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  • Cole-Parmer

    Cole-Parmer is a supplier of stroboscopes, including digital, phase-shifting, LED, portable, portable digital and portable LED stroboscopes. Manufacturers include Shimpo, PalmStrobe, Nova-Strobe and Imada.

  • Check-Line

    Check-Line offers a complete line of portable stroboscopes, AC powered stroboscopes and battery powered stroboscopes. Low cost digital models, as well as splashproof, linear, machine vision, LED, and chasis mount versions are available.

  • Bamberg & Bormann (BBE)

    BBE manufactures 10 different series' of stroboscopes, including special stroboscopes. From robust models to compact, portable, light weight models, BBE can fulfill your company's needs. High effeciency stroboscopes with analog dials, and quartz controlled high-power stroboscopes with digital displays are available.

  • Alluris

    Alluris develops, manufactures and distributes innovative measuring instruments for physical dimensions. They offer LED handheld stroboscopes, digital high-end stroboscopes, and high illuminance handheld stroboscopes for industrial applications.

  • IET Labs

    IET Labs offers GenRad stroboscopes, including high speed, portable models with flash rates up to 150,000 fpm. Also available are models with externally triggered flash rates up to 25,000 fpm, and economy models with up to 3,800 bright white fpm. Their digital stroboscope offers quartz accuracy of 0.01%.

  • Bint

    Bint offers the Bintstrobe line of stroboscopes. Included in their line are digital stoboscopes (with digital speed readout and high brightness of flash lamp), industrial stroboscopes (for heavy-duty industrial sectors), and multi-lamp stroboscopes. Special stroboscopes (designed and manufactured on client specifications) are also available.

  • SKF USA, Inc.

    SKF makes the TMRS1 hand held instrument with a sturdy carrying case, a 10-240VAC 50/60Hz charging adapter, and a phase shift mode for use with pumps, electric motors, gears, belt drives, and more.

  • Drello

    Drello manufactures flashlight stroboscopes that feature motion and vibration analysis, non-contact revolution counting, visual quality control, and solutions of illumination problems in image processing.

  • Extech

    Extech manufactures a combination phote tachometer/stroboscope 2-in-1 meter to analyze rotating objects and measure rpm's. This is a handheld unit that is microprocessor based with quartz crystal oscillator to maintain high accuracy.

  • HOTO Instruments

    Hoto's handheld LED digital stroboscope offers solid state LED light sources and no heat generation or drift over time. Pulse width modulation allows for sharp images at high speeds. The strobe is small, battery operated & lightweight. This unit is an inspection strobe for motion, speed & vibration analysis, such as fans, rotating shafts, cams, etc.

  • isi-sys

    isi-sys offers a high speed videostroboscope that can be used to visualize and record vibrations and rotations in slow motion. This turn-key system is a low cost alternative to high speed cameras. The standard mobile version consists of PCMCIA devices (trigger system) and IEEE 1394 (firewire camera) connected to a laptop.

  • Monarch Instrument

    Monarch is a supplier of high output, small size machine vision stroboscopes. A full line of portable stroboscopes are also available, from basic units to digital, pocket size, and advanced digital units. A Vibration Strobe Kit with an operating range of 30 to 50,000 flashes per minute is also offered.

  • Allegro Microsystems, Inc. is an online supplier of stroboscopes, including digital and portable digital industrial stroboscopes. All units are handheld, portable types.

  • Rheintacho

    Rhein Tacho offers pocket and LED stroboscopes for heavy duty applications with ultra-fast movements up to 300,000 flashes per minute, protection class IP65 as well as stroboscopes with Xenon technology and Lithiumlon power supply.

  • Unilux

    Unilux makes stroboscopic inspection lights requiring no lamp replacement, uniform illumination, long lamp life and quiet operation and more for inspecting highly reflective coatings for use in industrial and high-tech applications.

  • Web Techniques

    Web Techniques have industrial stroboscopic inspection systems with long flashtube life, test modes, manual flash rates, and trigger output with input range up to 18,000 events per minute and automatic self adjusting flash ratio of 4:1 at 9000 to 18,000 pulses per minute.

  • Shimpo

    Shimpo Instruments makes stroboscopes including LED models and their DT-311J model for harsh and wet work areas with IP65 construction, special timing shifts including 2/4, 1/4, and 1/3, and an internal or external trigger.

  • Elmed

    Elmed makes stroboscopes including desktop units, hand help types, LED strobes, and their Helio-Strob Gamma model with frequency range from 0.1 to 1075Hz, precise clocking and phase shifting, and constant brightness.

  • Testo

    Testo makes pocket strobes (hand held) with transport case and 4-country adaptable recharger as well as high acuracy settings, automatic trigger, tripod connection, over one hour of operation time per recharge, higher light intensity with xenon flash lamp, and more.

  • LinearX

    LinearX Systems makes the LS310 stroboscope with wide operating flash rate of 0Hz to 10kHz, fine frequency resolution of 0.01Hz, four operating modes, six digit 7-segment numeric display, collimating lens with a 45-degree beam width, wide range sync capability of 0.5V to 300V, and SuperFlux high power white LED.