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  • Encoder Technology

    Encoder Technologies offers rotary incremental encoreders, rotary absolute encoders, motor encoders, linear incremental encoders, and micro encodersfrom manufacturers including Hengster, Fanuc, BEI, Hohner, Litton, Siemens, AMI, and more.They can also replace and repair encoders.

  • Mclennan

    Mclennan makes incremental linear, absolute rotary, high resolution rotary, and incremental rotary encoders up to 5000 pulses per revolution with advanced internal diagnostics, short circuit protected outputs, commutation outputs, 10, 12, 13, and 25 bit resolutions and can change counting direction via signal.

  • Amci

    AMCI designs and manufactures heavy duty industrial grade rotary encoders, in 2.5" and 1.5" models, as well as their SSI encoders with a 10 bit resolution for single or multiplex applications with two connection options and servo mounting styles.

  • Electronic Machine Parts (EMP)

    EMP Electronic Machine Parts makes industrial encoders in 1.5", 2.5", and 3.5" modelswith 1024 standard linecount and two single row radial bearings, with housing options including nickel finish, stainless steel, or anodized aluminum.

  • Accurate Measurement Systems Co.

    AMS Accurate Measurement Systems sells Heidenhain sealed linear encoders and angle encoders with aluminum full-size scale housings for vibration up to 30m measuring length or a slimline scale housing up to 1240mm measureing length for applications such as C axes on lahtes, spectrometers telescopes, and swivel heads and rotary tables on machine tools.

  • SICK, Inc.

    SICK makes speed and position rotary encoders, multiturn encoders, incremental speed rotary encoders, linear encoders, and linear wire-draw absolute encoders with a compact housing, varying lengths of 1.25m, 3m. and 5m and a high resolution with minimal response time.

  • Autonics USA

    Autonics rotary encoders come in absolute or incremental types, and have various output types and diameters from 30mm  to 100mm with small intertia moment. They also have controllers, motion devices, menics producs, and konics products.

  • Micromo

    Micromo offers a wide line of encoders, including integral magnetic, optical, and capacitive encoders with frequency ranges up to 100, 160, or 250kHz, a digital output signal, 2 to 3 channels, outer diameter from 6 to 41mm, and lines/revolution from 16 to 2048.

  • Bison Gear & Engineering Corp.

    Bison Shaft Mount Encoders come with one or two channels with pulses of 12, 30, or 100. They also sell DC drives, DC motors, DC right angle gear motors, parallel shaft gearmotors, and ac shaft gear motors.

  • Sensor Systems, LLC

    Sensor Systems offers optical and contact shaft incremental and absolute encoders including housed single & multi-turn models, low-cost industrial models, high speed models, and more of varying bits and diameters in gray code, binary code, or BCD code.

  • Turck, Inc.

    Turck makes absolute multiturn and singleturn encoders as well as incremental encoders in heavy duty, magnetic ring, miniature, and standard models with 50mm, 58mm, 70mm, and 90mm diameter options and shafted, high temp, and large bore types.

  • Dynapar

    Dynapar's line of encoders consist of absolute rotary encoders, general-purpose incremental encoders, heavy-duty incremental encoders, harsh-duty optical encoders, motor mount incremental encoders, and shaftless encoders.

  • Harmonic Drive LLC

    Harmonic Drive makes micro encoder sensor systems with dimentions of 7.5 by 10.5mm with incremental encoder line count of 360, square wave open collector output, single or hollow shaft, and more for applications such as small robots, small servo motors, and miniaturization.

  • Allied Motion Technologies Inc.

    Allied motion designs and manufactures optical encoders for custom applications including a 2.5 inch diameter model with solid or hollow shaft, with outputs of incremental, sine/cosine, and absolute single or multi-turn.

  • RSF Electronics Inc.

    RSF Electronics offers enclosed linear encoders, open linear encoders, and rotary encoders, with glass scale, steel tape scale, glass grid plate, and other scale options with varying sizes and measuring lengths.

  • Cleveland Motion Controls

    Cleveland Motion Controls offers incremental and rotary incremental encoders including their SM16 light industrial encoders with resolution up to 2500CPR and input voltage of 5-24VDC, output of A, B, and Z at 200KHz frequency.

  • Photocraft, Inc.

    Photocraft offers hollow shaft, wheeled, absolute, and programmable encoders including their through bore and blind bore hollowshaft encoders with 600 or 1200 pulses per revolution and varying shaft bore diameter of 9.5, 16, 28, or 25mm.

  • Siemens

    Siemens makes SIMODRIVE incremental and absolute encoders, with SSI, EnDat, or ProfiBus, including single turn encoders and multiturn encoders for your sensing applications.

  • Click Automation

    Click Automation offers the ROSE low cost incremental encoder as well as modular incremental rotary encoders (hollow shaft) which are self contained with a diameter of 1.6", 2.1", or 2.3".

  • World Encoders (Koyo)

    Koyo World Encoders offers LIN linear encoders with two channel A/B output with a Z option, are TTL compatible, made of unbreakable polyester film, feature a wide gap of 0.025" and can operate in temperatures from -40C to 100C.