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    AARFID offers card and label printers in a variety of configurations. EDIsecure XID 590ie re-transfer printers feature convenient front-loading systems, double-sided printing capabilities, printer password protection, and a high-capacity card production design. These printers feature resolutions up to 300 DPI, print speeds ranging from 120 to 840 cards/hr, 100 card output hopper capacities, and 343 x 347 x 381 mm printer dimensions.

  • ABSS

    ABSS offers XiIIIPlus platform RFID printers in a variety of configurations. These printers feature print speeds up to 300 DPI, 3.2" ribbon OD sizes, and thermal transfer operating temperatures ranging from 41 to 104°C. They have multiple power settings, automatic program position selections, and ThingMagic UHF integration.

  • Datamax

    Datamax-O'Neil offers R-Series RFID printers for healthcare, distribution, beverage, food, and manufacturing applications. These printers feature 4.25" print widths, print speeds ranging from 8 to 10 IPS, ±0.05" chip location tolerances, and resolutions ranging from 203 to 300 DPI.

  • Intermec

    Intermec offers RFID printers in a variety of configurations. Model PC43d/PC43t desktop printers feature a modular/IT-friendly design, user-installable connectivity, fast throughput capabilities, and 1/2-1" ribbon cores. These printers have humidity ratings ranging from 10 to 80%, operating temperatures ranging from +40 to 104°F, up to 128 MB of flash memory, and a 2.36" VGA LCD user interfaces.

  • Printronix

    Printronix offers a range of UHF RFID printers: the SL5000r, SL4M and SLPA8000r. The SL5000r is an RFID printer for true Gen 2 RFID encoding. The SL4M is a 4 inch UHF RFID smart label printer and encoder. The SLPA8000r encodes, prints and applies tags at a speed of 100 labels per minute in resolutions of 203 and 300 dpi.

  • SATO America

    SATO America's offers RFID printers such as the CL408e RFID, CL415e RFID and M8485Se RFID. The CLe Series printers are high performance and high value printers that support EPC Class 0+, 1, Gen 2, I-Code, and Tag-it. The CL408 and CL412 have a memory of 18-20MB, 4.1" wide print area, 203/305 dpi print resolution and plug-in interface modules. The M8485Se RFID is a high speed print engine that supports EPC Class 1 and Gen 2. It has a 203 dpi resolution, 5" wide print area, print speed of 12 inches/second, plug in interface modules and 18-20 MB of memory.

  • Tharo Systems

    Tharo Systems produces the H-Series RFID label printers. These printers feature a durable/all-metal construction, resolution ratings ranging from 203 to 300 DPI, label roll capacities up to 203mm, and ribbon capacities up to 450m. They have 32 bit CPUs, 4 MB of flash memory, and print speed capabilities up to 177.8mm/sec.

  • RFID Shop

    RFID Shop offers Toshiba TEC B-SX4T, B-SX5T and Zebra R4Mplus RFID printers. TEC B-SX4 printers feature 203 DPI resolutions, a 32 bit CPU, 4 MB of flash memory, and print speeds up to 254 mm/sec. Zebra R4Mplus printers support EPC UHF and ISO 18000-6B UHF protocols.

  • Weber

    Weber offers Zebra RZ Series printer-encoders for tagging compliance initiative and closed-loop item tracking applications. These printers feature resolutions up to 600 DPI, print widths up to 6.6", adjustable transmissive sensors, and maximum liner/label lengths up to 7.0". They are compatible with 3.2" OD sized ribbons with a 3:1 media roll to ribbon ratio.

  • Zebra

    Zebra offers RFID printers in a variety of configurations. RPAX passive RFID printers have order/compliance labeling, shipping, receiving, and cross docking applications. These printers feature left/right hand configurations, dual media sensors, thin film print heads, and a real-time clock. They have resolution ratings ranging from 203 to 300 DPI and 2 MB of flash memory.