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Speed Control Switches

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  • Electro-Sensors, Inc.

    Electro-Sensors, Inc. manufactures a complete line of motion monitoring and speed control systems. They offer a wide array of shaft speed switches designed to operate in hazardous and industrial environments, and are ideal for detecting unwanted slowdown or stoppage of process equipment. Features include digital circuitry and easy field calibration and setup.

  • Control Concepts Inc

    Control Concepts manufactures electro mechanical, electronic, and proximity speed switches. Electro mechanical speed switches open or close contacts mechanically. Electronic speed switches open or close a set of contacts through a relay and an electronic circuit. A proximity speed switch is a non-contacting speed switch relying on a proximity sensor to pickup a rotating piece of ferrous metal.

  • Torq Corp.

    Torq Corporation manufactures electronic speed switches, zero speed switches, and mechanical speed switches. Electronic and zero speed switches come in either standard or hazardous location models. The Torq mechanical speed switch is used in bulk material handling/processing systems to monitor speeds of conveyors, elevators, feeder shafts and drums.

  • MaxiGard

    Process Control Systems manufacutures the Maxigard brand of industrial products designed to monitor bucket elevators, belt conveyors, screw conveyors and other types of processing and material handling equipment. Adjustable speed switches are offered in single set point and dual set point to detect the slowing of the fan shaft caused by the drive belt slipping. Their zero speed switch is typically used to moitor a rotary airlock and screw conveyor.

  • Mid-State Instruments

    Mid-State Instruments is a manufacturer's representative and distributer that offers different types of speed switches. The SS-110 slow speed switch has one adjustable set point for monitoring a single rotating shaft. SCP1000 presettable machine speed switches provide one adjustable relay set point and monitor a single rotating shaft.

  • Jayashree Electron

    Jayashree Electron offers electronic speed switches and electrodynamic speed switches. Electronic speed switches come in many models, including heavy duty, light duty, indoor, hybrid ciruitry, digital IC technology, discreet IC technology, micro-controller technology, weatherproof, and compact configurations. Electrodynamic speed switches feature speed dependent contact actuation by eddy current torque that results in instant response even to small speed changes, and actuation speeds from 30-3000 RPM in 6 ranges.

  • Hubbell Industrial

    Hubbell offers both direct coupled or non-contact type switches for non-directional, directional, anti-plugging, plugging, under-speed, over-speed and zero-speed applications. Many enclosures are available in surface or flange mounting configurations with NEMA 3, 4, 7, 9, 10 or 13 construction.

  • Mod-Tronic Instruments Limited

    Mod-Tronic is a supplier of speed switches and transmitters from Dynalco Controls. Offerings include the SW-100 with a single setpoint for over/underspeed protection. The SST-2000A and SST-2000H speed switches/transmitters receive signal input from an active or passive magnetic pickup, shaft encoder, flowmeter or contact closure to provide analog outputs.

  • Rockwell Automation

    Rockwell Automation offers Allen-Bradley speed switches for the basic functions required of rotating machinery. Standard features include speed settings from 15-1000 RPM, shaft speeds up to 2000 RPM, four mounting arrangements, and double-shaft seals with long life precision bearings.

  • Process Automation Corp.

    Process Automation (PA) offers the Model SS-500 digital speed switch/sensor that may be supplied to provide 4-20 mA proportional to conveyor speed, relay output for belt under/over-speed (field programmable), and Profibus® DP interface.

  • Protocontrol

    Protocontrol is a manufacturer and exporter of safety switches for material handling plants. They offer zero speed switches (conveyor safety switches) and inductive proximity switches (industrial sensors for sensing position and speed).

  • Access Control Sales

    Access Control Sales offers speed switch sensors from BWI Eagle. Their Tac Switch Series is a plug-in control unit that detects zero speed, overspeed or underspeed. The Eagle Optima Series comes in single, dual or triple channel configurations and also detects zero speed, overspeed or underspeed. They also offer intrinsically safe systems for hazardous locations, proportional speed monitors, and overspeed monitors.

  • Schulze Manufacturing

    Schulze offers the Jones heavy duty speed switch that protects equipment against overspeed and underspeed, activate electricla devices at specified RPM's, controls conveyor speeds, and provides quick, safe stops. These heavy duty speed switches feature extreme accuracy and repeatability within 1% of switch point RPM, regardless of direction of input shaft rotation.