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Inspection systems are used in industrial automated factory production systems to monitor and insure quality control and safety.

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  • Aegis Solutions

    Aegis develops and makes engineered inspection systems for repair/build, manufacturing, and design & development applications including semi-autmoated and fully automated systems using embedded controllers, PACs, and PLCs as well as fully manual test systems.

  • Alpetor Systems, Inc.

    Alpetor Systems makes X-ray inspection systems for use in open environments with no lead enclosures for realtime industrial xray applications and produces high resolution, high definition images as well as real-time motion studies that can be saved to .avi or .cine files.

  • Camtek Ltd

    Camtek offers intelligent optical inspection systems for High-Density Interconnect Substrates, PCB, and semi-conductor manufacturing & packaging applications, with their semiconductors useful for post-dicing inspection, bumped wafer metrology, and more.

  • CDS Manufacturing

    CDS Manufacturing designs ang builds laser inspection machines as well as LED inspection, vision inspection, inner diameter inspection, and braze ring inspections.

  • Cincinnati Automation Ltd.

    Cincinnati Automation offers several turnkey inspection systems including automated models, general purpose systems, robotic systems, and sorting inspection systems.

  • Computer Age Engineering

    Computer Age Engineering offers inspection & gauging equipment including vision systems which are good for many industrial applications from simple to complex measurements.

  • Dapco Industries Inc

    Dapco has complete and customized turnkey ultrasonic NDT inspection systems to collect data samples at a fixed resolution from intervals of one sample per 1/16 of an inch to one sample per 1/64th of an inch as well as one per millimeter.

  • DW Fritz

    DW Fritz makes robotic inspection systems using several types of robots from SCARA, wafer, industrial, and flexpickers. They will custom engineer to your needs and applications as well as consult on what is best for you.

  • Eriez

    Eriez makes X-Ray inspection systems for packaged & loose products, glass-in glass inspection, large cartons, and more in varying belt widths.

  • Faxitron X-Ray LLC

    Faxitron makes x-ray inspection systems for public & private research facilities for various applications such as feeder cell irridation to gem and PCB inspection, with varying cabinet sizes and more.

  • Focalspot Inc

    FocalSpot offers several inspection systems including optical, video, and X-ray systems with their optical models featuring automated, interactive, and visual inspection options and more.

  • G2 Technologies

    G2 Technologies offers inspection systems including design and development as well as automation solutions such as turnkey, motion control, linear actuaros, and pick & place machines and vision systems for pattern matching, complex gauging, and OCR.

  • GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies

    GE manufactures sensing & inspection solutions including testing machines for ultrasonic and X-ray applications as well as aerospace, automotive, and other uses.

  • George S. Maier Company

    George S. Maier Company makes video inspection systems including RAM optical instrumentation products and Optical Automatic Smart inspection systems which convert captured images into real dimensional data, accurate to 0.0002 inches.

  • InspectionEasy Inc

    InspectionEasy offers custom inspection system software to lower defect rates and analyze them as they occur. Their two different suites are Inspection Plan Creator, to come up with an inspection plan, using customer drawings as well as Inspection Data Entry.

  • Intelligent Vision Solutions

    Intelligent Vision Solutions offers digital video microscopes for inspection systems.

  • Key Technology

    Key Technology offers optical and laser sorting machines to ensure food safety and quality.

  • Laser Techniques Company LLC

    Laser Techniques Company offers laser inspection systems for tube and bore inspection with high-resolution up to 0.001 inch spatial resolution and 0.0001 inch depth resolution, for use with gun tubes, nuclear steam generator tubes, piping, and more.

  • Lighthouse Instruments

    Lighthouse is a provider of non-destructuve optical-based in-line and at-line detection and inspection systems for use in pharmaceutical, contract manufacturing, and biotechnology applications.

  • Mectron Engineering Company Inc

    Mectron manufactures high speed inspection systems including the MI-Series Magnetic systems as well as other detection and packaging systems.