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  • AccuSentry

    AccuSentry offers a variety of optical lens used for machine vision camera applications.

  • Graftek Imaging, Inc.

    Graftek offers a selection of fixed focal length and zoom lenses that are compatible with various machine vision sensor formats and camera mounts. Use their Lens Selector to find the right lens for your application.

  • Aegis Electronic Group, Inc

    Aegis Electronic Group, Inc. offers a full range of vision equipment to satisfy all machine-vision application needs. Provides lenses from manufacturers including Canon, CBC America, Pentax, and others.

  • Edmund Optics Inc.

    Offers lenses designed for use in machine vision applications. The TECHSPEC® Compact Fixed Focal Length lenses are ideal for use in factory automation, inspection or qualification. These machine vision lenses have been optically designed with the working distance and resolution requirements of factory automation and inspection in mind.

  • Fujinon

    Manufacturer of optical lenses for machine vision applications. Lens products include Fish-eye lenses, fixed focal length lenses, and 3 CCD camera lenses.

  • Linos

    Manufacturer of machine vision system lenses that are available in different camera mounts, sensor size, and magnification range.

  • CVI Laser Corp.

    Offers a variety of machine vision lenses and accessories including Telecentric Gauging Lenses, Teleconverters, Lens-Mounting Bracket, and Right-Angle Attachments.

  • A.E.S.

    Adept Electronic Solutions offers a number of high quality brands of machine vision lenses. Provides a wide range of CCD lenses, CCTV lens, CMOS camera lenses in different lens options.

  • Avalon Vision Solutions

    Avalon Vision Solutions manufactures a variety of machine vision products including lenses available in 6mm-15mm, 25mm, and 50mm.

  • Image Labs International

    Image Labs International offers cameras, lenses, and complete turn key machine vision solutions.

  • Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corp.

    Kyocera specializes in the design and manufacture of Machine Vision Lens and Illumination Systems. Applications for these lenses include various Inspection and alignment applications for Semiconductor manufacturing, Electronic assembly, Laser guidance, and other precision industrial applications.

  • Navitar

    Navitar a supplier of optics, opto-mechanical sub-assemblies and opto-electronic system solutions for machine vision, automation, assembly, imaging, testing, measuring, and inspection. Navitar's optical designs are involved in applications such as semiconductor metrology, electronic imaging, telecommunications, biometrics, photonics R&D, non-contact measurement, and biotechnology and life science.

  • JML Optical Industries

    Manufacturer of complex lenses including Mega-Pixel, CCD, CCTV, Motorized Zoom, Vari-focal, C-mount and CS-mount lenses. Used in robotics, inspection, security and surveillance systems and video cameras,. All of these are anti-reflection coated and precision mounted in metal housings.

  • Qioptiq Linos

    Qioptiq Linos's Optem Optical Systems offers a wide variety of both Fixed- and Zoom-Lens configurations to blend perfectly with the varied needs of your everchanging inspection, research and machine vision environments. All are optimized to function with today's state-of-the-art CCDs to offer you the finest in macro and micro imaging.

  • Phoenix Imaging

    Phoenix Imaging offers machine vision components including lights, cameras, lenses, cables, and a compact vision sensor or a large format mega-pixel image processing system. Carries lenses from Fujinon, Kowa, Moritex, Navitar, Pentex,Rainbow, Sigma, Tamron.

  • Shenzhen Machine Vision Photonics Technology

    Shenzhen Machine Vision Photonics Technology supplies parts and modules for Machine Vision applications. Offers a wide selection of products which includes, but is not limited to: A full range of quality Midwest Machine Vision Optical Filters; Optical Glass Sheets and Halogen Light Sources and Fiber Optic Bundles.

  • The Vision Depot

    Supplier of machine vision lenses for a variety of critical machine vision applications. The Navitar Lens line-up includes C-mount, F-mount, large format and telecentric optical systems. Whether you require a zoom lens or a fixed magnification system, Navitar's rugged, compact designs will stand up to the most demanding applications and image formats.

  • MeltTools

    MeltTools delivers various system-monitoring optical components including protected lenses and filters for welding and metals processing applications. MeltTools lenses are housed in protected enclosures that protect against hot metal and dust.