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  • Air Incorporated

    Air Inc. manufactures inch profile and metric profile, aluminum T-slotted framing systems used for machine guarding applications. The machine guarding systems are available with 1", 1.5", 25mm, or 40mm T-slotted aluminum extrusions, and are RoHS compliant.

  • Omron, STI Safety - Scientific Technologies, Inc.

    Omron STI designs perimeter access guarding devices and entry/exit access guarding devices. The perimeter guarding devices feature an operating range of 70m, response time as low as 16ms, three scan codes, and one to six beams. The entry/exit guarding devices are available with two beams and feature an operating range of 8m.

  • Rockford Systems, Inc.

    Rockford Systems Inc. provides a host of machine guards including: safety shields, electrically interlocked heavy-duty shields, drill press shields, grinder shields, lathe shields, milling machine shields, band saw shields, table saw shields, belt sander shields, disc sander shields, safety interlock shields, machine/perimeter guards, full revolution press guards, hydraulic press guards, mechanical press brake guards, and part revolution press guards.

  • Schmersal, Inc.

    Schmersal USA manufactures and distributes a line of point-of-operation machine guarding products including: solenoid-latching interlocks, non-contact safety sensors, keyed interlock switches, pulse-echo non-contact sensors, hinged interlock switches, safety edges, safety-rated limit switches, emergency cable-pull switches, and safety light curtains.

  • ATS

    ATS Machine Safety Solutions distributes machine guards for drill presses, milling machine, sliding lathes, bi-fold lathes, and abrasive/grinding wheels.

  • Lutz-JESCO America Corp.

    Jesco Industries Inc. manufactures machine guards, railing infill panels, robot barrier guards, window guards, wire mesh guarding systems, and woven wire paritions.

  • MSC Industrial Supply Co.

    MSC Industrial Supply distributes Flexbar, Pro-Safe, Cedarberg, Cleervue, and Loc-Line-brand modular machine guards, specialty machine guards, and standard machine guards.