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  • Computer Age Engineering

    Computer Age Engineering designs and builds various types of assembly systems utilizing Fanuc Robotics. The flexible assembly robots allow product variations and changes to be easy integrated, which extends the life of the assembly system. The company builds assembly systems and other machinery for the automotive, consumer electronics, food, rubber and plastics, and distribution industries.

  • Fanuc Robotics North America,Inc.

    FANUC Robotics America manufactures eight series of robots for assembly applications, component manufacturing and packing out of a final product. These assembly robots eliminate fixed automation, increase system uptime, and eliminate errors with integrated vision for in-line process verification. The company claims these robots have a competitive edge compared to hard automation, SCARA, and Cartesian robots.

  • Prime Test Automation

    PrimeTest Automation manufactures robotic assembly systems multi-axis robots including 4-axis SCARA arms and 6-axis robotic systems. The company designs and fabricates the end-of-arm tooling of the robots and robotics systems and utilizes robotic components manufactured by Fanuc, Epson, Denso, and Yamaha. The control systems within the company's robots are manufactured by Allen-Bradley, Automation Direct, General Electric, and National Instruments LabView.

  • Motoman, Inc.

    Yaskawa Motoman manufactures high-speed precision assembly robots including high-performance six-axis robots; dual-arm robots with 15 axes and human-like motion; flexible seven-axis manipulators; and four-axis SCARA models. Used for assembly and small part handling, the robots offer cell space optimization, dexterity with a large range of motion, and tooling simplification.

  • Adept Technology, Inc.

    Adept Technology Inc. manufactures industrial robots for assembly applications including SCARA, six-axis, parallel and linear module types. The SCARA robots are available in sizes from 350mm to 850, with table-top and inverted configurations. The six-axis types are a line of articulated robots specifically designed for assembly applications, while the parallel robots feature four arms. The linear (cartesian) robots feature gantry or cantilever configurations.

  • Automatrics

    Automatrics designs, installs and services electrical control systems, and provides service and parts for automation of manufacturing systems. The company provides a line of assembly systems that include: hard automation assembly systems, dial assembly systems, race track assembly lines, robot quality vision checks, robotic heat stake systems, quality check assembly systems, and cowl assembly systems.

  • Denso Robotics

    Denso Robotics designs and manufactures small assembly robots including four-axis SCARA robots and five- and six-axis articulated robots. The four-axis robots feature maximum payload of 5kg or 20kg, with reach ranging from 200 to 1,000 mm. The five- and six-axis robots feature high payload capacity and a compact, space-saving design.

  • Epson Robots

    EPSON Robots produces articulated six-axis assembly robots that feature maximum payload of 5kg and repeatability of plus or minus 0.020mm. The robots are suited for medical device assembly and applications that require a very small footprint. The company also designs SCARA assembly robots that feature payloads up to 20kg and reach of 250-1000mm. These robots are available in 250, 350, 450, 550, 650 and 850mm lengths.

  • Kawasaki Robotics (USA), Inc.

    Kawasaki Robotics Inc. supplies industrial assembly robots that feature 2D and 3D vision guidance, conveyor tracking, servo end-of-arm tooling, multi-axis positioners, and collision detection. The robots are used for assembly of computer hard drives, insertion of lamps intro instrument panels, robotic assembly of small electric motors, vision-guided assembly of printed circuit boards, furniture assembly, and transmission gear assembly.

  • KUKA Robotics Corp.

    Kuka Robotics Corp. supplies industrial robots including low payload robots used for assembly of small parts, component testing, or grinding, polishing and bonding. Some of the 5 kg to 15 kg assembly robot models feature reach up to 1.9 m, a fist-shaped work envelope, and the ability to be shelf-mounted.

  • Peak Robotics

    Peak Robotics manufactures assembly robots that feature open architecture PC-based controls, and are available in several configurations. The company's standard assembly robots are payload rate to 2 kg and feature horizontal travel of 300mm. The company's five-axis robots feature the same payload and horizontal travel, while the inverted robots are for overhead applications where deck space is limited.

  • RobotWorx

    RobotWorx distributes assembly robots manufactured by Motoman, Fanuc, and Kuka. The various assembly robots are used for arc welding, plasma cutting, spot welding, and material handling applications.

  • Visumatic Industrial Products

    Visumatic Industrial Products engineers turnkey, automated assembly robots and fixed assembly systems. The company's line of products includes: 4-axis robot systems, multi-spindle conveyor systems, dual X-Y robot assembly machines, multi-spindle rotary index systems, standalone automated assembly machines, 7 spindle systems, XY robot rotary indexing systems, X-Y conveyor stations, X-Y conveyor cells, four-station vision guided robots, automated multi-operator assembly machines, and feeder systems.

  • Yamaha Robotics

    Yamaha Robotics manufactures assembly robots including linear single-axis, cartesian, SCARA, single-axis, and pick and place types.The various assembly robots are used for check camera moving unit, ink jet printer, chip mounter, check device, open/close device, conveyor, adhesive agent, IC palletizing, testing, sealing, transfer and stacking, dispenser, insertion, assembly cell, finish product inspection, screw tightening, O-ring fitting, and precision part applications.

  • Olympus Technologies

    Olympus Technologies distributes vertical articulating assembly robots and linear assembly robots manufactured by Reis Robotics. The assembly robots are available with payloads up to 600 kg.

  • Buckeye Machine Fabricators, Inc.

    Buckeye Machine Fabricators Inc. integrates assembly robots for automating processes including dispensing, pick and place, spot welding, arc welding, packaging/palletizing, machine tending, assembly, general automation, and vision systems applications.

  • Indiana Automation, Inc.

    Indiana Automation Inc. is an automation systems integrator that distributes FANUC Robotics manufactured robot assembly systems. The company specializes in assembly applications, along with machine tending, vision inspection, material handling, washing, palletizing, vision guided robotics, and line tracking applications.

  • Robotic Turnkey Solutions

    Robotic Turnkey Solutions distributes assembly robots manufactured by ABB, Adept, Epson Robots, FANUC Robotics, Janome, Kuka, Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc., Motoman, and Toshiba Robotics.

  • TEC Automation

    TEC Automation builds assembly robots for cutting, die cast, dispensing, inspection, machine tending, material handling, material removal/polishing, palletizing, and pick and pack applications.

  • Price Engineering Co. Inc.

    Price Engineering is a supplier of industrial robotic automation systems from a variety of manufacturers for assebly applications.