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  • Axtel Inc.

    Axtel provides Machine Vision specific development tools. Applications run on PCs or smart cameras, they may address such tasks as: inspection, counting, gauging, positioning, identification, selection, surveillance and access control. Machine vision system will consist of com ponents including one or more digital or analog cameras, camera interface, processor, and synchronizing sensors.

  • Cohu Electronics

    Cohu is an electronics manufacturer that specializes in machine vision cameras for factory automation applications. Other products include cameras for vertical markets including oem, military, aviation and security.

  • A.S.K. Technologies

    A.S.K. Technologies offers cameras, lenses and vision systems for factory automation equipment. Applications include vision robotics integrations, quality inspections and mold monitoring for a wide array of industries.

  • JDSU

    JDSU is a provider of optical thin film filters, thin film coatings, and components. We have a diverse portfolio, including visual, near infrared (IR), and IR filters, antireflection coatings, custom waveplates, and more for a variety of machine vision systems.