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  • Eriez

    Eriez offers a line of vibratory equipment to feed, screen and convey materials from spoonfuls to tons/hour. Eriez' Technical Center develops custom vibratory and screening equipment for many applications.

  • Schenck AccuRate

    Schenck AccuRate manufactures feeders for use in the food, pharmaceutical, plastic and chemical industries. They produce model designs for  extruder manufacturers and compounders in the plastic industry; volumetric feeders with their Tuf-Flex™ seamless vinyl hopper for moving material; their vibratory feeder has the ability to gravimetrically or volumetrically meter friables, abrasives, and stranded fiberglass, while the PureFeed® AI-300 is designed for low feed rate applications.

  • Accu-Tech Automation

    Accu-Tech Automation designs and manufactures vibratory feeders to handle parts handling and factory automation needs, including medical device assembly in clean room environments. They can custom manufacture an inline or straight electromagnetic vibrator system. Their customized system and equipment capabilities also range from a single vibratory feeder bowl to an entire factory assembly line for plant automation.

  • Bradman Lake Group

    Bradman Lake Group manufactures a comprehensive range of fully automated feeding systems that includes the high speed Inline Phase Feeder Unit offering up to 1200 pieces of regular and irregular product per minute, and a modular construction. Another design is the Product Orientation feeder available in different widths and lengths, and number of base and side belts. Their Shuttle Phase Feeder work similarly to the Inline Phase, transferring product to the inline infeed of the flow wrapping machine.

  • Carrier

    Carrier manufactures vibrating feeders with designs that include high temperature for handling material up to 2000 degrees F, tuned, two-mass, natural frequency, direct-drive and two-directional conveying. Their natural frequency drive system design can reach capacities of up to 3,000 tons per hour. While Carriersingle mass twin drivevibrating feeder capacities range up to 1,000 tons per hour.

  • California Vibratory Feeders, Inc.

    California Vibratory Feeders produces automated equipment that orients parts by centrifugal feeders or vibratory feeder bowls. They custom design their automated equipment to customer requirements, and serve industries including medical & pharmaceutical, cosmetic, aerospace, electronics, irrigation, hardware and more.

  • CDS Manufacturing

    CDS designs and manufactures vibratory parts feeder systems, including bowl and linear vibratory parts feeder systems. CDS vibratory bowl feeder systems range from from 6" to 36" in diameter, fully automatic base mounted and table top systems.  Their linear vibratory feeders are also available as table top and machine base mounted systems, with applications in cosmetic, automotive and plastic industries for example.

  • The Cleveland Vibrator Co.

    The Cleveland Vibrator Co. is a manufacturer of industrial vibrators and vibratory equipment. They have a wide range of light, medium, and heavy duty vibratory feeders for controlling the flow of bulk materials. This includes a pneumatic powered model and electromagnetic drives for light and medium duty. The model EMF uses dual rotary electric vibrator drives available in 4 speeds for medium to heavy duty applications. These drives all produce a linear motion for fully adjustable volumetric flow.

  • Custom Feeder Company

    The Custom Feeder Company builds part feeding equipment, from single vibratory bowls to multi-component systems. They are capable of building fully automated inline feeders, simple and complex units.

  • Dura Feed

    Dura Feed, Inc. designs and manufactures vibratory part feeder systems. This includes sorting feeders, assembly, cap and screw feeders, and feeders for a large variety of metal, plastic and foam parts. Industries served include electrical, pharmaceutical, automotive and packaging.

  • Fortville Feeders

    Fortville Feeders custom builds parts feeding equipment and systems. Their feed system builds include vibratory, centrifugal and tracking -whether motor driven and/or custom vibratory inline track, bulk storage hoppers. Vibratory feed systems are customized to customer specifications for the output rate and orientation. While centrifugal feed systems are equipped with Variable Speed D.C. Motor Drive for high feed rate applications; available in sizes 10" to 60".

  • Greenfield Feeders

    Greenfield Feeders, Inc. builds feeder systems, from feeder bowls and belt conveyors to in-line feeders and blow feeding systems. GFI offers two standard drive configurations for their in-line feeders, lengths starting from 6" up to customer requirement.

  • Jeffrey Rader

    Jeffrey Rader builds large-scale vibrating feeders for coal, minerals, chemicals and other bulk materials. Jeffrey vibrating feeder models include electromagnetic and electromechanical vibratory feeders for coal, chemicals, blending, etc.; twin-motor and super-duty vibrating feeders for high-impact applications, wet or sticky material; with vibrating conveyors for moving wood waste, aggregates, chemicals, for example.

  • JVI

    JVI is a manufacturer of application specific vibratory material handling equipment including vibratory feeders. Their electromechanical and electromagnetic linear trough and tube feeders are built in a single mass design for low maintenance. Their tube feeders are available with electromechanical or electromagnetic drives, and available with similar options as JVI pan feeders, lengths up to 25 feet. The TITAN is a multiple vibratory feeder discharge system ideal for use under truck or railcar dump stations. JVI also builds bi-directioinal feeders, dosing feeders and volumetric feeders.

  • K-Tron

    K-Tron engineers feeding systems and pneumatic conveying solutions for automating material handling in process industries. With a wide variety of models and design options they offer feeder systems for liquid loss-in-weight feeding, screw-less low rate additive feeding, and more. They build a variety of gravimetric feeder models with designs that include loss-in-weight, weigh belt feeder, multi-stream ratio control, and compact models. Besides gravimetric and volumetric feeders K-Tron designs and builds gain-in-weight batching systems, and specialty feeders for unique applications.

  • Parts Feeders Inc

    Parts Feeders, Inc. designs, manufactures and sells vibratory parts handling equipment and their components. Their feeding systems range from cascade design, straight wall or outside tooled bowl, to systems that are operator assisted as part of the assembly line. Their high speed nail feeders feature standard models to handle round or notch head nails and screws with smooth, spiral, or ring shanks, and specialty options for feeding "D" head nails. Other feeders include the HS300 High Speed Pin Feeder that will feed simple pins at up to 300 inches per minute. 

  • Performance Feeders Inc

    Performance Feeders, Inc. is a custom builder of vibratory and centrifugal feeders, parts handling systems, bulk elevators, vibratory tracks, placement devices, bulk storage hoppers and escapement mechanisms. They are also an authorized dealer for Hoppmann centrifugal feeders. Designs include step and vibratory spring feeding systems. Feeder applications include munition, medical and automotive industries.

  • Pineberry Manufacturing

    Pineberry Manufacturing offers feeders that can be used for collating, wrapping, tipping, batching, bundling and cartoning for the packaging, material handling, mailing, fulfillment and graphic arts industries. Their low-maintenance, servo-controlled feeders feature solid plate construction and 24-hour duty cycles.

  • Rodix

    Rodix provides vibratory feeder controls, drive bases, inline track drives and bulk storage hoppers for the automation and parts feeding industries. Able to meet any special design requirement to provide special packaging, features, and quantities for many applications.

  • R-Tech Feeders

    R-TECH Feeders designs and manufactures bowls that solved the problems for hardware, electronic, automotive, pharmaceutical, packaging and other industries. Rate requirements have varied from 1 per minute to 1000+ per minute with a failure rate of zero. R-TECH offers a variety of feeder bowls, feeder assemblies, and feeder systems.