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  • A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp.

    ABC Packaging manufactures palletizers and unitizers for cases, bags, trays and plastic totes. The company's line of automatic and semi-automatic palletizers are PLC operated with touchscreen control. Palletizer models include low-level design palletizers and high-speed floor level palletizers. Other palletizers feature extending forming tables or are built to handle heavy loads for case palletizing.

  • Columbia Machine Inc.

    Columbia Machine Inc. manufactures floor level palletizers, high level palletizers, and robotic palletizers for the food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, personal hygiene, building products, paper, and chemical industries. The company's palletizers are capable of palletizing 20 to 150 cases per minute, depending on model. Columbia also manufactures load transfer stations and performs systems integration for palletizers.

  • Conveyor Handling Company

    Conveyor Handling Company offers robotic palletizers for improving end of line operations. Custom gantry palletizers have over 2,000 lb payloads, large work envelopes, linear/area gantry styles, and multiple robotic heads working cooperatively in the same workspace. These palletizers can palletize over 100 SKUs under the same robot, and they feature an open design that allows access to all hardware (for easy preventative maintenance).

  • vonGal

    vonGal designs, supplies and installs palletizers to the baking, bottling, brewing, paint, pet food and publishing industries.The company's line of equipment includes a high speed palletizer, a floor level palletizer, and a high speed stretchwrap palletizer. The company also designs an integrated palletizer/wrapper combination and palletizers capable of handing fragile packages.

  • Pasco

    Pasco designs and manufactures robotic palletizers, robotic bag placers, and a family of conventional palletizers for smaller and larger volume producing companies. Pasco's line of conventional palletizers includes: drum, drum pail keg, pail, pail case, dual stacking pail, low level case, high level bag, and low level bag palletizers. The company also provides pallet dispenser/stackers and slipsheet dispensers.

  • Top Tier

    Top Tier manufactures low product infeed palletizers, high product infeed palletizers, concurrent stretch wrap palletizers, stacker palletizers and hybrid robotic palletizers. The company's high speed models are capable of palletizing 50 cycles per minute.

  • Chantland

    Chantland manufactures robotic palletizers and conventional bag palletizers. The company's four robotic models include a low-cost palletizer, which uses less energy than most hair dryers, and a high-speed robot capable of palletizing more than 20 cycles per minute. Chantland's four conventional palletizer models can handle paper, poly, and jute bags up to 110lbs, and have a production rate of 10 to 40 bags per minute.

  • FKI Logistex

    FKI Logistex distributes Alvey palletizers for cases, shrinkpacks, totes, bales and trays. The Alvey family of palletizers includes: hybrid palletizers, very high-speed case palletizers, mid-speed case palletizers, high-speed palletizers, floor level palletizers, and robotic palletizers. Some of the company's palletizers can reach a production rate of 220 cases per minute.

  • Schneider

    Schneider manufactures palletizing systems for the food, paper, household, replication, industrial, pharmaceutical, plastics and beverage industries. The company's line of palletizers includes: multi-line palletizing systems, single-line palletizing systems, high-level palletizer systems, bag palletizing systems, and robotic case packing.

  • Lambert Material Handling

    Lambert Material Handling designs, manufactures and installs semi-automatic palletizers; low-level infeed bundle or carton palleters; and high-level infeed bag or carton palletizers. The company is also an authorized system integrator for FANUC robotic palletizers.

  • Columbia Okura

    Columbia Okura is a provider of palletizing systems for case, bag, tray, tote, bundle, crate or pail applications within the food, beverage and consumer industries. The company provides robotic palletizing applications solutions and convention palletizing solutions from Columbia Machine Inc.

  • Westfalia

    Westfalia distributes KUKA robotic palletizers and Fuji robotic palletizers for cases, pails, bags and barrel handling. The KUKA palletizers feature a large product range, from small robots that can handle 3 kg payloads to larger robots that can handle 570kg. The Fuji Robotics palletizers can handle up to 26 cycles per minute.

  • Fuji Robotics

    Fuji Robotics manufactures four robotic palletizer models that feature advanced programming packages, touch screen control, linear track design, ultra-quiet operation, improved efficiencies and maximum flexibility. Depending on model, each robotic palletizer has a palletizing capacity of 500 to 1,800 cycles per hour.

  • JMC

    JMC integrates and supplies a robotic palletizing system for bag, case and pail applications. The system features FANUC Robotics' M-410ic series robot palletizer, which is intended for high-speed/high-payload operations.

  • Uni-Pak Corporation

    Uni-Pak Corporation manufactures automatic and semi-automatic bulk container palletizers and empty container palletizers for cans, PET and glass bottles and jars.

  • Sigma Supply

    A supplier of palletizers to the consumer product, food, and beverage industries, Sigma Supply offers four types of palletizers including floor-level palletizers, high-level palletizers, robotic palletizers, and multi-line palletizers.

  • PAI (Production Automation Inc.)

    PAI manufactures three series of high speed, continuous motion, in-line palletizers. Each palletizer can handle a range of case sizes including unsupported shrinkwrap cases. Depending on model each palletizer has a speed range of 25 cases, 60 cases, or 100 to 200 cases per minute.

  • Dematic

    Dematic is a supplier of vonGal palletizers to the baking, bottling, brewing, paint, pet food and publishing industries.