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  • Shuttleworth

    Shuttlework makes conveyor systems for handling material in the markets of food & bakery, paper, solar/energy, printing & binding, pharmaceutical/medical, health and beauty, electronics, automotive, industrial and consumer products. Their systems and design include vertical conveyors, corner units, ergonomic features and customized devices for customer needs.

  • Dorner

    Dorner makes conveyors used in industries that include food handling & processing, general manufacturing, medical, metal working and pharmaceutical. Their conveyor systems can be used for process applications like indexing, packaging, product sorting, material handling, metal detection and vision & identification to name a few.

  • FlexLink Systems, Inc.

    FlexLink Systems offers plastic chain, aluminum, stainless steel, and pallet and puck handling conveyor systems. Their X45 (45mm) aluminum conveyor system is a small belt design for small products. Stainless steel systems are modular with a complete range of guide rails and supports.

  • Conveyor Handling Company

    Conveyor Handling Company offers conveyors and conveyor systems in the following configurations: gravity, incline/decline belts, horizontal belt, zero pressure accumulation, line-shaft live roller, minimum pressure live roller, heavy duty horizontal slat, DC motor driven live roller, drag chain, portable, parts, etc. Model SL steel heavy duty horizontal slat conveyors are rugged in design, and they provide dependable/long-lasting performances for production and assembly line operations. These conveyors are used convey oily/hot parts through a heat drying process.

  • Cisco-Eagle, Inc.

    Cisco-Eagle makes conveyors and systems for the movement, storage, retrieval, control and protection of materials and products throughout their manufacture, distribution, consumption and disposal. Their conveyor and material handling systems are used in high-productivity operations.

  • CSE

    Conveyor Systems & Engineering are manufacturers of food handling and unit handling conveyors, and various components for the material handling industry. From standard conveyors to wire mesh belt conveyors and high temperature systems, their equipment can be used for accumulation to food handling.

  • CHL Systems

    CHL Systems makes process and material handling equipment that includes sanitary conveyors for food and pharmaceutical industries, steel mill conveyors used in heavy industry, and general manufacturing. CHL offers standard equipment and customized solutions.

  • Automated Conveyor Systems

    Automated Conveyor Systems ACS makes turnkey material handling systems. They also provide facility upgrade services.
    Their systems serve the corrugated, folding carton and bottle & can industries.

  • Jervis B. Webb Co.

    Webb makes material handling systems used in the industries including hazardous materials, aluminum, manufacturing/assembly, paper & newsprint, food & beverage, warehouse/distribution, and airport. Webb also makes custom conveyor solutions for manufacturing, storing and distributing applications.

  • PSI

    Production Systems Inc. designs and fabricates conveyor systems for handling material like plastic, metal and glass containers, bales, boxes, bags, totes, cartons and cases, rolls, drums, packages parts and pallets. PSI also makes conveyor systems for the hazardous & nuclear waste industry.

  • Quintec Integration Inc

    Quintec Integration makes conveyors, accessories, customized parts and replacement parts for existing equipment. Their conveyors include gravity, portable, accumulating, live roller and belt styles.

  • Systems Automated

    Systems Automated custom designs and integrates conveyors and control systems for materials handling applications. Those applications include cold storage systems & freezer environments, packaging & palletizing, shipping & dock automation, order picking, sorting, automation of manufacturing and of warehouse & distribution center.

  • UMD Automated Systems

    UMD Automated Systems makes conveyor solutions for the manufacturing and materials handling markets. UMD offers both pre-engineered standard conveyors for modular or complete systems and custom solutions in industries for tire & rubber/tire & wheel, automotive, steel, appliance, sand and gravel, package transport and transportation & trailer.

  • Wrabacon Creative Automation

    Wrabacon Creative Automation designs and manufactures conveying equipment and systems for material handling needs to accumulate, merge, divert, pick and place, stack, denest, lid and etc.  Wrabacon automated conveyor systems can handle product as stand-alone units or be integrated for a customer's in-use equipment, programmable for speeds compatible with upstream or downstream components.

  • LaRos

    LaRos makes conveyors for general purpose use in manufacturing, carton indexing, part/runner separating and parts handling. They are also a distributor for Roach Conveyors, Lewco Conveyors, TAKK Static Control Equipment, S & S Metal Separators, ProLine Work Stations and others.

  • DynaCon

    DynaCon makes reconfigurable modular conveyors. They can make custom conveyors to suit customer needs and can reconfigure customer systems. DynaCon also offers portable conveyors. They make conveyor models in plastic belt, powered roller, gravity, and ARB styles, parts separators and parts filling systems.

  • San Fab

    San Fab manufactures all types of conveyor systems, from gravity and belt conveyors to table top, lin shaft and mill duty conveyors.

  • Titan

    Titan manufactures custom industrial conveyors and conveyor systems, including roller, steel belt and rubber belt styles of conveyors. They make custom conveyor systems and those for special applications. Industries served include waste paper processing, robotics, scrap metal, packagin, pallet & drum, tire & wheel systems and warehouse cased product.

  • Integrated Conveyor Systems

    Integrated Conveyor Systems designs and manufactures specialty conveyors. Their units include induction, high-speed sorting belt conveyors and sortation chutes.

  • Bulk Pro Systems, LLC

    Bulk Pro Systems manufactures equipment for monitoring belt conveyors including rope pull cords, belt misalignment, zero speed, belt damage and plugged chute detectors.  All equipment is designed for rugged outdoor applications with epoxy based paints and stainless steel exposed parts.  Many items are approved for explosion proof areas and CE Mark countries.