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Automated Storage Retrieval Systems

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  • BMH Robotics

    BMH AS/RS offers such benefits as bringing material to the operator cutting cycle time, reduces work-in-progress inventory, increases operator productivity, provides real-time inventory control with instant reports, and improves product quality and productivity.

  • KardexRemstar

    KardexRemstar products and systems are designed to increase productivity and accuracy while saving floor space, providing cost-effective solutions which improve handling of small items, files, media, parts, tools and dies in manufacturing, distribution, retail, office, institutions and warehouse environments.

  • Westfalia

    Westfalia designs, manufactures and installs automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) that can help you develop an efficient and automated warehouse, drive increased profitability, reduce inventory costs, and help distribute products faster.

  • Dematic

    HK Systems’ storage and retrieval machines offer automated buffering, staging and transportation of pallets, cases, bulk product or totes, minimizing labor and required floor space and maximizing existing vertical space.

  • Cisco-Eagle, Inc.

    Cisco-Eagle AS/RS systems transport, stage, retrieve and report on every inventory item with high accuracy and short times. They offer AS/RS modernizations, super high density dynamic storage systems, ACCESS systems, mini load and unit load systems, sortation systems and more.

  • Hanel

    Hanel offers the Rotomat system for warehousing, materials handling and retrieval times, with up to 60% increase in stoarge capacity and reductions in work-time. Also offered is their Lean-Lift system with vertical lift techology, using available room heights similar to high bay racking.

  • FKI Logistex

    FKI Logistex automated storage and retrieval systems employs material handling equipment to automate goods entered into storage and subsequently removed for production or distribution. These systems include automated high-bay, aisle-changing, and very-narrow-aisle cranes. Available are spare parts storage and retrieval, pallet or tote storage, and high-density warehouse crane solutions.

  • Jervis B. Webb Co.

    Webb's AS/RS provides accurate tracking of loads and absolute inventory management. Their computer-controlled AS/RS systems improve productivity of transporting, buffering and sequencing of standard and non-standard loads.

  • Daifuku America Corp.

    Daifuku's AS/RS (or ASRS) combines equipment and controls that handles, stores and retrieves materials with precision, accuracy and speed. These systems can vary greatly, from simple, manually controlled point of use storage systems to computer-controlled storage and retrieval systems.

  • Diamond Phoenix

    System Logistics offers their POWERdepot Vertical Carousel storage system. This system utilizes maximized space and productivity in many applications. The dual-chain guidance system features multiple carrier depths, maximum cube utilization, and multiple carrier clear widths and heights. Other features include max. carrier capacity of up to 2,200 lbs and an increase of up to 2.5 times picking productivity.

  • Shelf Plus

    Shelf Plus offers four types of automated storage retrieval systems, vertical lifts, vertical carousels, storage cubes and more.

  • KIVA Systems

    Kiva’s automated storage and retrieval systems increase productivity, lower costs, increase flexibility, improve worker safety, boost order accuracy and add capacity quickly. Features include fast picking, high volume order picking, rapid installation, high storage density, modular expansion, inline sortation, and simultaneous picking and replenishment.

  • AFT

    AFT manufactures rail-running, automated storage and retrieval systems that use rotating forks to access racking. SR/F installations are free standing in the warehouse building. AFT offers PC based controls that keep the inventory of all products in the racks.

  • Muratec

    Murata's offers their High Speed Unit Load AS/RS-UL Series automated storage and retrieval system. Features include speed, expansion capabilities, ease of operation selection and safety. Murata’s High Speed Mini Load AS/RS UA Series is designed with smaller quantities in mind, and features varied load capacity for single and twin fork automated storage and retrieval systems, minimized retrieval time, and single or twin fork crane options.

  • Systems Automated

    Systems Automated offers their mini load AS/RS designed to bring orders and WIP items to the person operating the system, reducing walking time and labor. Their pallet automated storage and retrieval system is used for the automatic starage and retrieval of pallet loads in high rack storage.

  • Elecompack

    Elecompack manufacturers high density mobile storage systems. These systems were originally designed to withstand the seismic requirements of Japan and other Pacific Rim countries. Their mobile shelving concept provides a cost effective way for users to maximize capacity. Shelving units are compacted together to reduce wasted space.

  • White Systems

    SencorpWhite, Inc. designs, engineers and manufactures horizontal carousels, vertical carousels, vertical lift modules, mobile inventory modules, light directed systems, robotics, rail system components and software.

  • Viastore Systems

    Viastore provides automated warehouses and logistics centers, including system design material handling, equipment, control, software and construction services. They adapt a modular concept for small warehouses that offer benefits such as inventory security, inventory reduction, increased supply capability, easy order selection, and are future oriented (modules can be added according to requirements).

  • Kasto

    Kasto offers a selection of automated storage and retrieval systems. You can choose from a long bar or a sheet metal system made mainly for the metal cutting and manufacturing industries. These AS/RS systems can be built to spec or integrate with an automated sawing center to streamline steel and metal cutting applications.

  • VanDerLand

    VanDerLande automated storage and retrieval systems are designed to automatically retrieve and store cartons, pallets or totes from racks. Storage capacity can be increased up to 60%. VanDerLande systems are engineered for automated small parts warehouses (mini loads), pallet high bay warehouses, and high throughput shuttle systems.