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RFID Tags, Labels and Inlays

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  • UPM Raflatac

    UPM RFID manufactures RFID tags and inlays for label, hang-tag, and hard-tag applications.

  • RFID Shop

    RFID Shop manufactures RFID tags, cards, and labels for a variety of applications, including ID cards, ID wristbands, tags, etc. HID tear shape black industrial tags feature a classic keyfob shape, a polycarbonate construction, and 31 x 40 x 4.8 mm dimensions. These tags are IP67 water immersion protected, they can handle operating temperatures ranging from -25 to +50°C, and operating frequencies up to 125 kHz.

  • Tagsys RFID

    Tagsys RFID manufactures high and ultra high frequency ruggedized/flexible RFID tags for the following applications: embedding, encapsulation, injection, etc. GemTRAK RFID UHF labels are specifically designed for use in the jewelry industry, and they are adaptable to a variety of jewelry pieces, including necklaces, earrings, rings, etc. These labels feature up to 240 bits ePC in memory, they meet ISO/Class 1/Generation 2 protocols, and measure 3.78 x 1 x 0.04" in size.

  • Tag Master

    Tagmaster is a manufacturer of a wide range of RFID products for the following applications: transportation systems, long range identification, security installations, vehicle access, environmental control, telemetry, etc. Model XT-3HD readers feature IP66 protected enclosures, GEN4 TagMaster Linux system software, CE certification, and ISO compliance. These readers can handle temperatures ranging from -40 to +140°F, and they have railway applications.

  • Sirit

    Sirit manufactures RFID tags and inlays in a variety of configurations. Model RSI-500 global passive transponder inlays have ST micro chips, Mifare, and ICODE applications. These inlays feature operating frequencies up to 13.56 MHz, operating temperatures ranging from -40 to 185°F, 3" core sizes, and relative humidity ratings ranging from 30 to 70%.

  • RFID

    Alien is a developer and manufacturer of high/ultra-high frequency RFID tags, labels, cards, and inlays for a variety of applications, including supply chain, race timing, pharma, gas, oil, mining, medical, logistics, liquor, laundry, etc. Smartrac UHF web RFID tags feature Impinj Monza 4-tag chips, operating frequencies ranging from 860 to 960 MHz, operating temperatures ranging from -40 to 185°F, and 128 bit EPC memory ratings.

  • Avery Dennison

    Avery Dennison manufactures durable, high frequency, and ultra-high frequency RFID labels, tags, and inlays for the following applications: contact-less tickets/cards, files, pharmaceutical, healthcare, industrial, embedded, apparel, supply chain, etc. Model AD-223 UHF RFID inlays feature web widths ranging from 3.875" to 4.75", operating temperatures ranging from -40 to 185°F, and core sizes up to 6".

  • Motorola

    Motorola's offers high-performance RFID tags for challenging surface and harsh environment applications.

  • Intermec

    Intermec manufactures RFID tags, inserts, and labels for transmitting, storing, and receiving digital information in a variety of frequencies. Model IT65 large rigid tags feature operating frequencies ranging from 860 to 960 MHz, operating temperatures ranging from -40 to 250°F, and reading distances up to 8m. Applications include: unit loading devices, plastic/wood pallets, metal cages, reusable plastic containers, trailers, and tractors.


  • Intelleflex

    Intelleflex manufactures RFID tags in the following configurations: fob, badge, temperature sensor, liquid/metal environment, and general purpose. These tags have a battery life span ranging from 2 to 5 years and a 70 to 100m range of free space. Applications include personnel monitoring, hospitality venue monitoring, florals, biologics, pharmaceuticals, perishable foods, gondola tracking, defense, perimeter security, etc.

  • Metal Craft

    Metal Craft manufactures RFID labels and tags designed to withstand repeated usage in tough environments. Products include windshield tags, hang tags, standard tags, metal mount tags, tab tags, hard tags, etc. Asset security labels/tags work in mild to moderate environmental conditions, and they are capable of resisting moderate temperatures, solvents, and abrasions. These labels/tags feature 0.002" thick destructible vinyl materials, and they are commonly used in security/asset tracking applications.

  • Identec Solutions AG

    Identec Solutions manufactures industrial RFID and low-range wireless solutions. Products include long and mid range RFID tags, with communication capabilities up to 500m and integrated sensing technologies. These tags have the ability to withstand temperatures exceeding 200°C.

  • Biomark

    Biomark manufactures ultra small and implantable RFID tags for a variety of applications. These tags feature an anti-migration sleeve preloaded in a needle package that is gas sterilized. Model FS2001F-ISO stationary/portable tags feature operating temperatures ranging from 0 to 50°C, operating frequencies up to 400 kHz, LCD/back-light displays, and an Ni metal hydride internal battery.

  • Alien Technology

    Alien Technology manufactures a variety of low-cost RFID tags for ultra-high frequency pallet, case, and item level tagging. ALN-9627 model "H" inlays feature IEC/ISO compliance, frequencies ranging from 840 to 960 MHz, and high volume converting process capabilities. These inlays have hang tag and small ticket applications.

  • Active Wave Inc

    Active Wave manufactures passive and active RFID tags with larger data storage capacities, longer battery life, and smaller sizes than conventional RFID tags. These tags have a read range of up to 85 meters, and they are capable of sending data at pre-designated intervals.

  • ABSS

    ABSS manufactures ultra high frequency RFID tags and inlays in passive and active models. ABSS also offers a full line of RFID readers, scanners and antennas for a broad range of applications.

  • Texas Instruments

    Texas Instruments manufactures RFID transponders and inlays in a variety of configurations. These transponders and inlays come in sizes ranging from 2.12" to 32.5", operating temperatures ranging from -40 to 85°C, user programmable memory ratings ranging from 80 to 2048 bits, and frequencies ranging from 13.56 to 134.2 kHz.