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Filter by state

  • Midwest Optical Systems

    Midwest Optical Systems makes filters for white LED lighting, monochromatic lighting, structured diode-generated light patterns and others used in machine vision systems and are extremely durable, non-hydroscopic, and ready to use off the shelf.

  • Isuzu Optics

    Isuzu Optics offers filters for machine vision including long pass filters, band pass filters, natural density filters, short pass filters, and light balancing filters and are available for any size including DV, camera, CCD, and laboratory applications.

  • JDSU

    JDSU has several types of machine vision filters, including band pass filters (infrared long, narrow, short, or wide), color sensor filters, linear variable filters, and notch/blocking filters.

  • Laser Componenets

    Laser Components offers optical filters for machine vision with FWHM of 20 or 40nm, 88% minimum transmission, UV-1150nm and OD5 blocking, and CWLs of 532, 638, and 660 nm and are available in all sizes with a standard diameter of 25mm with available C-mount.

  • Phoenix Imaging

    Phoenix Imaging offers polarizing filters for machine vision applications and is used to reduce specular reflections from shiny objects as well as minimizing the grainy look of objects and localized halation.

  • Shenzhen Machine Vision Photonics Technology

    Shenzhen Machine Vision offers Midwest Optical filters.