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  • Texas Instruments

    Texas Instruments offers readers and reader modules in a variety of configurations, including micro, remote antenna, high performance RFM, USB, antenna tuning board, mini-RFM, etc. These readers feature 134.2 kHz frequencies, antenna inductance ratings ranging from 8 to 80 μH, operating temperatures ranging from -40 to 85°C, and supply voltages ranging from 5 to 25 VDC. They come in dimensions ranging from 38.3 x 29.3 x 13.5 to 200 x 120 x 120 mm.


    AARFID supplies a variety of 13.56 MHz and 915 MHz RFID readers. AlienALR 9800 RFID readers have 500 KHz channel spacing ratings, frequencies ranging from 902.75 to 927.25 MHz, operating temperatures ranging from -4 to +122°F, and IP53 dust/moisture protection. These readers feature dense/robust interference reader management, data protection capabilities, a large performance ratio, and flexible API.

  • ABSS

    ABSS Co supplies RFID readers in a variety of configurations. Model MC9090-G RFID handheld mobile readers have the following applications: supply/logistics, baggage parts tracking, warehouse management, returns processing, shipping, put-away, store receiving, supply-line replenishing, etc. These readers feature multi-modal scanning capabilities, a rugged construction, EPC Gen 2 (DRM) support, and global deployment flexibility. They come with 64 MB of ram, output power ratings up to 100 mW, and IP64 environmental sealing protection.

  • Active Wave Inc

    Active Wave Inc offers RFID readers for portable device applications. These readers feature virtual portable memory, real-time operating systems, and fast/easy system integration. They can operate in ranges up to 300 meters.

  • Vizbee RFID Solutions

    Vizbee RFID Systems Ltd. is a manufacturer of RFID product and solutions for tracking people and assets. Available products incldue RFID handheld readers for inventory managment applications. RDFI readers available feature login capabilities, asset tagging assignment, iventory recording, search, stock level checking and misplaced product identification as well as bulk tag assignment and picking order functionality.

  • Alien Technology

    Alien Technology offers a wide selection of RFID readers. Model ALH-900x handheld readers feature a 3,000 maH lithium battery pack, an IP65 sealed construction (water/dust resistant), and a lightweight/ergonomic design. These readers have asset management, manufacturing, and supply chain applications.

  • Biomark

    Biomark offers the readers in the following configurations: FS1001M & FS1001A, FS2001F-ISO, 601 Series, mini-portable, pocket, and pocket EX. 601 Series readers are light-weight, durable, and capable of withstanding various elements. These readers have hexadecimal displays, and they can detect HDX/FDX-B tags. Pocket EX readers feature 500 tag code internal memories, and they can detect 134.2 and 125 kHz tags.

  • Intelleflex

    Intelleflex offers RFID readers for a variety of applications, including mobile, liquid, metal, packaged foods, personal tracking, etc. Model CMR-6100 cellular readers feature integrated GPS/GSM capabilities, backup power ports, GPIO/ethernet connectivity, and support for two antennas. These readers have 12.27" x 6.85" x 1.36" dimensions, operating temperatures ranging from -20 to +70°C, and RoHS compliance.

  • Intermec

    Intermec offers RFID fixed, handheld, and vehicle mount readers. Model IV7 vehicle mount RFID readers feature general purpose outputs/inputs, serial attachment capabilities, a rugged/cast-aluminum alloy housing, and a variety of mobile mount applications. These readers have IP65 compliance, operating temperatures ranging from -13 to 131°F, frequency ranges from 865 to 915 MHz, and supply voltages up to 60V.

  • Motorola

    Motorola's line of RFID readers include RD5000 Mobile RFID reader, XR450 Fixed RFID reader, FX7400 Fixed RFID reader, MC9090-G RFID Handheld Mobile Computer and XR480 RFID reader for European Deployments. The RD5000 Mobile RFID reader integrates 802.11a/b/g WLAN radios, bluetooth, rugged antenna and self contained battery power. The XR450 Fixed RFID reader supports 4 monostatic and 4 bi-static ports, global operations, Microsoft Windows CE5.0 direct application hosting and Intel XScale processor with 64 MB ram/64 MB flash. The FX7400 Fixed RFID reader features PoE, GPIO, management software, 2 port and 4 port reader configurations while supporting Microsoft Windows CE5.0 direct application hosting with 64 MB ram/64 MB flash. The MC9090-G RFID Handheld Mobile Computer supports EPC Gen2, Dense Reader Mode (DRM), 1D and 2D bar code scanning, RFID and imaging. The XR480 RFID reader for European Deployments supports 4 - 8 read points, Microsoft Windows CE5.0 direct application hosting and Intel XScale processor with 64 MB ram/64 MB flash.

  • SkyeTek

    SkyeTek offers high (13.56 MHz) and ultra-high frequency (860-960 MHz) embedded RFID reader modules in a variety of configurations. SkyeModule M9 embedded UHF RFID reader modules feature multiple host interfaces, easy firmware upgrades, configurable output power, and minimal power consumptions. These readers are cost-effective, low in power consumption, highly scalable, and able to meet strict regulatory requirements.

  • Tag Master

    Tagmaster offers readers in a variety of configurations. Model TM702-SLP Celebes readers have asset management, environmental monitoring, and sensor/tag configuring applications. These readers feature flexible interfaces, multiple antenna options, configurable radio modes, and secure wireless configurations. They can handle temperatures ranging from -4 to 160°F, operating frequencies ranging from 2.4 to 2.5 GHz ISM, and current consumptions up to 300 mA.

  • Tagsys RFID

    Tagsys offers RFID readers in a variety of configurations. Medio P232/P233 readers feature power supplies ranging from 10 to 24 VDC, 1 Watt output power ratings, operating frequencies up to 13.56 MHz, and 2.36 x 1.57 x 1.96" dimensions. Medio S004 short-range readers feature single/multiple write/read applications, standby mode options, easy integrations, and a single sided board architecture. These readers have 100 mA power consumption ratings, 1 input/output, and output power ratings up to 200 mW.

  • Tharo Systems

    Tharo Systems manufactures handheld, PR100 handheld, and stationary RFID readers. Model PR100 handheld RFID readers feature graphical LCD screens, storage capacity for up to 4,000 RFID scans, circular polarization, and a read range of up to 5 feet. These readers can handle operating temperatures ranging from -20 to 50°C, frequencies ranging from 905 to 917 MHz, and RF power ratings up to EIRP 300 mW.

  • RFID Shop

    RFID Shop offers RFID readers in the following configurations: access, smart card, UHF (860-960 MHz), HF (13.56 MHz), and LF (<132 kHz). Model SDID1210/SDID1212 SD readers feature power consumption ratings ranging from 40 to 300 mA, 3.3V power supplies, operating frequencies ranging from 125 to 134.2 kHz, and 63.5 x 27.5 x 9.85 mm dimensions. These low-frequency readers can be plugged into PDAs or any other SD-slot capable hand-held device.

  • ThingMagic

    ThingMagic manufactures Mercury6e 4-port, Mercury5e high performance, and M5e-Compact mercury-embedded RFID readers. M6e high-performance 4-port UHF RFID modules feature tag rates of over 400 tags/second, operating temperatures ranging from -40 to +60°C, speed support up to 921.6 kbps, and port operations up to +31.5 dBm. These readers are compact enough to utilize in mobile applications.

  • Tracient Technologies

    Tracient Technologies manufactures HF and UHF handheld/mobile RFID readers. PadlR HF handheld bluetooth readers feature wireless PDA connections, full writing/reading functionality, single button operations, an ergonomic design, and wall/counter-top mount applications. These readers can handle operating temperatures ranging from -10 to +60°C, reading ranges up to 12 cm, and data rates ranging from ~26 to ~106 kbps.

  • Vuance

    Vuance supplies AutoAccess long range vehicle ID readers for hands-free vehicle identification. These readers feature onmi-directional or directional antennas, AutoLocate dynamic tag tracking capabilities, and securely encrypted transmissions. They have tag read ranges from 0.50 to 600 feet, 433.92 MHz Rx frequencies, and operational temperatures ranging from -40 to 158°F.