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  • Fanuc Robotics North America,Inc.

    FANUC Robotics America manufactures high speed and compact palletizing robots. The high speed palletizing robots features payloads of 160kg, 300 kg, and 450kg; 4 axes; a reach of 3143mm or 3130mm; and repeatability of +/- 0.5mm. The compact palletizing robots feature a payload of 165kg, 6 axes, a reach of 2655mm,  and repeatability of +/- 0.2mm.

  • Systems Automated

    Systems Automated designs and integrates palletizing robots that feature payloads of up to 60 kg, 250kg, and 630 kg. Some of the robots have four-axis design, various arm lengths, or high available torque and inertia capabilities. The robots are used for bags, boxes, crates, bottles, and heavier applications.

  • Motoman, Inc.

    Yaskawa Motoman manufactures material handling robots used for palletizing applications. These palletizing robots feature payloads from 2kg to 800 kg and are available with 4 to 15 axes of motion, including dual-arm robots. The robots are also available as floor-, wall-, shelf-, and ceiling-mounted models.

  • ABB

    ABB manufactures a 4-axis palletizing robot that combines a 180kg or 250kg payload with a 3.15m reach. The robots are ideal for palletizing crates, boxes, bags, & bottles, and feature position repeatability of plus or minus 0.03mm.

  • BMH Robotics

    BMH Robotics iintegrates palletizing robots - including dual-stage robotic palletizers, mixed load robotic palletizers, and robotic de-palletizers - into material handling systems.

  • CIM Systems Inc

    CIM Systems is a systems integrator of ABB and Motoman-brand palletizing robots including industrial palletizing compact cells, industrial palletizing compact conveyor cells, and dual industrial palletizing cells.

  • Computer Age Engineering

    Computer Age Engineering integrates FANUC-brand palletizing robots into material handling systems.

  • Flexicell, Inc.

    Flexicell Inc. is a manufacturer and robotic integrator of automated palletizing robots and palletizing systems used for cases, bags, pails/buckets, bundles and de-palletizing. The palletizing robots are flexible for changes to case or pallet pattern varieties, capable of mixed loads, and feature low level or high level infeed capabilities.

  • Kawasaki Robotics (USA), Inc.

    Kawasaki Robotics Inc. manufactures palletizing robots that feature payloads of 80 kg, 130 kg, 250 kg, 400 kg, or 500 kg. The robots also feature collision or overload detection, and high speeds of up to 3,200 cycles per hour.

  • KUKA Robotics Corp.

    Kuka Robotics Corp. designs and manufactures palletizing robots that are capable of stacking europallets up to 1.6 m net height or 3 m net height. The robots feature payloads of up to 700 kg-1,300 kg. One of the company's palletizing robots is frost proof and used for ice-cream, pizza, fast-food, and fish fillet.

  • PaR Systems

    PaR Systems designs and manufactures turnkey robotic palletizing systems capable of handling case products, bags, trays, totes, pails, pallets, and sheets. The company also produces de-palletizing systems.

  • Robot Packaging LLC

    Robot Packaging LLC designs robot palletizing systems that utilize four and six-axis Motorman-brand robotic arms. The palletizing robots are used in the recording media, automotive and heavy OTR, construction supply, food and beverage, and industrial and consumer lighting industries. The robots can palletize bags, cases, cartons, boxes, frozen foods, pouchs, pails, and kegs.


  • RobotWorx

    RobotWorx distributes palletizing robots manufactured by Motoman, Fanuc, Kuka and ABB.

  • Cornerstone Automation Systems, LLC

    Cornerstone Automation Systems manufactures palletizing robot systems that palletize cases, bags, bundles, trays, totes, pails, pallets and sheets.

  • Innovative Conveyor Concepts Inc

    Innovative Conveyor Concepts Inc. provides a line of 4-axis and 6-axis robotic palletizing work cells that include: case palletizers, bag palletizers, tray palletizers, tote palletizers, carton palletizers, and frozen food palletizers.

  • PSA Robotics

    PSA Robotics builds robotic palletizer systems that feature a multi-axis ABB-brand robot. The robot palletizer can pick and place from multiple in-feed lanes to multiple pallets as a continuous process.

  • Automated Cells & Equipment, Inc.

    Automated Cells & Equipment Inc. distributes Fanuc-brand palletizing robots that feature payload of 5 kg, 6 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg, 160 kg, 450 kg, 50 kg, 70 kg, 100 kg, and 210 kg. The palletizing robots also feature reach of 704 mm to 892 mm, 1420 mm and 1632 mm, 1811 mm and 2009 mm, 1735mm and 1517 mm, and 3143 mm and 3130 mm.

  • Buckeye Machine Fabricators, Inc.

    Buckeye Machine Fabricators Inc. designs and builds palletizing robots utilizing Motoman-brand products. The palletizers feature repeatable accuracy at high speeds and the ability to handle fragile products.

  • Transbotics

    Transbotics integrates Kuka-brand palletizing robots into company's material handling systems.Types of robots available, in addition to palletizers, include depalletizing; small, medium and high payloads; and heavy-duty industrial.