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Digital Panel Meters

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  • Acculex HR Components

    Acculex manufactures a variety of digital panel meters with many options such as size, input range, display type, etc. The panel meters feature current loop & input voltage scaling for direct calibration of sensor readout & signal.

  • Electro-Numerics, Inc.

    Electro-Numerics offers three modern panel meter series for industrial digital readouts. Click on the links below for digital panel meters, digital counters, digital timers, and large-digit displays. Products offer exceptional accuracy at read rates up to 60/second, a wide choice of I/O options for data communications and control, plus advanced programmable features. Available in three digit heights: 0.56", 1.0" and 5.0".

  • Fox Meter, Inc.

    Fox Meter manufactures a broad line of standard panel instrumentation from 1/8 DIN simple display panel meters to large displays & bargraph meters. Offers custom solution service of providing custom products or modifications for any instrumentation problem.

  • Carlo GAVAZZI Automation Components

    Carlo Gavazzi offers a range of digital displays & panel meters including  ammeters, temperature meters & temperature controllers, current meters, voltmeters, tachometers, frequency meters, and rate meters for the instrumentation, panel builder, OEM and MRO customer. Covering most input types such as current/voltage/temperature/resistance/RPM.

  • Murata Power Solutions

    Murata Power Solutions offers a variety of standard and custom digital panel monitors to fit many applications. Products include Voltmeters, Ammeters, Frequency meters, Process meters, and accessories.

  • OTEK Corp.

    OTEK is a designer and manufacturer of high-quality digital panel meters, process controllers and bar graphs.  Their digital panel meters are available with LCD or LED displays and can have between 3 & 8 digits shown.

  • Precision Digital Corp.

    Precision Digital manufactures a large product line of digital panel meters. Products include 1/8 DIN panel meters, large display meters, Loop-power meters, meter enclosures, mounting kits, and other accessories.

  • Red Lion Controls

    Red Lion Controls manufactures digital panel meters for current, voltage, process, temperature, & strain gage. Red Lion offers dedicated function models or "intelligent" models that can be set up for setpoint alarms, communications & analog output by use of optional plug-in cards.

  • Simpson Electric Co.

    Simpson offers a line of digital panel meters that ranges from a 3/64 DIN (compact) to a 1/8 DIN cutout size. Simpson offers 4 digital panel meter lines: 2800 series, Falcon, Mini & Mini-Max.

  • Texmate, Inc.

    Texmate designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of programmable meter controllers, electronic panel meters & bargraphs used in many different industries. Meter products feature short depth meters for smaller spaces and loop-powered bargraphs & meters

  • Dwyer Instruments, Inc.

    Dwyer Instruments manufactures a variety of digital panel monitors for process control applications.

  • Transtronics, Inc.

    Transtronics is a distributor of digital panel meters that come with 4 alarms standard that can be programmed to activate on low or high set points with any amount of dead band. Available in line powered and loop powered.

  • Laurel Electronics

    Laurel Electronics offers a line of Digital Panel Meters, Counters, Timers, DIN Rail Transmitters, and Large Digit Displays. DC digital panel meters provide exceptional accuracy and high read rate with five digital voltmeter ranges from 200.00 mV to ±300.0 V and four digital ammeter ranges from ±2.0000 mA to ±5.000 A, all factory pre-calibrated.

  • Brighton Electronics, Inc.

    Brighton Electronics offers digital panel monitors that feature LED displays, 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 digits size, loop power input 4-20mA, and frequency input 40.0-200Hz, 40-600Hz.

  • Topac, Inc.

    Topac carries a large range of products from Asahi Keiki including Digital Panel Meters, Instruments and Transmitters.

  • Ircon Inc.

    Ircon offers a digital panel monitor specifically designed to function with Modline 5 sensors. All parameters of a Modline 5 sensor can be viewed and set from the DPM, connected through the sensor's RS-485 serial communication, and presented through a bright, compact display.

  • Asahi Keiki

    Asahi Keiki offers a wide range of digital panel meters such as those with analog, BCD, RS-232C, or RS-485 output as an optional system output on the basis of DIN-size display dedicated digital panel meters with either LED display or LCD display.

  • The Pyrometer Instrument Co. Inc

    The Pyrometer Instrument provides digital panel meter indicators to fit a wide variety of process automation and control measurement applications. They are constructed in a 1/8 DIN horizontal format. Factory automation process applications such as temperature, flow, level, & pressure inputs can be measured and displayed on the digital meter.

  • Stroud Instruments

    Stroud Instruments provides a variety of digital panel meter solutions for many instrumentation & process control applications. These include fully programmable universal input digital indicators to non-microprocessor based models.

  • Data Track

    Data Track offers digital panel meters that are useful for a wide variety industrial process applications. Meters include a universal input for process signals as well as more specialised instruments for LVDT, totaliser, load cell, rate & melt pressure applications.