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  • American Equipment

    American Equipment designs, manufactures and installs material handling equipment including various industrial cranes for factory automation applications.

  • American Crane, Inc.

    American Crane designs and manufactures cranes for automated applications. American Crane cranes feature state-of-the-art controls and posistioning equipment to meet precise customer requirements.

  • Cynergy Automation

    Cynergy Ergonomics manufactures a full line of automated material handling products including ergonomic cranes, vacuum tube lifters, vacuum lifting devices, custom lifting devices, manipulator arms and automated cranes for automation and manufacturing applications.

  • Kone Cranes

    Kone is a manufacturer of industrial overhead cranes, lifting systems, trolley and end trucks and load control technologies. Kone also offers port cranes, process cranes, hoists and lift trucks for a broad range of lifting applications.

  • Gorbel

    Gorbel manufactures custom automated crane systems. Gorbel automation cranes are designed for handling large, heavy loads that require lower speeds and these systems can repeat movements up to +/-1/4" to 3/8", depending on the application.

  • Han-Tek Integrated Handling Solutions

    Han-Tek is a manufacturer of industrial crane and hoist systems for material handling applications. Han-Tek has can design and manufacture crane and industrial hoisting systems to handle loads nearing 300 tons.

  • Magnetek

    Magnetek material Handling designs and manufactures automatic cranes & monorail process control products including collision avoidance systems, radio remonte control products, inverter duty motors, power delvery systems and pendant solutions.

  • Overhead Crane Ltd.

    Overhead Crane designs and manufactures crane systems and also offers installation services for custom cranes and conveyors serving a wide range of industries.

  • PaR Systems

    PaR Systems is a crane manufacturer that specializes in bridge cranes and also offers custom engineered cranes for construction, oilfield and aerospace applications.

  • SOS

    SOS manufactures overhead bridge cranes for material handling applications. Bridge crane types available from SOS include top running single girder, top running double birder, under running single girder and under running double girder cranes.

  • Kalmar

    Cargotec manufactures automatic stacking crane systems for a variety of automation applications such as yard stacking and in-stack transportation of containers in storage areas. Models have a railspan of 6-10 containers wide, stacking height of 1-over-5 containers, hoisting speed of 45-90 m/min and a gantry speed of 180-270 m/min.

  • OCI

    Overhead Cranes International designs, engineers, manufactures, installs and services material handling systems. OCI develops unique projects for jib, overhead, workstation and gantry cranes, as well as hoists, monorails, trolleys and winches.

  • Morris Material Handling

    Morris Material Handling manufactures and installs overhead lifting products, including single and double girder top running and under running cranes, jib cranes, gantry cranes and semi gantry cranes, workstation channel track type cranes, bridge cranes and monorail cranes for a range of applications.

  • American Crane & Hoist

    American Crane & Hoist manufactures a variety of custom and manufactured gantrys, cranes, hoists and monorails including top running cranes, bottom running cranes and both single and double girder models for a braod range of applications including factory automation and aerospace.

  • TC American

    TC America is a manufacturer of monorail systems used in manufacturing and warehousing applications. Systems can a complex custom engineered crane or a simple traveling hoist. The advantage that monorails have over ground based systems is that they take up no floor space.

  • Royal Arc

    Royal Arc Manufacturing designs, builds and installs monorail systems and cranes for heavy lifting and moving operations in a variety of industrial environments. Products include jib cranes, top running cranes, under running cranes, monorials, coil transport equipment and gantry cranes. Custom fabrcations are also available.

  • Burnett Equipment

    Burnett Equipment manufactures patented track cranes including single girder, double girder, gantry and trasfer cranes with load capacitys up to 30 tons and heavy duty tractor drivews for all motor driven cranes.

  • COH Inc

    COH Inc. is a manufacturer of custom cranes used in various material handling applications. Products include coil handling cranes, magnet service cranes, hot metal handling cranes, billet handling cranes, and magnet scrap charging cranes.

  • David Round

    David Round manufactures a variety of industrial cranes including stainless steel hoists, jib cranes, custom engineered lifting equeipent and floor cranes. David Round also offers difficult material handling solutions such as a custom hoist or custom winch products.

  • Dematic

    Dematic manufactures overhead monorails, also called electric suspension monorails, for a variety of industries such as the food and beverage industry and the dairy industry. These monorails supply raw materials, link up production and deliver pallets to dispatch.