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  • AMI

    AMI manufactures over 27 different types of analyzers, including Percent (%) Oxygen Analyzers, and Trace (ppm) Oxygen Analyzers and Oxygen Sensors. Analyzers are available in portable and permanent mount versions. The hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas analyzers include measurement ranges from 0-2000ppm. All products meet area classification requirements ranging from general purpose to Class I, Div. I, Groups B, C, D.

  • Global Water Instrumentation, Inc.

    Global Water Instrumentation offers dissoved oxygen instruments, such as sensors (water oxygen level measuring devices), industrial transmitters, optical sensors (for measuring dissolved oxygen concentrations in liquids), meters, probe kits, portable meters and handheld meters.

  • Yaskawa America, Inc.- Drives & Motion Division

    Yokogawa offers dissolved oxygen analyzers in two and four wire configurations. Their oxygen sensors are used in water treatment plants, such as sewage treatment, potable water treatment, and effluent activated sludge processes. Yokogawa also offers the Hamilton dissolved oxygen sensor designed to meet the severe requirements of the Biotechnology industry.

  • Honeywell

    Honeywell offers a line of analyzers, transmitters and dissolved oxygen probes. Products include DierectLine ppm and ppb transmitters, DirectLine Equilibrium dissolved oxygen probes, and a multiple input analyzer for measurement of pH, ORP, conductivity and dissolved oxygen.

  • ABB

    ABB offers four-wire dissolved oxygen analyzers for measurement of ppm levels, including single/dual input analyzers, single input analyzers, and dissolved oxygen monitor systems. ABB also offers dissolved oxygen sensing systems for high-level ppm measurements for rivers and sewage treatment.

  • Phionics Inc.

    pHionics offers dissolved oxygen sensors and transmitters for water quality monitoring and control. Their STs6020C is an isolated series 2-wire, 4-20 ma dissolved oxygen transmitter. The  STs6020TC is also an isolated 2-wire, 4-20 ma dissolved oxygen transmitter but comes with an additional temperature output channel. The STs6020B has 0.00 - 2.00 vdc output and is self-powered with internal AA battery. The STs6020V also has 0.00 - 2.00 vdc output but is powered by an external source (such as a 12 volt battery).

  • Geo Scientific

    Geo Scientific offers dissolved oxygen sensors that produce a millivolt output proportional to the oxygen present in the medium in which it is placed. Other products include submersible water quality transmitters that utilize integrated preamps and an isolated 2-wire, 4-20 mA transmitter.

  • Endress+Hauser

    Endress & Hauser offer digital amperometric dissolved oxygen sensors with measuring ranges of 0,001 up to 100mg/l. Applications include food, pharma, power, chemistry, water and waste water. Brand names offered include Memosens and Oxymax. Dissolved oxygen transmitters (in two and four wire configurations) and assemblies are also available.

  • Vernier Software & Technology

    The Vernier dissolved oxygen probe has a range of 0 to 14 mg/L (ppm). It has built-in temperature compensation, so you can do your calibrations in the lab and then make measurements outdoors without the need for recalibration. Accessories available include DO filling solution, calibration solution, polishing strips, water depth samplers, membranes for DO sensors, and electrode support.

  • Forbes Marshall, Inc.

    The Forbes Marshall dissolved oxygen analyzer features a measurement range of 0 to 2000 ppb, membranes pre-mounted on retaining caps to suppress delicate membrane handling, zero and slope two-point calibration, processes ppb valuews in less than 15 minutes, has two smart analog outputs and four relays (for high/low limits, system error and timer).

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific

    The Orion 1816DO low level DO analzyer is designed to continuously monitor oxygen across a variety of low and trace level ppb level applications.  The 1816DO dissolved oxygen analzyer offers high accuracy in measurement performance and uses galvanic "Guard Ring" technology, capable of consuming oxygen and associated gases.

  • Metex Corporation Ltd

    Metex offers Eutech Instruments' alpha DO2000 Series dissolved oxygen analyzer/controllers in both galvanic and polargraphic versions. These units are programmable for On/Off, proportional, or PI (proportional integral control). Calibration is easy as the unit uses the atmospheric air as the calibration media for 100% air saturation. There is a 0 to 2000 second time delay adjustment on control and alarm delays.