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Speed Control Sensors

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  • Siemens

    Speed sensors are used for reliable speed detection of a conveyor belt scale. They provide a signal to an integrator to calculate belt speed, belt loading, rate and  weight. Siemens provides wheel-driven return belt and bidirectional, shaft-driven speed sensors that are cost effective and easy to install.

  • CHERRY/ZF Electronics Corporation

    Cherry’s geartooth speed and speed & direction sensors feature advanced electronics for demanding applications, including transmission speed sensing for on-road and off-road vehicles. They are available in a variety of styles and configurations to meet most design needs.

  • Motion Sensors, Inc.

    Motion Sensors offers variable resistance (VR), hall effect, amplified (Active), RF (Eddy Current), and magnetoresistive (MR) speed sensors. All speed sensor types have the option of ATEX certification for intrinsic safety.

  • Marsh Electronics, Inc.

    Marsh Electronics offers solid state hall effect geartooth speed sensors with either stainless steel or aluminum housings, and flange mount gear sensors rated at 150C. Also available are hall effect geartooth speed & direction sensors with adjustable aluminium or flange-mount plastic housings.

  • Mid-State Instruments

    Mid-State Instruments is a distributor and manufacturer's rep offering the Electro-Sentry Hazard Monitoring that combines belt alignment, shaft speed, and bearing temperature into one stand alone hazard monitoring system. Also offered is their hall effect sensor in a "one size fits all" configuration capable of operating across broad range of target sizes and offering flexible gap distance set up (up to 3mm).

  • Stress-Tek, Inc.

    Compact Instruments manufactures speed control sensors, including optical speed sensors, optical sensors, speed sensor with analogue outputs, laser optical speed sensors, optical speed/phase sensors, and portable 5Vdc sensor power packs.

  • Huegli-Tech AG

    Huegli Tech offers magnetic speed sensors in more than two dozen configurations of thread size, length and connector style. All are designed to operate within temperature ranges of -55°C to 105°C. Metric threads are available on request.

  • Process Automation Corp.

    Process Automation offers belt speed sensors for high precision conveyor weighing systems and belt weigh feeders.

  • Access Control Sales

    Access Control Sales is a supplier of speed switch sensors from BWI Eagle. Offerings include variable reluctance types with speed ranges from 2000-5000 RPM, and inductive proximity types with speed ranges from 1-2000 RPM.

  • Sensoronix, Inc.

    Sensoronix manufactures variable reluctance (VR) and hall effect zero speed sensors. Hall effect zero speed sensors come in digital, digital to analog (D/A) converter, and digital speed and direction configurations. Variable reluctance speed sensors come in analog to digital (A/D) converter, analog (sine wave), and analog complimentry (dual sine wave) configurations.

  • Spectec

    Spectec designs, engineers and manufactures speed control sensors. Offerings include magnetic speed sensors (VRS and inductive), zero speed hall effect gear tooth and magnetic sensors, RF pickup/proximity sensors, turbine engine speed sensors, digital magnetic speed sensors, RF flow meter sensors, and more.

  • Smith Systems, Inc.

    Smith Systems is a manufacuturer of active speed sensors that can be powered with a wide range of supply voltages and are compatible with digital equipment. The three types of speed sensors offered by Smith are standard digital speed sensors, zero speed sensors, and proximity speed sensors.

  • A.I. Tek Instruments

    AI-Tek Instruments manufactures speed, side look, hall and bi-directional sensors that offer zero speed, digital signal, standard or custom designs, and are UL/CSA listed for hazardous environments.

  • AMR Inc.

    AMR Inc. offers six models of zero speed sensors that offer adjustable speeds of 60 RPM-400 RPM and cut-off delays of 0-10 seconds. Each sensor is enviromentally sealed against dust and moisture and offers solid state design.

  • Automatic Controls Co.

    Automatic Controls is a supplier of AI-Tek speed sensors, whose line includes general purpose passive speed sensors, hall effect speed sensors, bi-directional hall effect speed sensors, and optical speed sensors.