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  • Panasonic Electric Works of America

    Panasonic's durable and accurate PD60/PD65 series ID products offer high decoding capabilities complimented with simple setups. Panasonic's vision systems including the PV310 and AX40 series showcase Panasonic's innovative and precise image processing algorithms.

  • A.E.S.

    AES distributes a wide range of machine vision products, ranging from machine vision systems to machine vision components. AES provides technical support, including optics, machine vision lighting, grabbers, cameras, software and computers for machine vision.

  • Avalon Vision Solutions

    Avalon Vision Solutions serves the machine vision marketplace with a unique range of products. Products include the QS Examiner that inspects parts for the smallest of defects; that QSExamine; and ProcessRx process documentation module with image database. By working collaboratively with customers in addressing a myriad of applications, Avalon has developed products that streamline the manufacturing process.

  • National Instruments Corp.

    National Instruments is a machine vision and scientific imaging hardware and software tools provider. NI vision systems feature proven software and hardware tools to provide complete development systems for a variety of machine vision tasks. National Instruments vision systems include the NI Compact Vision System as well as cameras, lenses, and lighting.

  • Axtel Inc.

    Axtel provides Machine Vision specific development tools. Applications run on PCs or smart cameras, they may address such tasks as: inspection, counting, gauging, positioning, identification, selection, surveillance and access control. Machine vision system will consist of com ponents including one or more digital or analog cameras, camera interface, processor, and synchronizing sensors.

  • Cognex Corp.

    Cognex In-Sight vision systems are able to inspect, identify and guide parts. These self-contained, industrial grade vision systems combine a library of advanced vision tools with high-speed image acquisition and processing. Available in a wide range of models to meet any price and performance requirement.

  • AccuSentry

    AccuSentry provides complete Integrated Machine Vision packages for automated 100% product inspection and continuous web, sheet, and surface inspections. The system provides a common interface for area and line scan cameras within an IDE (Integrated Development Environment).  A simple framework for developing tightly coupled multiple camera applications is offered.

  • Aptúra

    Aptúra provides Integrated Systems, Engineering Services, and Technical Support to companies using machine vision technology. Specializes exclusively in machine vision systems integration. Systems offer state-of-the-art machine vision components with appropriate automation components. Aptúra covers a wide ranging geographic area with main offices located in Lansing, MI, and a regional sales and engineering office in Arlington Heights, IL

  • Machine Vision Plus

    Machine Vision Plus manufacturers and supplies hardware and software integrated machine vision systems. Products include polarized microscopes, LED illumination, integrated vision systems, high resolution integrated cameras, and high resolution vision systems. Applications for industries such as automotive, electronic, packaging, pharmaceutical and others.

  • FSi Technologies

    FSI Technologies Inc. specializes in rotary optical incremental encoders; machine vision and automatic inspection systems. These systems feature NeuroCheck vision software. Machine vision components including lighting and cameras; Sensors, Counters, and Kwangwoo Encoders. Engineering and consulting services provided.

  • Keyence Corp. of America

    Keyence is a supplier of high speed machine vision systems products for various applications. Provides fastest in its class Ultra-high-speed processing of 20,000 parts/min. Control up to 8 Color or Monochrome cameras. Keyence offers services from application problem solving and technical sales support.

  • Dunkley Systems

    Designs and manufactures turnkey machine vision systems for high speed inspection and sorting. Machine vision systems provided inspection automation for accurate, high speed inspection and process control.

  • DW Fritz

    DW Fritz is a Cognex Certified Vision Integrator that provides vision systems and utilize other suppliers and technologies appropriate for the application, such as laser, confocal, mechanical, and others. They can identify parts, measure part characteristics, verify position, or pick and place parts.

  • IVS

    Industrial Vision Systems supplies machine vision systems used in automated production processes for inspection, identification, measurement, guidance, tracking and counting.

  • ISRA Vision

    Offers efficient Machine Vision solutions for automation of highly complex tasks in the important areas of Robot Vision, Surface Vision, and Quality Vision.

  • Microscan

    Microscan provides precision data acquisition and control solutions serving a wide range of automation and OEM applications. Their focus is on machine vision, auto ID and illumination. Application solutions range from basic barcode reading to complex machine vision gauging, inspection and measurement.

  • Mitutoyo

    Mitutoyo designs and manufactures vision measuring systems for a wide range of applications. Products include Non-contact 2-D Vision Measuring Systems, Multi-Sensor CNC Vision Measuring Systems, and many other vision systems.

  • Newton Research Labs

    Newton Labs manufactures 2D and 3D turnkey machine vision systems in both area and line scan. They also manufacture custom OEM vision systems, application specific machine vision systems, robotics systems, vision equipped machines,  and academic/research products. Newton Labs provides solutions for vision and robotics applications in many industries.

  • PPT Vision

    PPT VISION provides machine vision system solutions for inspection applications that help improve process control, achieve zero defect production, increase productivity, and collect real-time production data.

  • Retina Systems

    Manufacturer of advanced vision technology for 100% inspection including gauging, sorting, surface flaw analysis, attribute verification and crack detection. Offers systems for many applications. Each system is engineered to be upgradeable.