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  • America In Motion, Inc.

    America in Motion creates several types of automated guided vehicle systems such as the Roman Chariot Series (e.g., uni-directional burdens, uni-directional tuggers, bi-directional parts delivery, and bi-direction powered conveyors) and the Laser Guided Series (e.g., forklifts, dual pallet conveyors, and wireguided unit loads). The basic fork style vehicle has a capacity of 1,500 kg and is designed for standard chep pallets that can be stacked two deep. Unit loads are custom-designed and manufactured according to customer specification for use in applications such as assembly lines. Other available AGVs are dual pallet conveyors, which transport pallets between conveyor lines, and dual pallet forks, which can move two standard chep pallets at a time for applications that have a high throughput and long distances to travel.

  • Savant Automation

    Savant Automation makes several types of AGVs including tuggers, carts, unit load carriers, and forked vehicles. Their unit load type carries from 2,000 to 60,000 pounds while their towing vehicle series carries from 10,000 to 50,000 pounds.

  • Conveyor Handling Company

    Conveyor Handling Company offers laser guided vehicles for the improvement of daily automation operations. Skilled 800 laser guided vehicles are equipped with back/front anti-collision PLS sensors, lead/gel battery types, 48V DC motors, electromagnetic brakes, and a steel frame. These vehicles provide a safer work environment, fast returns on investments, real time product information/location, and a greater flexibility to increase speed. Vehicles are capable of being guided through a facility while avoiding building, equipment, or product damage.

  • Amerden, Inc.

    Amerden has serveral types of AGVs including custom models, tuggers, unit load and roller deck type, forklift vehicles, vision guided types, and control systems as well as offering parts and service/repair.

  • Corecon

    Corecon makes serveral types of automated guided vehicles from cart transports and scissor lifts to tuggers and high lift models. They also make customized vehicles to fit whatever application you need, from automotive and newspaper to aerospace and warehousing.

  • Egemin

    Egemin makes several types of AGVs including forked, tuggers, unit load vehicles, custom vehicles and trailer loading types. Their automated guided vehicles are for use in electronics, plastics, pharmaceutical, automotive, textiles applications and more.

  • JBT

    JPT makes several types of automated guided vehicles including custom models, tuggers, forked type, unit load, and special application AGVs such as clamped, roll positioners, automated batch report vehicles, and self guided carts.

  • E&K Automation

    E&K Automation makes low-lift, high-lift, conveyor (roller, chain, or belt), telescoping forks, and flat-deck lifter automated guided vehicles. Their AGVs use laser scanners and bumpers for safety, monitoring clearance and more to avoid contact with anything.

  • Han-Tek Integrated Handling Solutions

    Han-Tek offers automated solutions in the form of AGVs, with monorail or floor systems for pallet or other materials pick up, as well as stacking containers or otherwise keeping your factory floor moving the way it should, transporting from step to step of the process.

  • Dematic

    Dematic makes several types of automated guided vehicles such as counterbalance models, unit load types, forked vehicles, tuggers, and custom vehicles. Using wireless guidance via laser scanning bumpers and continuous RF communication, these AGVs effortlessly make their way around safely and efficiently.

  • Fraunhofer

    Fraunhofer offers custom automated guided vehicles to reduce your transport costs, offering efficient material flow planning, and are fully customizable. Fraunhofer will help you with the conception, construction, realization, and acceptance of your AGV system.

  • Dematic

    Dematic makes customized fork, unit load, and tow type automatic guided vehicles with Q-CAN technology to make different running models of systems and changes without added cost or support from the manufacturer.

  • Jervis B. Webb Co.

    Jervis B. Webb makes different types of AGVs as well as carts. Their different vehicle types include roll handlers, low profile vehicles, unit load types, and tuggers which can pull up to 50,000 pounds.

  • Keymas

    Keymas offers several types of automated guided vehicles that use laser, wire, inertial, and optically guided systems.

  • Mirle

    Mirle offers AGVs that are optically or wire guided for hospital, pharmaceutical, LCD, library, and electronics industries applications.

  • Daifuku America Corp.

    Daifuku offers Jervis Webb's line of AGVs, eliminating forklift traffic on the factory floor and improving inventory control as well as offering quiet operation, laser guidance, and opportunity charging of its battery so as to keep your unit working at all times.

  • Muratec

    Muratec makes automated guided vehicles which use magnetic and laser guidance systems for efficient operation. Their vehicle types include lifter, conveyors, and forked type; with the ability to carry from 1000 to 2000kg.

  • Nuyts

    Nuyts makes custom AGV systems for virtually any application including lifting and conveyor types, using one of three different types of power supplies, including one that automatically recharges itself.

  • Ocme

    Ocme makes automated guided vehicles that can be fitted with conveyors (chain or roller), clamps, forks, other grips, and more.

  • Retrotech Inc

    Retrotech offers many types of AGVs including horizontal transport in the form of tuggers, guided pallet trucks, light load transports, and unit load carriers as well as vertical stock selectors.