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  • Alluris

    Alluris manufactures, develops and distributes digital contact tachometers, digital laser tachometers with contact adaptors, digital precision tachometers, and PLaser tachometers with contact adaptors. The company's tachometers have a contact measurement of 1 to 25,000 RPM; and feature selectable measuring units for length, rotational, and surface speed measurements in metres, yards, feet and inches.

  • Cole-Parmer

    Cole-Parmer is a supplier of contact, non-contact/contact, and non-contact tachometers. Non-contact/contact tachometer categories include laser tachometers, dual-function tachometers, economical digital tachometers, pocket combination tachometers, mini tachometers, high-accuracy tachometers, and combination vibration meter and laser tachometers.

  • Omega Engineering, Inc.

    Omega Engineering Inc. manufactures handheld digital tachometers; non-contact, pocket optical tachometers; contact/non-contact, pocket laser tachometers; and laser tachometers. The company's handheld digital tachometers have a range from 10 to 99,999 rpm, while the laser tachometers have autoranging from 5 to 100,000 rpm.

  • A.I. Tek Instruments

    AI-Tek Instruments designs and manufactures four models of dual-input, digital tachometers that are typically used with magnetic sensors as a signal source. Each model's response times are 7.6 ms (analog), 16.5 ms (mechanical relays), and 2 ms (digital relays).

  • Mid-State Instruments

    Mid-State Instruments is a distributor of industrial speed monitoring equipment including an electro-sensor tachometer system. The tachometer features a pulser disc that can be mounted onto a monitored shaft, a digital sensor with mounting bracket, and a panel-mount display. The tachometer's display rate ranges from 0 to 9,999 or time in process.

  • Automatic Controls Co.

    Automatic Controls distributes new process, "older style," low cost and portable tachometers that are manufactured by AI-Tek Instruments.

  • Dynapar

    Dynapar distributes the RIM Tach line of digital tachometers for the milling industry. The tachometers are available in thru-shaft or end-of-shaft models, and are designed to provide feedback for AC and DC drive control systems. The tachometers' resolution can reach up to 1,200 pulses per revolution.

  • Electro-Sensors, Inc.

    Electro-Sensors offers several tachometer options that are highly programmable, include single-channel or quadrature counting, have setpoint and start delay functions, and have multiple relay and analog output options. Displays Include; Rate, Time In Process, Product, Sum, Difference, Ratio, Draw Process, Batch, or Total Counting. A hand-held model is also available.

  • Extech

    Extech manufactures and supplies a combination photo tachometer/stroboscope that analyzes rotating objects and measures rpms. The instrument has a measuring range of .5 to 99,999 rpm.

  • HOTO Instruments

    Hoto Instruments distributes a precision, low-speed contact tachometer, which has an auto measuring range of 0 to 20,000 rpm. The tachometer has four measuring modes: real time, maximum, minimum and mean.

  • MaxiGard

    Maxigard manufactures three models of digital and analog tachometers intended for all speed ranges including RPM, FPM and GPM. The company also manufactures a handheld tachometer that features a contact or non-contact tip.

  • Maxpro Maintenance

    Maxpro Maintenance distributes a variety of tachometers including: several laser tachometers; a laser tachometer with data logging; a contact tachometer with LCD display; a non-contact, digital laser tachometer; and a contact tachometer with 12" circumference wheel.

  • Monarch Instrument

    Monarch Instrument manufactures two series of panel tachometers. The company's engine tachometers have an operating range of 5 to 100,00 rpm or 5 to 999,990 rpm. Monarch's ACT series of tachometers have an operating range of 5 to 999,990 rpm, with an accuracy of 0.0015% +/- 1 rpm.

  • Process Automation Corp.

    Process Automation manufactures two tachometer models. One of the company's models can be attached to any non-driven pulley rotating in the range of 24 to 3,000 rpm. The other tachometer is intended for belt speeds ranging from 24 to 3,000 rpm.

  • Rheintacho

    Rheintacho develops and manufactures contact/non-contact, digital hand tachometers, and digital hand tachometers wiith special adapters. All the company's tachometers have a measuring range from 1 to 99,999 rpm.

  • Schulze Manufacturing

    Schulze Manufacturing builds Jones brand precision instruments including tachometers intended to withstand extreme conditions. Schulze manufactures mechanical tachometers including stationary and specialty tachometers, and also produces handheld tachometers.

  • Shimpo

    Shimpo Instruments manufactures handheld tachometers and panel mount tachometers for industrial and laboratory uses. The company's handheld tachometers come in contact and contact/non-contact models, while the panel mount tachometers are intended for OEM and retrofit markets.

  • Shimpo

    SHIMPO Instruments manufactures force gauges, torque testers, test stands with software, accessories for QA/QC inspection, and R&D testing instruments. Speed measuring instruments include hand held tachometers, portable and fixed stroboscopes, LED stroboscopes, panel tachometers, counters and sensors for industrial and educational applications. Products are inventoried in the United States. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified with N.I.S.T. traceable calibration available.