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Lean manufacturing aims to effectively use resources in a manner that minimizes any form of waste.

Lean manufacturing is a management philosophy that focuses on reducing seven wastes- over-production, waiting time, transportation, processing, inventory, motion and scrap - that inflate costs, lead times and inventory requirements within manufacturing environments. Lean “tools” include constant process analysis, pull production, mistake-proofing/preventive maintenance, flexible workforces, and quality improvement programs.

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  • DataNet

    DataNet Quality Systems develops lean manufacturing software with Real-time SPC to reduce waste with a simple non-technical approach to waste removal with a simple interface, able to reduce waste material up to 50% and increasing your manufacturing yield by up to 30 percent.

  • is an official website of the U.S government that assists small businesses in locating government services. The website features llinks to various lean initiatives, lean tools and methods, lean case studies and sucess stories, and how to become a lean manufacturer.

  • Best Practice Research, LLC

    Best Practice Research provides lean manufacturing certification, lean six sigma training and six sigma certification courses online. The company's lean certification program includes training on the following modules: OEE, 5S, SMED, kaizen, value stream mapping, muda and TPM. The six sigma courses are based on the Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control model.

  • Evolving Excellence

    Evolving Excellence is a lean manufacturing-focused blog written by the editors of Superfactory.

  • EMS Consulting Group

    EMS Consulting Group offers lean manufacturing training and consulting services for the industrial and consumer products, defense/aerospace, biotech, and medical device industries.

  • Invistics

    Invistics makes MachSix softare to improve and balance cycle times, throughput, and inventory for better efficiency including establishing key metrics for measuring performance, defining product flows for maximum throughput, and more.

  • iSixSigma

    iSixSigma provides a free information resource for businesses and professionals who implement Six Sigma business management strategies. The company's website features Six Sigma-focused articles, discussion forums, blogs, job postings, a directory and an events calender.

  • Manufactus

    Manufactus offers a Lean Assessment Tool to help new companies define cornerstones of their production system, set up criteria to ensure proper throughput, and allows worldwide access to information, free definition of company structure, and aggregation of results.

  • Implement Lean Manufacturing

    Implement Lean Manufacturing offers simulations, games and presentations intended to teach the aspects of lean manufacturing. The company also provides information regarding lean theory.

  • Gembutsu Consulting

    Gembutsu Consulting is comprised of Japanese-trained consultants who focus on implementing the TPS and kaizen manufacturing philosophies. The company has completed projects in Europe, Japan, and North America.

  • Microsoft Dynamics Live

    Microsoft Certified Partners build custom lean manufacturing software for lean execution, lean measurement, value stream mapping and analysis, value stream modeling & simulation, lean Six Sigma project management, lean manufacturing consultants, and more.

  • Kaizen Shop Talk

    Kaizen Shop Talk is a blog that discusses Kaizen workplace management strategies and Kaizen-related tools.

  • Gray Research

    Gray Research aids companies in implementing resource planning and lean manufacturing methods (kanban, demand pull and TPS) through tailored, on-site education programs. Chris Gray, the company's president, is also an author whose latest book is titled Lean Standard System.

  • Moog, Inc.

    MJC2 makes lean manufacturing software for efficiency including line scheduling and production planning, capacity scheduling, process control optimization, plant planning & factory simulation, and labor planning & employee scheduling.

  • Lean Enterprise Institute

    Lean Enterprise Institute is an organization that offers lean education, lean summits, and lean learning materials. The organization experiments with different lean approaches to determine which ones are most successful in real life situations. The organization's website provides a lean management column and a lean education calendar.



  • Humantech

    Humantech provides lean-related training programs including: introduction to lean ergonomics, applied lean ergonomics, LEAP point kaizen, applied industrial ergonomics, and ergonomic design guidelines for engineers. The company also publishes ergonomics-related reports.


  • Lean

    Lean is a web resource that explains the challenges and strategies associated with lean implementation, along with lean basics.

  • Infor

    Infor aids manufacturers in making the transition to lean through best-in-class business application solutions and lean business practice expertise. The company offers implementation, support and training services.


  • Plex Systems

    Plex offers lean manufacturing software in their Scanban system, which features Kanban scheduling as well as a pull scheduler to analyze inventory levels, daily pulls, lead times, and minimum restock levels.

  • Lean Manufacturing Coaching

    Lean Manufacturing Coaching is a membership-based website for executives, engineers, managers and students who are involved with product and operations management.