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  • JML Optical Industries

    JML manufactures machine vision lenses used in a variety of machine vision applications including robotics, inspection, security and surveillance systems and video cameras. ALl JML lenses are anti-reflection coated and precision mounted in metal housings.

  • Laser Componenets

    Laser Components manufactures a variety of industrial machine vision components including laser modules, optics, optical filters, measurement technology products, fiber optics and laser accessories.

  • Mercron

    Mercon is a manufacturer and distributor of specialized industrial light sources for machine vision applications. Machine Vision systems require precise and controllable lighting and Mercon products provide it in a variety of light types including fluorescent, LED, metal halide, HP sodium and tungsten.

  • Qioptiq Linos

    Qioptiq Linos designs and manufactures photonic products and solutions that serve a wide range of markets and applications. Products include machine vision systems used in the medical, life science, industrial manufacturing, defense, aerospace and R&D industries.

  • Vision Light Tech

    Vision Light Tech is a designer and manufacturer of a broad range of solutions in light, lenses and filters for applications in traffic automation, aircraft and aerospace and machine vision applications as well as the semiconductor, packaging, and food & beverage industries.

  • Balluff, Inc.

    Balluff is a manufacturer of machine vision sensors including the Sharpshooter system which combines vision capability and photoelectric sensor simplicity. This vision based sensor provides reliable error proofing and quality inspection anywhere. It can be used like a sensor, but provides far more functionality than any discrete sensor. It’s also far easier to use and more cost effective than more complex vision systems.

  • LMI Technologies

    LMI manufactures a wide selection of vision systems equipment including a full line of flexible 3D sensors, specialized sensors, and networking products for automation applications in a variety of industries.

  • ATS Automation Tooling Systems

    ATS offers automation technology systems including the SmartVision PC-based vision system. With its easy-to-use Windows based interface, the SmartVision system offers high performance and platform-independent vision engine for cost-effective connectivity and customization.

  • Automation Associates, Inc.

    Automation Associates, Inc. is a manufacturer of automatic vision sorting machines developed for analyzing a variety of manufactured products. These PC based systems check for full thread form, outer diameter, root diameter, pitch and helix angle, shank diameter, lengths, groove width and groove position in fastener manufacturing applications.

  • Energid Technologies

    Energid is a designer and manufacturer of robotics software products, machine vision systems and related components. Products include robotic control systems, CAD software and I/O devices for a variety of industrial and aerospace applications.

  • Shenzhen Machine Vision Photonics Technology

    Shenzhen Machine Vision Photonics Technology offers a wide array of machine vision optics and related products including filters, optical glass, halogen light sources, telecentric lenses and lighting for microscopes.

  • The Vision Depot

    The Vision Depot is a distributor of a wide array of machine vision products and supplies, providing vision error proofing equipment, including camera mounts, light mounts, camera fixtures, lighting fixtures, plastic camera enclosures, industrial bracket kits, LED and fluorescent lighting solutions, machine vision lenses, ethernet switches, and machine vision power supplies

  • MeltTools

    MeltTools engineers and manufactures the MeltView series of products to provide a clear image of the weld seam, weld pool, filler-wire and arc. Our camera system improves set-up speed and accuracy, enables inaccessible/hazardous processes, multiple torches, process monitoring and recording as well as reducing operator fatigue/exposure.

  • XIMEA GmbH

    Ximea is a manufacturer of a variety of machine vision products for industrial factory automation systems. Products include scientific cameras, subminiature cameras, board level cameras, x-ray cameras, UAV Gimbals cameras and ultra-high resolution cameras.

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