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  • Omega Engineering, Inc.

    Omega offers a variety of thermocouples and accessories. Product line includes magnetic thermocouples thermocouple probes with attached connectors, thermocouple configurator, PFA coated thermocouples, high temperature thermocouples, exotic thermocouples, transition joint probes, special purpose thermocouple probes, VIP and hypodermic probes, non-contact infrared thermocouples, handheld thermocouples, surface probes, surface thermocouples, utility handle thermocouple probes, and industrial thermocouples. Flexible wire style thermocouples include fine gage, high temperature, ready made, coated and bare, economical multi-pack, and special insulated thermocouples. For surface mount applications, adhesive backed, cement and bolt-on assembly style thermocouples are offered. Line of protection tubes and insulators include high temperature ceramic tubes, beads, sleeving, metal tubes, and insulators for sensor protection.

  • Pyromation

    Pyromation Inc. provides thermocouples for applications including food/dairy/pharmaceutical, sensors with connection heads, MgO (Magnesium Oxide), industrial, plastic, explosion proof, special purpose and general purpose types. They also provide thermocouple assemblies for applications with connection heads, protection tubes, thermowells and transmitters as well as hazardous operations.

  • Temperature Specialists, Inc.

    Temperature Specialists, Inc. offers various thermocouple assemblies including connector style thermocouple assemblies, transition style thermocouple assemblies, tube and wire thermocouple assemblies and bayonet style thermocouple assemblies. Assemblies vary in element type, accuracy, number of elements, junction type, sheath tip style, sheath diameter, sheath material, sheath length and terminations.

  • Madison Co.

    Madison Company offers thermocouple probes in types such as J, T, and K and in various configurations. Configurations include bare wire, epoxy-insulated, mini plug termination, general purpose, reduced tip, sheathed with MgO insulation, industrial thermocouples with 1/2" NPT.

  • Durex Industries

    Durex Industries manufactures thermocouples for industrial process applications such as steel processing, turbine and diesel engine temperature measurement, and chemical processing as well as commercial applications such as foodservice, packaging, and semiconductor processing. Industry process thermocouples includes platinum thermocouples, mineral insualted (MgO) thermocouples, base metal protection tube thermocouple assembly, base metal thermowell assemblies, thermocouple protection tubes, miniature thermocouples, and multi-point thermocouples.

  • Watlow

    Watlow provides offers thermocouples with grounded or ungrounded exposed junctions, or customized manufacturing. Thermocouples feature a temperature range from -200 to 2200°C (-328 to 4000°F). Fiberglass insulated thermocouples offer a temperature range up to 480°C (900°F).

  • Ultra Electronics

    Ultra Electronics offers thermocouples in J, K, T, and E calibrations with high temperature calibrations of R, S, C, and GB. Assemblies are built in drilled or flanged wells with economical, head mount or DIN-rail mounted transmitters. Models of thermocouples include general purpose, field cuttable, hand-breakable, welded fittings, spring loaded with cast iron explosion-proof housings, spring loaded without transmitter for general purpose housing, spring loaded with 1/2" NPT Hex Nipple, spring loaded with Type 1 general purpose head, spring loaded sanitary temperature sensor, sanitary flush mount tank temperature sensor, food piercing temperature sensor, flexible stick-on surface temperature sensor, autoclave temperature sensor, embedded temperature sensors, sensors for the measurement of bearing temperatures, and spring loaded bayonet fitting temperature sensors.

  • Minco

    Minco provides thermocouple probes in a range of styles. Features include tip-sensitive and fast response probes, high temperature probes up to 850°C, mineral insulated at (600°C), single and dual element for reliability, selection of adjustable fittings, thermowells, and connection heads, and adjustable probe lengths. Products include tip-sensitive thermocouples, bayonet mount thermocouples, process style thermocouples, and melt bolt thermocouples.

  • Precision Measurements, Inc.

    Precision Measurements offers mineral insulated thermocouples, plastic thermocouples, industrial thermocouples, industrial thermocouples with ceramic protection tube, connector systems for thermocouples and wire and cable thermocouples. Formpack thermocouples are magnesium oxide insulation metal sheathed thermocouples made of hard packed magnesium oxide insulation, single, dual or triplex element thermocouple wires, and a range of metal sheaths. Bayonet thermocouples come in spring and flex hose types that are both adjustable or at a fized length. Additional products include bayonet thermocouple adapters, thermocouple extension cable assembly, thermocouple assemblies.

  • Temperature Measurement Systems

    Temperature Measurement Systems (TMS) manufactures an extensive line of thermcouples and thermocouple assemblies. Selection of thermocouples includes industrial thermocouples, miniature thermocouples, bayonet thermocouples, melt-bolt thermocouples, washer thermocouples, wire type thermocouples, tubeskin thermocouples, engine thermocouples, and cuttable thermocouples. Selection of thermocouples assemblies includes industrial thermocouples assemblies, tube skin thermocouples assemblies and multi-point thermocouples assemblies.

  • Fluke (Hart Scientific)

    Fluke offers thermocouples of Type R and S standards. All four models of thermocouples feature a temperature range of 0 °C to 1450 °C. Available sizes include 508 x 6.35 mm (20 x 0.25 in) and 635 x 6.35 mm (20 x 0.25 in).

  • MTI Industrial Sensors

    MTI Industrial Sensors offers general purpose thermocouples (MgO) available in sheath sizes .010 to .500 in all types of materials such as 304, 316, 310, 446, Inconel 600, platinum, copper and titanium. MTI offers single, dual, triplex and multipoint designs and a variety of sheath terminations such as, aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel or explosion proof heads. Optional features include protective coatings and sprays.

  • Autonics USA

    Autonics provides thermocouples and RTDs, thermocouple female connectors, thermocouple male connectors, and thermocouple connector cables. Thermocouples feature an innter compensating wire diameter of 0.3 or 0.65 mm/min and a vareity of compensating wire length, and sensing head diamter.

  • MaxiGard

    Maxigard offers Maxigard CT2000A Temperature Alarm System, Maxigard CT5000 Temperature Switch, and Maxigard CT4006/CT4012 Temperature Monitor. They all accept J, K, T, or E thermocouple types.

  • Nanmac Corp.

    Nanmac manufactures an extensive line of thermocouples for industries involving bare wire, conventional, eroding, fast response, general purpose, handheld, heavy duty Tc's with connector heads, high temperatures (up to 4500°F), mixers, plastic melt, protection tubes, ribbon, surface contact, vacuum furnace, and washer/boltdown.

  • LakeShore

    LakeShore offers thermocouples for a variety of cryogenic applications. Chromel-gold/iron thermocouples has a  relatively high thermoelectric sensitivity (>15 µV/K above 10 K). Type E (chromel-constantan) thermocouples is ideal for temperatures down to 40 K. Type K (chromel-alumel) thermocouples has a sensitivity of 4.1 mV/K at 20 K.

  • United Electric Controls

    UE (United Electric Controls) manufactures thermocouples of type J, K, T, and E. Thermocouple insulation types includes general purpose thermocouples of 260° C (500° F) or less, minieral insulation thermocouples for higher temperature applicaitons of 260° C (500° F) and higher, and beaded threaded thermocouples for furnace applications.