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  • AccuSentry

    AccuSentry offers several types of lighting including front illumination with oblique, diffused, and coaxial variations; back illumination with directional back, diffuse back, and dark field variations; unpolarized illumination; light tent illumination; and structured illumination.

  • Edmund Optics Inc.

    Edmund Optics offers several types of machine vision lighting including LED illumination, light guides, fluorescent illumination, lasers, line lights, fiber optic backlights, and cold cathode panels.

  • Machine Vision Plus

    Machine Vision Plus offers LED Illumination in the form of direct lighting such as low-angle ring lights, bar lights, and ring lights as well as indirect lighting such asdome lights, square lights, flat-dome lights, back lights, and coaxial lights.

  • SICK, Inc.

    SICK offers machine vision lighting products from Ai and CCS America including darkfield ring lights, line lights, dome lights, on-axis lights, direct ring lights, and low angle ring lights.

  • Advanced Illumination

    Ai Advanced Illumination makes machine vision lighting including LED ring lights, high intensity LED line lights, high intensity LED spot lights, back lights, LED axial diffuse illuminators, and LED linear arrays.

  • Lumitex

    Lumitex offers fiber optic panels for machine vision lighting for applications including counting, measurement, inspection, and sorting, using LEDs (from low power up to 5 watts) as well as halogen or HID sources (150+ Watts).

  • Nerlite

    Nerlite makes several types of machine vision illumination including area arrays, square continuous diffuse illuminators, multi-axis lights, backlights, spot lights, linear arrays, and ring lights.

  • ProPhotonix

    StockerYale designs and manufactures lighting for machine vision applications with products including circular ring lights, linear lights and arrays, light panels, task lighting, and magnifiers.

  • Schott

    Schott offers several types of machine vision illumination including coaxial lighting, polarized front lighting, diffuse front and dome lighting, transmitted illumination, front ring brightfield and darkfield lighting, and directional front lighting.

  • Volpi

    Volpi develops and makes fiberoptic and LED lightlines for machine vision applications, with types including coaxial illumination systems, brightfield and darkfield ringlights, backlight illumination and more.

  • A.E.S.

    A.E.S. supplies machine vision hardware and software products and vision systems from various manufacturers. Offers lighting products including LED, Laser, Fiber Optic, Strobe, and Infra Red.

  • PPT Vision

    Manufacturer of a selection of LED strobe lights. These lights are designed to work with the IMPACT family of products, and can be controlled directly from the IMPACT Software.

  • FSi Technologies

    FSI Express offers machine vision lighting products such as LED, high power beam LED, ring lights, backlights, fiber optics, and high frequency florescent.

  • Dolan-Jenner Industries

    Dolan-Jenner is a manufacturer of machine vision illumination that serves industries such as packaging, material handling, automotive, printing, food, metals, and semiconductors. Their Machine vision product line can be applied to applications such as dual light sources, regulated voltage, high output and consistent durability.

  • Mercron

    Mercronis manufactures high-end lamp controllers for Machine Vision Light Systems and UV curing applications, particularly to Color Imaging, high-speed Scanning, and high-resolution QC Inspection Systems.

  • Vision Light Tech

    Vision Light Tech offers machine vision lighting products including LED lights, fiber optic lighting, fluorescent lighting, and machine vision strobes.

  • Phoenix Imaging

    Manufactures machine vision lighting systems for a wide range of applications.  Products include high frequency fluorescent lighting in straight tubes and high output biax formats. Systems include LED ringlights, spotlights, backlights and diffuse on-axis LED lighting systems.

  • Shenzhen Machine Vision Photonics Technology

    Shenzhen Machine Vision Photonics Technology supplies parts and modules for Machine Vision applications. There is a wide selection of products which includes a full range of Midwest Machine Vision Optical Filters; Optical Glass Sheets (which includes Beamsplitters, Windows, Mirrors and etc) and Halogen Light Sources & Optics Fibre Bundles.

  • The Vision Depot

    The Vision Depot offers PPT Vision and StockerYale lighting solutions that solve imaging problems. Lighting solutions will handle a wide variance in brightness, angles and surfaces.