combinations of 1 and 2 channel vibrations with and without 2 channel bearing. BMS and VMS systems are two on line systems with more thant 2 chs monitoring. THe BMU and VCM system are two on line system with analysis function.

  • Envibe Condition Monitoring

    Envibe Condition Monitoring designs predictive maintenance programs. Their services include: vibration analysis; vibration monitor systems calibration; and seismic, background acceleration shock and vibratory level analysis.

  • SKF USA, Inc.

    SKF provides condition monitoring products such as portable instruments, on-line systems, software, sensors, accessories, custom condition monitoring products, condition monitoring training, and condition monitoring product support. The SKF "@ptitude Asset Management System" incorporates portable instruments, online systems, SKF @ptitude Monitoring Suite, SKF @ptitude Decision support, condition monitoring essentials, industrial sensors, eddy probe displacement sensors, accelerometers and velocity sensors.

  • The Timken Company

    Timken offers the CMM Series: Online Condition Monitoring Modules. Machine conditions are evaluated on an easy scale of colors - green, red, yellow. The Timken CMM Series features 4-20mA analog that links to a PLC or other computerized monitoring system.

  • GE Energy

    GE Energy provides the Bently Nevada Asset Condition Monitoring for machinery protection and condition monitoring. Monitoring systems include 3500, 3300, 1900 and 1701 FieldMonitor series for continuous on-line monitoring solutions, Trendmaster Dynamic Scanning Module for periodic on line scaning system, hand held diagnostic and data collection products and non-current monitoring systems. Bently Nevada also has wireless and portable condition monitoring. In addition, sensors, transducers, test and calibration equipment and custom products are available.

  • Gilchrist Technology

    Gilchrist Technology, Inc. provides machinery vibration monitoring, vibration sensors and vibration shakers as well as calibration and repair services. Vibration monitors include typical 3500 series transmitter/monitoring system, 3501 acceleration, 3503 radial vibration, 3504 axial position, 3506 temperature, 3508 speed monitors and loop transmitters.

  • Crystal Instruments

    Crystal Instruments offers its CoCo-80 as its first handheld data recorder, real-time dynamic signal analyzer and vibration data collector. It is  equipped with 4, 8, or 16 input channels and can measure both dynamic and static signals. The flash memory records 8 channels of streaming signals simultaneously up to 102.4 kHz.

  • Hardy Instruments Inc

    Hardy Instruments provides a selection of vibration monitoring products to prevent machinery damage, reduce costs, and predict problems. Products include the HI 3600 machine monitors, HI 5700 Series Transmitters, HI 5500 signal conditioner line, Hardy vibration switch, Hardy vibration sensor line, and Hardy's line of portable vibration shakers.

  • Metrix

    Metrix Instrument Co. specializes in machinery health condition monitoring solutions. Products include machine condition monitoring systems, seismic sensors, proximity systems, monitors, portable shakers & meters, switches, transducers, transmitters and signal conditioners, .

  • Monitek

    Monitek supplies condition monitoring services such as variable speed vibration analysis, fixed speed vibration analysis, oil and grease analysis and failure analysis. Monitek's line of sensors include premium vibration sensors, general purpose vibration sensors, dual output sensors for acceleration and temperature, low cost vibrations sensors and small sensors.

  • National Instruments Corp.

    National Instruments offers machine condition monitoring with products that inlude monitoring unit and sensors, sensor signal conditioning, analog and digital I/O modules, I/O module paltform, anaylsis and processing software and networking and display hardware and software.

  • Provibtech

    Provib Tech specializes in vibration monitoring, diagnostics and management. Its line of monitors include the PT2060 monitor, DTM distributed Transmitter monitors, and DM200 Dual-Channel Vibration Monitors. Line of transmitters inlude the 2 and 3 wire transmitters, seismic vibration transmitter, and DTM distributed transmitter-monitor. Line of vibration sensors include proximity probes, accelerometers and velocity sensors, LVDT case expansion transducers and accessories. Line of condition monitoring includes PCM360 Condition Management system, PCM370 Plant Condition Management system, PT690 Vibration Data Collector, and PT908 Vibration Meter.

  • Pruftechnik

    Pruftechnik offers condition monitoring solutions with a line of products that includes portable data collectors, machine protection systems, online systems, PC software, and sensors.

  • Rockwell Automation

    Rockwell Automation offers condition monitoring services such as training on condition monitoring topics, ESAFE support on hardware and software on real time, callout services, reliability services of audits and assurance, contract services of vibration analysis, infrared thermography, oil analysis, reliability online remote monitoring and analysis, and project services.

  • STI

    STI provides condition monitoring and custom products. Selection of products include vibration sensors, accelerometer accessories, BNC junction and switch boxes, transmitters and monitors, complete monitoring systems and Wonderware HMI integration. Monitoring systems implement accelerometers, tachometers, extension cables, transmitters, monitors,  enclosures, and all of the required accessories.

  • vibDaq

    vibDaq specializes in vibration monitoring systems and vibDaq Portable Series and vibDaq Professional Series. vibDaq Portable Series features 4-32 channels, AC power supply, A380 metal construction, 24 bit resolution 102 dB dynamic range, 4 simultaneous analog inputs and NIST-traceable calibration. vibDaq Professional Series features 16, 24, 32, 40,48, or 56 channels, 24 bit resolution, IEPE power, antialiasing filters and a 19" mountable rack.

  • Vibrametrics

    Vibrametrics designs vibration sensing products. Its extensive product line includes multiple models of accelerometers/vibration sensors, accelerometer power supplies, accelerometer switch boxes, online Condition Based Management Systems, and accelerometer accessories.