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  • Best Practice Research, LLC

    Best Practice Research provides lean manufacturing certification, lean six sigma training and six sigma certification courses online. The company's lean certification program includes training on the following modules: OEE, 5S, SMED, kaizen, value stream mapping, muda and TPM. The six sigma courses are based on the Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control model.

  • EMS Consulting Group

    EMS Consulting Group offers lean manufacturing training and consulting services for the industrial and consumer products, defense/aerospace, biotech, and medical device industries.

  • Gembutsu Consulting

    Gembutsu Consulting is comprised of Japanese-trained consultants who focus on implementing the TPS and kaizen manufacturing philosophies. The company has completed projects in Europe, Japan, and North America.

  • Gray Research

    Gray Research aids companies in implementing resource planning and lean manufacturing methods (kanban, demand pull and TPS) through tailored, on-site education programs. Chris Gray, the company's president, is also an author whose latest book is titled Lean Standard System.

  • Humantech

    Humantech provides lean-related training programs including: introduction to lean ergonomics, applied lean ergonomics, LEAP point kaizen, applied industrial ergonomics, and ergonomic design guidelines for engineers. The company also publishes ergonomics-related reports.


  • Infor

    Infor aids manufacturers in making the transition to lean through best-in-class business application solutions and lean business practice expertise. The company offers implementation, support and training services.


  • Kaizen Assembly Inc.

    Kaizen Assembly offers lean manufacturing training and consulting for machine shops, assembly-based manufactures, auto body repair shops and food processing companies. The company's lean programs include: kaizen event facilitation, 5S visual management, workstation and line design, plant layout and drafting, and mistake proofing. Chris Ortiz, the company's founder, has authored three lean-related books.

  • Kaizen Assembly Inc.

    Kaizen Institute provides various flexibility, capacity and efficiency-related consulting services to companies in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and America. The company has a group of professionals that focus specifically on lean training and lean solutions education.

  • Lean Advisors

    Lean Advisors are a branch of the Kaizen Insitute and offer kaizen lean training for the healthcare, adminstration and government, environmental, manufacturing, and education industries. Lean Advisor's programs include: lean leadership/change management, lean fast track, lean implementation, lean transformation, and lean and six sigma certification.

  • Lean Manufacturing Coach

    Lean Manufacturing Coach specializes in continuous process improvement facilitation and provides lean manufacturing and six sigma training. The company also offers lean manufacturing simulation kits including introduction to lean, implementing lean and lean supply chain.

  • Lean Manufacturing Consulting

    Lean Manufacturing Consulting provides full lean training, deployment and lean certification programs. The company offers three lean-related, Evolver training kits including a lean manufacturing kit, a 5S kit, and a lean plant layouts and cellular manufacturing kit.

  • Lean Manufacturing Solutions Partnership

    Lean Manufacturing Solutions Partnership provides lean implementation services and lean improvement training. The company offers various workshops focused on creating stability, enhancing performance of a stable system and utilizing advanced tools for extreme progress.

  • Levinson Productivity Systems

    Levinson Productivity Systems provides lean manufacturing consulting services and training via PowerPoint packages and books. The company's packages include: a lean enterprise overview, the theory of constraints and synchronous flow manufacturing, and design of experiments: applications and basic principles.

  • Magnet

    Magnet is an advocacy and growth network for the manufacturing industry. One service Magnet offers its members is lean consulting.

  • Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center

    The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center provides facility and manufacturing processes assessment, and implements lean solutions for small and medium sized manufacturers. The MMTC offers training packages in lean manufacturing, lean healthcare and lean office.

  • P Squared

    P Squared conducts plant assessments, lean training, lean strategy implementation, and lean coaching. The company offers what it refers to as a compass analysis, which steers clients toward the area of most profitable improvement.

  • Productivity Inc

    Productivity Inc. provides consulting services pertaining to lean strategy, lean management, lean manufacturing, lean equipment, lean culture, lean innovation and lean supplier development. The company also offers a 5S online training program.


  • Rockford Consulting

    Rockford Consulting provides supply chain management services, including lean consultation, to manufacturing and distribution firms.

  • iSixSigma

    Six Sigma provides online and onsite training for a variety of six sigma certification levels including green belt, black belt and champion. The company also offers lean agent certification training.

  • Sigma 6 Electronics Inc

    Six Sigma Systems provides lean manufacturing and six sigma consulting services including ServiceSigma, a program that focuses on lean and six sigma implementation in non-manufacturing environments.