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  • Omega Engineering, Inc.

    OMEGA provides a complete line of RTD (PT100) probes, elements and assemblies. Selection of sanitary RTD sensors come with integral cables, M12 connectors, 3-A approved models with M12 connectors, 3-A approved models with polypropylene or stainless steel connection heads, Thermowll/Removable sensor/M12 connectors, or Thermowll/Removable sensor/connection heads. and flexible hermetic sealed PFA. Line of RTD probes includes the flexible hermetic sealed PFA RTD sensor probe, ulility handle probe, general purpose RTD sensor probe, industrial RTD probes, integral plastic handle RTD probes, platinum RTD probes and quick disconnect probes and extruder RTD probes.

  • Minco

    Minco offers RTD sensor probes and thermocouple probes. Features include a variety of configurations, accuracy with tip sensitive and fast response probes, temperature withstandings of 850°C, mineral insulation of up to 600°C, single and dual elements, adjustable fittings, thermowells, connection heads, and adjustable probe lengths.

  • LakeShore

    LakeShore provides positive temperature coefficient RTDs in platinum and rhodium-iron and negative temperature coefficients RTDs in germanium, Cernox HT, Cernox, carbon-glass and ruthenium oxide. Platinum RTDs are an industry standard with a temperature range of 14 K to 873 K for many precision metrology applications. Rhodium-iron sensors have a temperature range of 0.65 K to 500 K and ionizing radiation resistance. Cernox sensors have a temperature range of 0.10 K to 325 K and ionizing radiation resistance with low magnetoresistance, while Cernox HT has a temperature range of 0.10 K to 420 K. Germanium RTDs have temperature range of 0.05 K to 100 K and resistant to ionizing radiation. Carbon-Glass resistance cryogenic temperature sensors have a temperature range of 1.4 K to 325 K with  magnetoresistance less than Cernox. Ruthenium Oxide RTDs have a low magnetoresistance and follow a standard curve with a temperature range of 0.01 K to 40 K.

  • Temperature Specialists, Inc.

    Temperature Specialists offer a line of platinum RTDs and RTD assemblies. Platinum RTDs are thin film and wire bound. RTD and thermocouple assemblies include connector styles, transition styles, sheath style and bayonet style.

  • Madison Co.

    Madison Co. offers 24 different Madison-Omni RTDs with various combinations of neck styles, probe lengths, temperature ranges, threads, supply voltage of 10-30 VDC ±10% , and outputs of 4-20 mA. Neck styles include vertical and swan. Probe lengths include 1.96, 3.93, 5.90, and 7.87 inches. Temperature ranges include 0 to 100 ºC and 0 to 250 ºC. Threads include NPT 1/2" A and G 1/2" A

  • Pyromation

    Pyromation Inc. manufactures RTDs and RTD assemblies. Products for the food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries include CIP sanitary connected RTDs, miniature sanitary CIP RTD sensors, and thermometer replacement RTDs. Line of sensors with connection heads includes fixed sheath RTD assemblies, spring-loaded RTD and Thermowell assemblies, spring-loaded replacement RTD elements and fixed sheath RTD assemblies. Line of specific application RTDs includes non-intrusive single-wall, non-intrusive double-wall, non-intrusive tri-clamp and non-intrusive can-style RTD sensors. Products for the plastic industries include general purpose, spring or armor-adjustable immersion, melt bolt, threaded nozzle, ring, and flexible RTDs. General purpose RTDS are offered with single and duplex elements. Special purpose products inlude Teflon-coated RTD assemblies, RTD averaging sensor, and variable length RTD sensors. Explosion proof RTD assmeblies are offered in fixed element, as spring loaded, and with Thermowell.

  • Autonics USA

    Autonics Online offers a variety of thermocouples, RTD, thermocouple male connectors, thermocouple female connectors and thermocouple connector cables.

  • Ultra Electronics

    Ultra Electronics manufactures a line of RTD sensors and assemblies with different element materials, values, accuracies, a choice of element leadwire configurations, sheath materials and sheath diameters.

  • Nanmac Corp.

    Nanmac Corporation offers RTDs with plugs and jacks, RTDs with extension leads, RTDs with connector heads, RTDs for mixers, RTDs for sanitary mixers, flared union RTDs, tube union RTDs, and pipe thread union RTDs. Other products for RTDs include coupling, adaptors, compression fittings and cable assemblies.

  • U.S. Sensor Corp.

    U.S. Sensor supplies thermistors, RTDs, probes and assemblies. U.S. Sensor offers thin film platinum RTDs with glass coated platinum element, reliability, accuracy, temperature ranges from -50°C to +500°C and stability at high temperatures. Line of RTD probes are available threaded, flanged, straight, epoxy or vinyl, surface temperature sensing, and special.

  • Qti

    Qti or Quality Thermistor, Inc. offers platinum RTD temperature probes made from Class 1/3 DIN, Class A, Class B, or Class 2B thin film platinum RTD elements. Operating temperature range is typically –70°C to 500°C. The stainless steel, brass, titanium , plastic, molded, and kapton hosing are available with an RTD sensor.

  • MTI Industrial Sensors

    MTI manufactures general purpose RTDs, RTD elements and RTD temperature transmitters. MTI RTD elements are made with pure platinum wire and high purity ceramic components in a variety of sheath sizes and materials and available in 2, 3 and 4 wire designs as well as single, dual and even triplex constructions. RTD elements include platinum, copper, nickels and etc. RTD's temperature range includes -200 to 630 degrees Celsius.

  • Precision Measurements, Inc.

    Precision Measurements, Inc. offers RTD temperature sensors with a highly linear and stable resistance versus temperature relationship. The RTD temperature sensors feature accuracy, durability and stability for industrial applications.

  • Watlow

    Watlow offers a variety of RTD styles with platinum resistance elements, purity platinum wires, high purity ceramic component, and strain-free construction. Features include a wide temperature range of -200°C (-328°F) to 650°C (1200°F), accuracy, sensitivity, and a special option for temperature maximum of 850°C (1560°F).

  • United Electric Controls

    United Electric Controls offers RTDs with a temperature range of -196° to 482° C (-320° to 900° F). Traditional RTDs incorporate platinum, nickel iron or copper conductors wound around an insulator while the newer styles incorporate a thin film of the conductor deposited on a ceramic substrate.

  • Process Control Systems, Inc.

    Maxigard provides a line of thermocouples and RTDs that includes a temperature alarm system, temperature switch, and temperature monitor. The temperature alarm system features an adjustable temperature set point with LED indicator light and control with audible alarm. The temperature switch features thermocouples, adjustable set point with LED indicator light, terminal block connections, 5 amp relay contacts, AC/DC powering and din rail moounting. The temperature monitor features selectable thermocouples, front panel keypad, auto/manual calibration, bright display, channel displays, data storage, minimum/maximum values, and optional printer output.

  • Temperature Measurement Systems

    Temperature Measurement Systems offers a selection of resistance temperature detectors or RTDs. The line of RTDs includes platinum RTDs, nickel RTDs, copper RTDs, high accuracy RTDs, and hard pack RTDs. RTD related products include RTD/transmitter assemblies and RTD assemblies.