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  • ABSS

    ABSS offers a variety of RFID products, including inlays, labels, tags, readers, printers, and antennas. Motorola FX7400 RFID readers come with 64 MB of flash/ram, Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 direct application hosting capabilities, EPC Global LLRP interface support, and a die-cast aluminum construction. These readers feature flexible firmware upgrades, auto-discovery options, 2-4 port designs, visual status indicators, and a 24 Vdc power supply.

  • Intermec

    Intermec offers RFID readers, printers, and antennas. IF2 network readers feature durable enclosures, multi-region operations, scalable/low-cost deployments, and built-in powered general purpose outputs/inputs. These readers have a variety of applications, including logistics, industrial manufacturing, stretch warp stations, conveyor scanning, etc. PF2i RFID printers are IATA 1740c compliant, they feature IPv6 support, and WiFi/CCX secure wireless connectivity. IA33D/IA33E antenna cells enable inexpensive/fast installations, and they are developed specifically for forklift installation applications.

  • RFID Shop

    The RFID Shop offers a wide selection of RFID readers, printers, kits, and antennas. Access 7A readers have current consumption ratings up to 100 mA, 24V voltages, temperature ratings ranging from -40 to +55°C, and a plastic construction. These readers are CE certified, buzzer control configurable, IP67 protected, and LED/tri-color designed. They are robust, functional, and ideally suited for harsh environments.

  • Alien Technology

    Alien Technology offers RFID readers in a variety of configurations, including single-antenna, hand-held RFID reader, high performance, etc. Model ALR-9900 Enterprise RFID readers feature antenna reflection cancellation, enhanced noise rejection, automatic inventory optimization, and Higgs-3 IC support. These readers have frequency ranges from 902 to 928 MHz, an 8 output design, IP53 environmental ratings, and 40G shock accelerations.

  • Barcoding Inc.

    Barcoding Inc. supplies a wide range of RFID products, including interpreters, wedges, active shelf inventory systems, compliance kits, printers/encoders, professional serivces, readers, software, tags/labels, site survey kits, etc. CaptureTech RFID site survey kits come with UHF Gen2 RFID tag samples, survey checklists/guides, hand tools, RF test cables, high grain external antennas, general purpose multi-meters, etc.

  • Biomark

    Biomark offers RFID tags, labels, inlays, readers, and antennas. Biomark PIT tags come in four configurations, and they feature a glass encapsulation construction, which allows for unique identification. These tags range in size from 8.4 to 22mm, and they have wildlife and fish-research applications.

  • Data Max Corp

    Data Max Corp offers R-Series RFID printers/encoders in multiple configurations. H-Class printers have resolutions ranging from 203 to 600 DPI, print speeds up to 12 IPS, 8.52° print widths, and 7-button 240x320 graphical back-lit displays. These printers are field installable, media compatible, and constructed with steel cabinet protection.

  • Metal Craft

    Metalcraft's offers RFID tags and labels in the following configurations: universal asset, universal hard, windshield, hand, standard, rearview mirror, folded tab, and Sentry-M. Universal RFID asset tags feature thicknesses ranging from 0.002" to 0.085", mild to moderate caustic/solvent resistance, and permanent pressure-sensitive adhesives. These tags have mobile and fixed asset tracking applications.

  • Intelleflex

    Intelleflex offers RFID readers and antennas in a variety of configurations. Model HMR-9090 handheld barcode/RFID readers feature an ergonomic/rugged design, EPCglobal C1G2 compliance, IEC/ISO support, and Intelleflex tag integration. These readers are capable of 1W power outputs, nominal read ranges from 0.2 to 100 feet, and electrostatic discharges ranging from +/-8 to 15 kVdc. Applications include harvesting, construction, biological temperature monitoring, pharmaceuticals, perishable food, shippers, packers, etc.

  • Laird Technologies

    Laird Technologies provides RFID antennas with Artificial Intelligence Optimization (AIO). Featured designs for RFID antennas include US Band Mini CP RFID S9025P, HR Slab, and Forklift antenna. Antennas operate in domestic and international UHF RFID frequencies.

  • Motorola

    Motorola offers RFID tags, labels, inlays, readers, and antennas in a variety of configurations. Motorola RFID readers feature easy-to-use programming interfaces, pinpoint locating technology, MAX RFID antennas, and a highly efficient reader engine. These readers have 256 MB of RAM, 3" QVGA color displays, 48-key alpha-numeric keyboards, and integrated orientation antennas.

  • Printronix

    Printronix offers RFID thermal bar code printers in multiple configurations. SL4M thermal bar code printers feature 32MB of DRAM, upgradeable/snap-in printheads, a large graphic user interface, and a rugged metal construction. These highly durable printers have commercial/industrial applications. 

  • RFID

    RFID offers RFID tags, labels, and inlays for the following applications: aerospace, agriculture, apparel, automotive, baggage, car wash, chemical, chip timing, cold chain, construction, data center, footwear, food, etc. Omni-ID solo RFID tags feature low cost entry, intrinsic safety, long reads up to 15m, and single use durable tags. These tags are capable of maximizing ROI, decreasing deployment complexity, increasing versatility, and decreasing asset audit time.

  • SATO America

    SATO America manufactures SATO RFID printer to read, write and print labels, visual images, text and barcodes. SATO RFID products include hardware, software, and consumables.

  • Sirit

    Sirit offers RFID tags, labels, and inlays in a variety of configurations. Model RSI-650 antennas have operating frequencies ranging from 865.6 to 928 MHz, ISO 18000-6C supported protocols, operating temperatures ranging from -40 to 185°F, and data transfer rates up to 640 KBPS.

  • SkyeTek

    SkyeTek offers RFID reader modules in a variety of configurations. SkyeModule Gemini NFE/MiFare readers feature 5V power supplies, 3DES authentication, 13.56 MHz frequency ratings, and NFC tag emulation. These readers are ideal for the following environments: security, safety, ticketing, medical, OEM, etc.

  • Tag Master

    Tag Master offers RFID tags, labels, inlays, and readers in a variety of configurations. LR-3 pro readers feature IP 65 encapsulation, operating temperatures ranging from -22 to +140°F, 5W power consumption ratings, and power supply ratings ranging from 10 to 30 VDC. These readers have low RF power outputs, real-time clocks, frequency hopping capabilities, and a reading range of up to 5 meters.

  • Tagsys RFID

    Tagsys offers RFID tags, labels, inlays, relays, and antennas. LinTRAK RFID UHF tags operate at frequencies ranging from 868 to 960 MHz, and they can handle pressures up to 36.28 PSI. These tags are ideally used for uniform identification applications, by incorporating it into the hem or sewing it onto the sleeve.

  • Tharo Systems

    Tharo Systems offers RFID printers and readers. H-Series RFID label printers have resolution ratings ranging from 203 to 300 DPI, memory capacities ranging from 4 to 16 MB, operating temperatures ranging from 32 to 104°F, and 32 bit CPUs. These printers feature 32 bit CPUs, 450m ribbon lengths, and media thicknesses ranging from 0.06 to 0.25mm.

  • ThingMagic

    ThingMagic manufactures a wide variety of readers and kits. M6e high-performance UHF RFID reader modules feature four 50 Ohm MMCX connectors, operating temperatures ranging from -40 to +60°C, tag read ratings to over 400 tags/second, and speeds up to 921.6 kbps. These readers are small/mobile enough to use in a variety of mobile applications.